5 Action Scenes in Lupin III Part 5

With the recent release of Lupin III: Part 5, we were reintroduced to everyone's favorite gentleman thief and his crew. Lupin returns with his wittiness and charm ready to take on all new challenges starting out by robbing a group of people from the dark web. The new series brings with it some of the incredible action-packed scenes that are always exciting. We are going to be looking at 5 action scenes from Lupin III: part 5. The list will include a little bit of everything from straight up fight scenes to some heists akin to Lupin's earlier adventures.

1. Virtual drowning

While it may not be the most exciting scene, we do get to see how the introduction of new technologies changes the world of Lupin III. When Ami goes to face the leader of Marco Polo Chuck Glay alone, she gets trapped by the group and is restrained to a chair. The room beings to fill with water and won't stop unless Ami reveals her information about Lupin. Little did they know, they had fallen straight into Lupin's trap, as Ami had hacked into the cameras to only make it appear like she was in trouble by using a filter of the security camera. The scene ends with Lupin holding the bad guy at gunpoint and proving once and for all you shouldn't mess with Lupin III.

2. Goemon’s Sword Skills

Goemon is a man of few words and rarely gets to all out with his samurai abilities, but in episode 9, we get a taste of what Goemon can do. Goemon comes face to face with an assassin that uses her teeth and nails to fight. While it took Lupin and Jigen everything they had to escape from her, Goemon was ready for the challenge. The assassin is able to push Goemon back and even get his sword from him. Although it appeared Goemon was on the ropes, he was able to use the nails he cut off from his opponent to blind her, giving him enough time to reach his sword and cut her in half.

3. Lupin Runs from Assassins

After running away from Marco Polo the and their Lupin Game, Lupin's group is forced to run away from some of the world's most notorious assassins. Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Ami end up barricaded in some ruins in a dessert. The group gets to put all of their talents to work, with Jigen and Goemon showing off their fighting prowess, Ami showing off her computer skills, and Lupin using his intellect to fool the assassins and everybody watching on the live stream. This scene combines some nice fights with some traditional Lupin antics to

4. Car Chase

The throwback episodes brought back some of the best parts of the older Lupin series, and the episode 11 throwback was one of the best. Lupin attempts to steal from a South American Drug lord, but Lupin is disappointed with the valuables with only a couple of expensive car lying around. After getting caught, Lupin finds himself involved in a car chase that evokes the memories of old-school movies and also includes some classic Lupin slapstick. Ultimately, the car chase turns into a race with Lupin and the drug lord Pablo driving one of the cars around a race track. When the race comes to an end, we learn it was nothing more than an illusion with Lupin racing against the ghost of Pablo.

5. Shootout at the Bistro

During a mission to steal a necklace, Goemon turns against Lupin in order to protect the girl they are robbing. However, when a group of thugs come to show up and start shooting at the bistro where the girl is located, Lupin is able to steal the necklace and get away in his car despite Goemon doing his best to stop him. The thugs chase after him in their car and are close to catching Lupin, but Goemon shoots a rocket in order to stop Lupin and ends up destroying both cars. Once Goemon gets to the crash scene, Lupin reveals that the necklace was a fake and Goemon was only at the bistro to watch over the family.

Final Thoughts

Lupin III is one of the most recognizable faces in anime, and his latest adventure doesn't disappoint. The combination of the slapstick humor, action, and a compelling story make it one of the most beloved anime of all time. What was your favorite scene from Lupin III: Part 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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