[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aguri Highlights (Gamers!)

Aguri-Gamers-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aguri Highlights (Gamers!)

You don’t do love. You fall in love.

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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
  • Airing Date: Jul 13, 2017- Present
  • Producers: Pine Jam

Gamers Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
What do you get when you meld a bunch of socially akward gamers and put them in a situation that calls for love in the real world? You get a romance comedy in the form of Gamers! Amano Keita is your typical gamer who loves all types of video games who is about to be asked to join a gaming club from club president Karen Tendou who also happens to be the prettiest girl in school. However, Karen doesn’t just want to invite Amano so he can join the club but also because she has feelings for him. Add to the story a closeted gamer in the form of Uehara Tasuku, his girlfriend Aguri, and a slew of other characters and there’s bound to be some odd moments and love triangles about. Can Amano get the good ending he so craves or will the dreaded bad ending be his future?

Aguri Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Ookubo, Rumi (Tia Ballard)
If you were to ask what Aguri wants out of life, she would probably first and foremost say she wants her loving boyfriend Uehara Tasuku to be hers and hers alone. Aguri is a girl who loves cute things and wants to be seen by all—though mostly her boyfriend—as a cute girlfriend through and through. Once Aguri was a nerdy girl—or a wallflower as some of the characters would say—Aguri would then change her appearance to be more appealing to Uehara’s taste in girls. While Aguri can be seen as a bit of a klutz and isn’t interested in gaming at all, Aguri is willing to put up with anything for the one she loves the most. Cute and full of energy, Aguri is a girlfriend who won’t stop showing her affection no matter what and will prove that time and time again.

Aguri Highlights

1. Willing to put up with a gamer.

While ironically Gamers! is filled with gaming characters—both men and women—Aguri isn’t one of them. Though she may not be a gamer, that doesn’t mean Aguri will hate a guy who might be into gaming. This comes in the form of Uehara who is a gamer despite hiding it from most. Who wouldn’t love a supporting girlfriend who is aware her guy friend may be into gaming? Plus it’s awesome she would even be willing to go to an arcade if you wanted to. That’s truly awesome.

Now if you need some evidence of how much Aguri cares in this situation, let’s examine episode 2. It’s here we’re first introduced to Uehara and Aguri as a couple. In this episode, we have Amano and Uehara meeting in an arcade and we learn more about Uehara’s past geek lifestyle as a gamer. However, equally, we learn more about Aguri and how she once was a bit of a wallflower herself and for Uehara, who was a gamer who transformed into a cool dude, did the same by changing her appearance. Aguri is willing to put up with a gamer boyfriend and as gamers ourselves here at Honey’s Anime, this is definitely a great trait about Aguri.

2. Loyal Girlfriend

For the last several episodes—namely episodes 3 to present—Aguri has been dealing with a pretty sticky situation. Due to Uehara’s plan to get Amano some dating experience, Aguri has seen other girls hanging with her boyfriend and believes maybe he’s playing the field. However, in episode 6, Aguri told Amano that she will always love Uehara and that is a seriously loyal girlfriend. We do hope Aguri can figure out the reality of the situation soon. Though we do think it’s cute that even after seeing Uehara chase after two girls she refuses to believe he’s cheating on her, which note he’s not.

While we can’t predict anything for the future episodes of Gamers!, we know that Aguri will never back down. Already, she has proven time and time again that she doesn’t plan on letting Uehara go without a fight. This is definitely going to be a tested trait in later episodes but we know Aguri will prove herself to be the best girl for Uehara. Seriously, some of the other girls in Gamers! need to follow Aguri’s example a little bit more.

3. Willing to do anything for love

In episode 2 of Gamers! we see Aguri in a before and after perspective. Originally Aguri—as we’ve said a few times—was a wallflower-like girl. This in turn basically means she was normal and there wasn’t much too her. Though one day while following Uehara—before he turned into a cooler dude—he gave her a stuffed animal won from a claw game. It is here we see the lengths Aguri is willing to go for someone she loves.

Aguri decides to do research into what Uehara likes. After realizing what he considers the idea girlfriend material, Aguri undergoes a large transformation from plain Jane girl to bubbly and almost pop idol look. How rare is it that you hear a girl completely changing herself just for one chance at impressing a guy? This is why we know Aguri is willing to go the distance to make her boyfriend happy and to find that sweet emotion known as love.

4. Tons of Energy

Girls that are lazy and not really active aren’t bad, but when you have girls like Aguri then you’re really going to have a great time. Aguri is bubbly and seems to be full of a non- expiring energy source. While Uehara sometimes finds this a bit annoying—especially in episode 2—even he realizes this might be one of the best traits about her. Aguri is a girlfriend that, if you’re an active person who likes to live life to the fullest, you’ll want her by your side. Now let’s explore so more examples of Aguri’s energy.

In episodes 5 and 6 of Gamers!, Aguri shows her energy at the fullest. Here we have Amano and Aguri talking about the various issues that are arising from the misunderstandings in relationships. Aguri is literally going from super sad in one scene to running around in the next. Honestly, we have to wonder if Aguri is secretly a robotic girl. Maybe she possesses an infinite battery source and thus how she’s able to run around so much. Though most likely this isn’t the case and Aguri is just one of those naturally energy filled girls.

5. Cute and silly

Aguri first and foremost is cute and goofy. Those are the traits that we love so much about her. Not only does she act cute by her mannerism—which is visible in literally every episode—but she acts cute by just being herself. This makes Aguri one of those girls that you just have to smile at when she acts either very happy or even when she’s slightly annoyed or angry. Now let’s compare Aguri to some of the other girls in Gamers! to show you exactly what we mean.

First we have main girl Karen Tendou who, by nature, is a gamer who acts prim and proper despite really just being a gamer who puts on airs. In this case, Aguri doesn’t put on an act. She wears her emotions on her sleeves and even if you don’t know her personally, you can see how she’s feeling in any given situation. Then we have Chiaki Hoshinomori who is also a gamer by nature. While she does have some cute moments at times—plainly seen in her introduction during episode 3—this seems to be more of an on and off switch with her. Aguri is never not cute and while she can get heated up—especially when she’s talking about love—she is still cute and silly through and through. Aguri’s cuteness can easily beat every girl of Gamers! even if they combined together.

Final Thoughts

Aguri is easily one of the best girl of Gamers! Not only is Aguri a girlfriend but she will do anything to show her affection to her significant other. While she may be a bit ditzy Aguri has more positives going for her than negatives making a girl that has stolen our love here at Honey’s Anime with some strong cheat codes. What do you think of Aguri are you just as infatuated with her as we are or are you leaning to a different girl from Gamers? Let us know in the comments and be prepared for more Honey’s Crush Wednesdays for all the waifus and husbandos out there in the anime and video game world. The question is, who will be out next crush?

Aguri-Gamers-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aguri Highlights (Gamers!)


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