5 Badass Women in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a cast that’s mostly comprised of big, burly, and/or beautiful men. But despite their limited numbers, female JoJo characters have just as much potential for badassery as the boys. Throughout the manga’s 30+ year run, author Araki has consistently portrayed women as strong people both on and off the battlefield.

Today, let’s take a short look at five of our favorite badass women from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Strike a pose and join us!

5. Erina Pendleton Joestar

Yes, really. Erina may look demure by modern standards, but her dignified strength of character stands out against the restrictive societies of Victorian England and 1930’s America. Even when Dio shamed her by stealing her first kiss, she insulted him right back by washing her mouth out with dirty water.

She also survived the ship’s explosion, saving Lisa Lisa and the as-yet-unborn Jorge Joestar II in the process. In part 2, she raised Joseph on her own and stood up for Smokey right to a dangerous bigot’s face. Without Erina’s perseverance and good example, the Joestar family would’ve been doomed.

4. Lucy Steel

This unassuming teenage girl doesn’t start out as a badass, but she becomes one over the course of the race out of sheer determination. When she’s dragged into the fight against Funny Valentine, Lucy steels her heart and deceives the president for weeks to protect her beloved husband.

And as amazing as Johnny and Gyro are, Lucy is the one who delivers the final blow to the menace that is Diego Brando from another universe. She heads to the site where the real Diego was sliced in half by a train, chops his head off with a machete, and gives it to his alternate self so that both explode from the dimensional paradox. Now that’s hardcore!

3. Yasuho Hirose

Pretty much everyone in Jojolion regards Gappy as a major powerhouse, but just sees Yasuho as some hanger-on. Little do they know that she’s really the brains of this outfit, helped along by her information-gathering stand Paisley Park. By possessing machines to find the exact info she needs, Yasuho has pieced together much of part 8’s mystery plot and even saved Gappy from certain death multiple times.

She cemented her place as a powerful character during the recent Wu Tomoki fight, where she worked together with Mitsuba to break into the rokakaka growing room and dispose of the crooked Doctor Wu at the same time. Yasuho may not be physically strong, but her resourcefulness is unmatched.

2. Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa is the greatest hamon master in the world, and she’s not about to let you forget it. In the 1930s, this gorgeous and slim woman commands nothing but respect from her muscle-bound students. Her rigorous training is the only reason why Joseph and Caesar stood a chance against the Pillar Men, and the master herself holds her own against Kars.

Our favorite moment from Lisa Lisa is when she stormed into a military office and absolutely destroyed the undercover zombie who had just killed her husband. Even without ties of blood, she’s a Joestar through and through.

1. Jolyne Kujo

As the only female JoJo protagonist and daughter of human brick wall Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne has some big designer boots to fill. Luckily, she’s easily the most badass female character in the series and even outranks most of the men with her bullheaded fighting spirit.

Rather than relying solely on intellect or cunning, Jolyne is a rough and tumble stand user who uses her string unraveling powers and good old-fashioned punches to solve her problems. But she’s still got that trademark Joestar wit, as seen when she forms her torso into a mobius strip to counter an attack that would’ve otherwise turned her heart inside out. She’s unstoppable!

Final Thoughts

We also love characters like Trish, Reimi, and Hot Pants for their quick thinking and no-nonsense attitudes, and don’t even get us started on how scary Kaato Higashikata may or may not be. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the manliest manga ever made, but its female cast adds another dimension to the pumped-up action that only makes it better overall.

What did you think of our list? Who’s your favorite female JoJo character? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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