5 Best Dressed Characters in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Hirohiko Araki is well known for loving Western music, so much so that most of his characters’ names (and sometimes designs) are taken from bands or songs. But he also has a significant interest in avant-garde fashion and dresses JoJo characters in outfits that stand out even in the eccentric world of anime.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the top 5 best-dressed characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. These confident men and women effortlessly kick ass while clad in the most creative and stylish outfits that Araki’s unique fashion sense has produced—with hardly a wrinkle or torn hem in sight after battle.

5. Yoshikage Kira

ZZ Top was right; girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man. Or at least the sharp-dressed man (modeled after David Bowie’s “Thin White Duke” character) goes crazy for them. Yoshikage Kira is a serial killer who discreetly murders women and carries around their hands to use as his “girlfriends”, but he’s so difficult to catch because he goes out of his way to look as professional and untouchable as possible.

He wears perfectly tailored lilac purple suits as both himself and his alter ego Kosaku Kawajiri, as well as a subtle but incredibly stylish tie with a pattern based on his stand Killer Queen. A luxury company even manufactured the tie for sale in real life! It’s just a tiny reminder that, underneath his polished exterior, Kira is a dangerous psychopath who can’t be trusted.

4. Rohan Kishibe

Also from Diamond is Unbreakable, but on the complete opposite of the style spectrum, perches renowned mangaka Rohan Kishibe. Instead of slick suits, this eccentric author prefers androgynous streetwear with an emphasis on baggy pants, pen nib motifs, pastel colors, and slits that expose skin.

Most JoJo characters only wear one or two outfits throughout the series, but Rohan has the distinction of appearing in a new and wacky ensemble just about every time he shows up onscreen. It really emphasizes his haughty personality and almost inhuman artistic ability —we may not understand every fashion choice he makes, but his rock-solid confidence makes any outfit look like he was born to wear it.

3. Trish Una

Vento Aureo features some of the most fabulous and distinctive fashions of the entire series, mostly worn by the male mobsters of Passione. But we think that Trish, the only major female character in the part, outshines them with her simple elegance that epitomizes Italian style.

Trish’s main outfit consists of a minimalist black crop top that hugs her body with spiraling straps, plus a jeweled collar piece and a color block maxi skirt with a long slit. The alternating math symbol pattern reminds us of Mondo Guerra’s signature plus symbol design, which just goes to show that JoJo and high fashion have more in common than you might think!

2. Jotaro Kujo

A long coat with a high collar, gold details, and a ripped cap that seems to blend with the back of his hair. That’s Jotaro Kujo’s preferred outfit, and it’s one that he never deviates from in his appearances across parts 3 through 6. But with interesting variations on the same silhouette and Jotaro’s constant stoic swagger, he’s always the best-dressed person in the room.

His iconic part 3 design is undeniably ‘80s, with a Jheri curl in his hair and a Japanese delinquent look rivaled only by Josuke, but it still holds up to this day for its strong but simple style. We also love his various white outfits in parts 4 and 5, particularly when they feature elements like the golden dolphin heart that show little aspects of his personality. And we can’t forget his loud purple ensemble from part 6, which would look ridiculous on anyone else, but our boy Jotaro looks fly AF in those snakeskin pants even at age 40.

1. Lisa Lisa

Even in the sexist atmosphere of the 1930s, hamon master Lisa Lisa commands respect from her burly male students with an untouchable confidence that says without words how they’ll never be able to match her skill. Her clothes underscore this impression, featuring a mixture of ‘30s and ‘80s designs that look like they were custom-made just for her.

Lisa Lisa’s most iconic outfit shows off her 5’9” figure beautifully with black stockings, stiletto heels, a short romper-like dress, and her hamon-conducting scarf. It also goes well with the Super Aja necklace and her aviator sunglasses. More than anyone else in the series, Lisa Lisa combines the best aspects of a fashion model and a badass fighter together to make one complete package.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find a character without a distinctive outfit in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – whether the look succeeds or not, you’ll always recognize it as that signature Araki style. These five characters stand out to us as the most fashionable, but just about everyone in this series looks like they could’ve come off a runway somewhere.

What did you think of our list? Who do you think is the best dressed JoJo character? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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