5 Worst Dressed Characters in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Anime characters have always been known to dress eccentrically, but the JoJo series takes it one step (or two, or ten) further. Especially in the later parts like Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean, mangaka Araki has taken to dressing his characters in ridiculous outfits that nobody else would be able to get away with.

Some of these looks are so tacky that they shoot the moon and loop back around to being amazing, but occasionally, the experimental fashions just fall fantastically flat. Let’s take a gander at the 5 worst dressed characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

5. Diavolo

The mysterious boss of Passione is so protective of his identity that he brutally murders anyone who even tries to investigate who he is. Speculative interpretations of this enigmatic and dangerous man exist early in the manga, depicting him as a shadowy mafia don in a pinstriped black suit. But in reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Diavolo sports disheveled pink hair with black spots, purple pants, and what looks like a lacy shirt with coattails that blends into intricate tattoos on his arms. It represents his schizophrenic personality well, but the strange black designs and raver hair just don’t scream “main villain” to us.

4. Melone

Minor villains from Vento Aureo aren’t safe from horrible fashion choices either, and La Squadra Esecuzioni gets the worst of it. And, even among such illustrious company, Melone’s cutout jumpsuit and mask combo stands out as particularly baffling.

The otherwise interesting circle-patterned fabric is cut in such a way to expose random squared-off chunks of the right side of his chest, and his mask covers one of his eyes for no real reason. Oddly, he can still see through the fabric just fine. Instead of the spy catsuit look that Melone was probably going for, this turned out to be a mess.

3. Vanilla Ice

Stardust Crusaders takes place in the ‘80s, but most of the character designs are timeless enough to be from any decade. Sadly, though, Vanilla Ice looks just as dated and tacky as his musical namesake.

Dio’s most trusted subordinate pairs his glam rock hair with loud purple jewelry and an unfortunate leather jacket straight out of an ‘80s action film. He tops this outfit off with a dangerously high-cut thong in place of any other legwear. If Iggy and Avdol had to suffer, couldn’t they have been attacked by someone with just a bit more class?

2. Rikiel

Winning the “worst dressed” award for Stone Ocean is no small feat since there’s no shortage of competition. Lang Wrangler, Miu Miu, Anasui, Johngalli A... for a group of characters named after fashion designers, these guys sure have nasty taste in clothes.

But what propels Rikiel up to the top of the list isn’t just his cow-patterned, V-necked jumpsuit with a turtleneck that looks like it’s threatening to strangle him, it’s that he’s one of Dio’s sons. Dio is the undisputed king of making outrageous clothes look amazing, a trait that he passed on to his first son Giorno. And while Ungalo and Donatello Versus don’t look great either, Rikiel’s abomination of an outfit is truly an insult to his infinitely fabulous father.

1. Oyecomova

Inheriting absolutely none of the slick, stylish charm of the Santana song after which he is named, Oyecomova stumbles his way through his short villain arc with our pick for the worst outfit in all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Perhaps any of the individual elements could’ve worked on their own, but the effect of them all together reminds us of mixing too many colors of paint into a sickly brown.

He wears an unfocused ensemble of maroon velvet clothing, featuring a hat through which several curly dreadlocks stick out at awkward angles. He’s also got a netted veil over his face, clock-themed floral tattoos on his sickly white skin, and... are those Christmas lights around his waist? We’re just glad we only had to look at this train wreck for three chapters.

Final Thoughts

Araki sometimes throws absolutely hideous character designs at us, but at least they’re all memorable. Even the worst outfits stand out as something that no one else could’ve come up with, so we’re still glad that they exist. It wouldn’t be as bizarre of an adventure if they didn’t.

What did you think of our list? What JoJo outfits miss the mark for you? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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