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Just like in the real world, stories that revolve around foods and the incredible chefs that made them have been quite popular in recent years. Whether you want traditional cuisines like sushi or exotic dishes from a fantasy world, there’s an anime for it. Whether you want a heartwarming home-cooked meal made out of chicken and vegetables or a hearty lunch made out of the meat of a sea monster, anime has a chef for every kind of food that you can think of.

That being said, there is one very particular chef that we want to talk about in this article. Since food is something that can not only keep you healthy but also lift up your mood, we’re wondering if there is an anime chef out there that specializes in this kind of cuisine. A healer chef, so to speak. As it turns out, there are anime chefs that fit that description. So here are 5 healer chefs in anime.

5. Shion from That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime

If you watch That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime, then you would know that the main chef in the series is Shuuna, the Oni Shrine Maiden. She is the most capable one when it comes to making delicious food. However, no matter how great Shuuna’s food is, it doesn’t have the ability to cure any kind of ailments or provide any boost effect. For that, we have to go to the one who is arguably the worst chef in the series, Shion the Mad Secretary.

So what makes Shion deserve to hold the title of a healer chef? Well, when she was revived by Rimuru, Shion received a unique Skill called “Certain Outcome”. This unique skill enables Shion to use her swords however she wants and get the result precisely as how she envisioned it in her mind.

This means even if the food that she cooks looks like vomit, it will taste as good as a 3-star Michelin dish. Not only that, if she wants Rimuru to be healed and feels better after eating her food, the dish will actually heal Rimuru and boost his stamina. What an extremely convenient skill!

4. Komatsu from Toriko

In a world where there is steak growing out of a tree, and flowers that bloom to reveal burgers inside, you need to be really good if you want to be called a chef. And Komatsu is not only good, but he is also one of the best chefs in the world of Toriko. Because not only is he the head chef of a ten-star restaurant, but he is also the preferred chef for all of the Four Heavenly Kings.

What makes Komatsu special is his ability to hear the Voice of the Ingredients. This ability allowed him to easily locate the best ingredients at any given place, what other ingredients are a good match for it, and also the best way to cook it.

One thing worth noting, however, Komatsu is indeed an incredibly talented chef, but just like Shion, he needs other variables in order to create a healing food. In this case, it’s the right ingredients. Be it a medicinal mochi that can act as an antidote for severe poisoning, or Four Seasons Golden Sauce that can cure Deep Sea Fever, with the right ingredients, Komatsu can heal nearly every kind of disease that you may have.

3. Tonio Trussardi from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Tonio Trussardi is an Italian chef who opens up a restaurant called Trattoria Trussardi in a small town called Morioh. At a young age, he decided to travel the globe in order to learn not only about different kinds of cooking, but also various traditional medicines from around the world. He can even perform a palm reading to find out what has gone wrong in his customer’s body.

Unlike other chefs out there, Tonio focuses heavily on making his customers healthy through his food. Which is why he doesn’t have a menu in his restaurant. When a customer arrives, Tonio will personally perform a palm reading to find out about the current state of their body. After that, he will make personalized dishes that can cure their ailments with the help of his stand, Pearl Jam. However, the path to recovery is often violent.

For example, to cure tooth cavities, his food will forcefully eject the problematic tooth and instantly grow a new, and healthier one. And to cure constipation, his dish will tear the stomach apart and eject the intestines, and instantly grow a new one. What a wild way to cure somebody!

2. Charmy Pappitson from Black Clover

Charmy is easily the most gluttonous character in the entire Black Clover. Every time you see her on screen, she would either have some food in her hand or is in the process of looking for food. That being said, she loves to eat food as much as cooking it and sharing it with other people. In her mind, a good meal will make you strong, lift up your mood, and make all of your problems go away. Those principles are also reflected in her magic.

Charmy loves to eat and cook hearty meals. However, if she wants her meals to have healing properties, then she will have to use her magic to cook them. One of the spells in Charmy’s Cotton Magic is called Sheep Cook. When she casts this spell, a couple of fluffy magical sheep with chef hats will appear and cook all kinds of foods for her.

The foods that are made by Sheep Cooks will have minor healing and boosting capabilities. However, if she wants to help more people or imbue a much stronger effect on her food, then she will cast an upgraded version of the Sheep Cook spell, the Sheep Cook: Master Chef. This spell will summon a bigger, and stern-looking sheep chef that has unbelievable cooking skill and speed. Be it the basic or the upgraded version, Charmy’s magical food has the ability to heal minor wounds, restore stamina and mana, and also boost the overall energy of the eater.

1. Kirio Hikifune from Bleach

Kirio Hikifune is a member of the Royal Guard, also known as Squad Zero. And just like other members of the Royal Guard, she has invented something extremely important and influential to the Soul Society. In her case, Hikifune created the artificial soul. It’s the candy-like items called Gikongan that can be used to forcefully separate the body and the soul by inserting an artificial soul into the body, such as Ichigo’s Kon.

Hikifune has the ability to imbue any object with reiatsu. This is basically the reason why she could create the Gikongan. This same technique is also what allows her to cook her healing foods. You see, Hikifune believes that food equals life. So if you want a healthy and fulfilling life, then you must eat a healthy and fulfilling meal. Since she is also an unbelievably skilled chef who can make any kind of food that you want, creating such a meal is a piece of cake for her.

Add to that her ability to imbue her own reiatsu into the foods, and the result is a food that is not only delicious, but can also heal your body from the inside, restore your stamina, boost your energy, and most importantly, improve the quality of your Reiatsu. After eating Hikifune’s food, you will not only feel healthy and energized, but your physical ability and reiatsu capacity are actually better than ever before.

Final Thoughts

Seeing anime chefs use their high-level cooking skills to create their signature dishes is already interesting in and of itself. But if you add a magical touch to the food (in this case, a healing ability), then you would have even more exciting cooking/eating scenes to watch.

Do you know any other healer chef that deserves to be on this list? Or maybe you know other interesting magical chef abilities? Let us know in the comment section below.

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JoJo-no-Kimyou-Na-Bouken-wallpaper-1-700x394 5 Healer Chef In Anime

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