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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Airing Date: Oct, 2017- Dec, 2017
  • Producers: A-1 Pictures

Blend S Preview (No Spoilers)

Finding work in the current modern-day world can be quite a challenge. Interviews might go well at times but someone with more experience can always swoop in and steal the job away from you. Unfortunately for Maika Sakuranomiya, this isn’t the reason she’s having issues nabbing a job. Maika, while a cute high schooler, has a terrible and scary smile that tends to make most who witness it see Maika as a fearful person. While Maika continues being depressed, a man sees Maika’s smile and quickly runs to her side to offer her an unexpected job at his café. Here, Maika can utilize her scary smile as a maid who embodies the sadistic personality just like the other girls of the café who all represent various personality. Maika’s new job is about to begin and she will do her best to show she can work hard.

Hinata Kaho Bio

Seiyuu Name: Kito, Akari

Kaho Hinata acts as the tsundere maid at Café Stiles and to most of the patrons and her peers Kaho accomplishes this role with perfection. However, unbeknownst to many Kaho actually is a lot more than the cliché tsundere type we all know and love in the anime world. Kaho is many things, cute, kind, silly, hard working and even a gamer. That’s why it should be a surprise to anyone who walks into Café Stiles for the first time and instantly is smitten by Kaho and her rather large assets. Kaho is the dream girl to end all dreamgirls and it’s not just because she’s a tsundere maid. Though, that is definitely one of the highlights to why Kaho Hinata is so amazing.

Hinata Kaho Highlights

1. Hard Working Girl

Realistically, all of the maids at Café Stiles are pretty hard-working gals who juggle dual roles as waitresses and actors. However, Kaho Hinata stands just a bit taller than the rest of her peers at Café Stiles. Kaho works pretty dang hard in Blend S as we can see from how she constantly keeps her tsundere persona up at all times and is quite a waitress. In many ways, Kaho is doing twice the work of a normal café maid—which is applicable to all the girls of Café Stiles—and yet is never complaining about it which is rare for anyone who works at a café or restaurant. Kaho’s hard working demeanor and attitude should stand as a testament to how to work hard especially in the café business. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime will work hard ourselves putting Kaho Hinata in the best light possible for our article on her.

2. Tsundere is all you ever really need

Maika Sakuranomiya—our true main protagonist of Blend S—might be a sadistic maid girl and Miu Amano an older sister maid, but those all fail in comparison to the tried and true tsundere maid herself, Kaho Hinata. The tsundere archetype has been around for ages in the world of anime and having Kaho be one in Blend S is truly something we give thumbs up to. That little bit of love with the overly aggressive nature a tsundere does, that right there is the ideal girl if you love any romance, harem, or comedy anime. That’s why regardless of the multitude of archetypes that exist in Blend S all we need is Kaho Hinata and her tsundere maid self to be truly happy. Now, we just need to find a café like Café Stiles with a tsundere who fits Kaho Hinata’s description.

3. Kaho is extremely attractive

One thing we notice in Blend S—at least in terms of the girls/guys who work at Café Stiles—is that all of these characters are pretty attractive in their own ways. However, there’s a reason why Kaho Hinata is considered the most popular girl/maid of Café Stiles. Kaho is one extremely attractive girl and we aren’t afraid to admit that to all of you out there reading our article on Kaho. With her blonde twin tails and oppais, Kaho is one of those girls that once you look at her you’ll be transported to another world where only you and her exist. Okay, maybe that’s only happened to us here at Honey’s Anime but we’re sure there has to be others who see Kaho and her cute self and then immediately go into daydream mode, right? Feel free to tell us in the comments down below so we don’t feel like we’re alone in our love for Kaho Hinata.

4. Compassionate and caring

While Kaho Hinata might role play as a tsundere maid, that doesn’t mean she’s like that 24/7. In fact, when Kaho is outside of her tsundere maid persona she’s actually quite a nice and kind girl which can be a bit shocking to say the least. This is something Maika learns quite fast when she begins to work at Café Stiles alongside Kaho and Mafuyu Hoshikawa—the young loli girl who plays a young sister maid for the café—and we also realize it here at Honey’s Anime. Kaho is someone who looks out for her fellow coworkers and we have some proof to back our statement up.

Episode 1 and episode 2 are some of the best examples of how much Kaho cares about her friends/fellow maids. Episode 1, for example, shows Kaho quickly accept Maika and treats her pretty well quite fast as if they had been working together for years. Then in episode 2, Kaho and Maika share some fun times eating ice cream together in Café Stiles and despite Maika spilling ice cream on her sweater, Kaho doesn’t get even annoyed. These are the earliest examples of Kaho’s caring nature and kind attitude but we could easily spend 2 pages on talking about more examples of Kaho’s great personality that makes us swoon here at Honey’s Anime. Though, we think you all get the point and can now agree Kaho is a great girl and would make for an excellent coworker.

5. A Gamer Girl

Guys out there—and possibly girls, too—if you want a gamer waifu then guess what? Kaho Hinata has you covered. That’s right, folks, Kaho is not only a tsundere, a maid and a hard-working girl but she’s also a hardcore gamer girl! How often do you find gamer girls existing in anime? The answer is, more than real life but still, it’s not nearly seen enough. Kaho shows several times in the series her passion for gaming and we’d love to highlight some of those moments right now. Just be warned that if you loved Kaho Hinata already you’re probably going to fall even further in love with her.

Episode 5 and 11 are the ones that show Kaho’s gaming side at their apex. Episode 5 has Kaho and Akizuki both losing a lot of time while playing a video game they both fell for. This is understandable as any gamer knows the feeling of staying up till the early hours of the morning trying to beat a boss in a RPG or trying to unlock a new ending in a visual novel. Though for Kaho, this dedication of staying up so late shows she too understands the gaming lifestyle. Then we have episode 11 that has Kaho become extremely upset when the worst tragedy that can befall a gamer happens to her. Kaho loses all her save data! If you’re not a gamer, you won’t understand the pain of having to restart a game but for Kaho and most of us here at Honey’s Anime, we are gamers and feel the sting of a loss as great as the one Kaho suffered…

Final Thoughts

Kaho Hinata might have to act tough and rude when she’s working as a maid in Café Stiles but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl and it also doesn’t mean she’s truly a tsundere. Kaho is a girl who works hard, games harder and is just the ultimate waifu material courtesy of Blend S. Now, we know we’ve gushed over Kaho Hinata for some time in our article and have tried to show she’s the best maid from Blend S but there are several other characters in the show and we know many of you have opinions on them. Comment down below who your favorite girl or guy from Blend S is and why or comment that you agree Kaho Hinata is the best girl from Blend S. If you liked this article by the way we have good news for you. There are plenty more articles just like this one so be sure to keep reading with us here at Honey’s Anime!

Blend-S-Kaho-Hinata-capture [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hinata Kaho Highlights - Blend S


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Blend-S-Kaho-Hinata-capture [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hinata Kaho Highlights - Blend S

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