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Let’s gamble!

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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Game, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, School, Shounen
  • Airing Date: Jul 1, 2017- Present
  • Producers: MAPPA

Kakegurui Preview (No Spoilers)

In Japan, there exists a very interesting type of institution with an odd focus not on academics but gambling. This school is called Hyakkaou Private Academy and the means of excelling here is how well you use the hand you’re dealt, literally. If you’re a winner you will be rewarded with praise, money and admiration from your fellow students as a true king or queen. However, if you lose, your classmates will treat you as a literal pet worth nothing and are nothing but a piece of trash in their eyes. Soon though, a young woman by the name of Jabami Yumeko will show the school the true meaning of what it means to be a gambler.

Jabami Yumeko Bio

Seiyuu Name: Hayami, Saori

Jabami Yumeko may look like a cute and innocent girl on the outside but inside she is anything but. Labeled as a Kakegurui—or one who lives for taking risks—she is unfazed by fear and revels in anything that can excite her. While it sometimes may seem like she takes unnecessary or even foolish risks, Jabami Yumeko is actually always reading the field and is quite adept at making choices and memorizing the field. Jabami Yumeko can also be labeled as a hustler at times, losing a game on purpose just to lead her opponent into a secondary match to win with devastating results. The old quote “never judge a book by its cover” seems very applicable to this student of Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Jabami Yumeko Highlights

1. Smart Gambler

Let’s face it, Jabami Yumeko is someone who seems to be able to play any game—whether it’s cards or memory related—with a high chance of winning. However, if you notice so far in Kakegurui, Jabami Yumeko has never went into a game thinking she could lose. Yumeko uses both quick analysis of the game and is even aware of when the game is being manipulated, such as in episode 3 the game of Life and Death. Jabami Yumeko knew that Yuriko’s servant was using the environment to alter the game in her favor. However, Jabami Yumeko was unfazed by this and actually bet on the fact that she would win and while she did lose, it wasn’t because of her skill or even because the game was rigged but it was because of luck, which even the best gamblers can’t fully manipulate.

If you need more proof of Jabami Yumeko’s excellent gambling ability, let’s observe episode 2 of Kakegurui. Here we have a simple game of matching the cards. Both players would take turns flipping the cards and trying to memorize the field. Jabami Yumeko lost her first round but knowing she would win the second, she once more bet money and this time, came out as the victor. Jabami Yumeko knew she was going to win this time and was able to convince her opponent otherwise. This conveniently leads to our next reason why we love Yumeko.

2. A Hustler

Jabami Yumeko is a straight up gambling hustler in every form of the phrase. We only need to go back through the first two episodes to see Jabami Yumeko actually convince her opponents that she was most likely going to lose again. Any hustler is able to do this well, to make their opponent think they have no clue of how to win or at the very least can’t win and Yumeko has pulled this off several times already. Even in episode 5, Jabami Yumeko showed that her hustler charms haven’t been 100% exposed yet by the students of Hyakkaou Private Academy as she was able to convince one of her opponents, Tsubomi—who was part of that 4 player card game—to attack the one she was supposed to be teamed up with. Regardless of her motives, she actually was able to let Yumeko invade her mind and make her turn rebellious, truly a good use of her hustler move set.

We know that this skill of Jabami Yumeko’s won’t last forever in Hyakkaou Private Academy but it may help with keeping her opponent guessing if she really holds the keys to victory This is otherwise known as the gambler’s best tool, the poker face. When Yumeko most likely will have to face the council members at the school—as they already have their eyes focused on Yumeko—this may be her ace in the hole during a critical match. Only time will tell if Yumeko’s hustler form will be strong throughout the series but for now it surely has proven she knows how to play the cute and innocent card, which in turn has fooled us to that inner scary girl obsessed with thrills.

3. A risk taker for life

Jabami Yumeko takes chances and that is a both a scary thing at times but also an endearing quality. Almost every episode of Kakegurui has shown Jabami Yumeko having a high chance of failure at some of the more aggressive opponents but besides her internal strengths at gambling, Yumeko loves the thrill of a high octane game. As we said before, Yumeko is what is considered to be a Kakegurui so that means she would be willing to do almost anything if there is enough thrill behind it. Episode 2 is the prime example for this. She could have lost her nails from her opponent if she lost her second game—which as we mentioned, she wasn’t going to—but that idea of having your nails ripped off and put into a collection scares us here at Honey’s Anime, yet for Yumeko, it excited her.

Let us examine a particular scene in episode 3 that proves our point of Yumeko’s love of risk taking. At one point Yumeko is almost sexually assaulted by several dudes and her face during the moment of strangulation from one of them showed not fear but pleasure. Yes, it can be assumed that besides being a Kakegurui. Yumeko is also probably a masochist. We don’t know yet how far Yumeko is willing to go with her risks—obviously since we’ve only gotten to episode 6—but we can imagine that latter episodes will prove she’d gladly give up her own life in a game if she will have some excitement from it somehow. We’re looking at you girl with the revolver in episode 4…

4. Not easily flustered

Face it folks, going to a private academy like Hyakkaou seems like a pretty terrifying idea. This school is literally focused on challenging your sanity to make you weaker during a game thus you’d end up losing because of some bad decision on your part. This doesn’t apply to Yumeko though who is quick to analyze a situation and know what to do for the best outcome. Every episode so far, while her opponents were beginning to sweat at making a move, Yumeko just smiled—sometimes menacingly but we’re okay with that—and acted like it was no big deal. If you need proof of this let’s look at a few elements of episode 3.

Examining episode 3, we know that Yumeko is playing a game that is not only based on luck but is being rigged for the losses to be higher on her end. Our main male protagonist Ryouta Suzui—or better known as Pochi—was convinced Yumeko was going to lose and knew her luck wasn’t going to save her here. However, Yumeko smiled and gambled highly on her luck without a single drop of sweat. We have to ask, can most not panic in a situation where millions of dollars are on the line? Definitely not Yumeko who will probably for the remainder of this series take any challenger with a beautiful smile on her face and cute composure…speaking about cuteness.

5. Very cute and caring

Jabami Yumeko is above all else one of the cutest and kindest girls of Kakegurui. This girl dresses as a prim and proper student of the school and still looks fantastic. On top of that, Yumeko is very kind and completely willing to stick her neck out for others in multiple ways. Episode 1 Ryouta had been set to forever be known as Pochi because of losing a large chunk of money. Yumeko, having barely known Ryout,a stepped in and gave him money to repay remove his pet name.

Then let us not forget that Jabami Yumeko ended up teaming with Mary Saotome—the blond haired girl from episode 1 her first opponent and someone who is pretty cruel to say the least—when they were facing high money losses and had a chance of teaming up to remove their debit. Most would hold ill will towards someone who treated them so badly—especially in the beginning day of school—but not Jabami Yumeko. Our kind girl teamed up with Saotome without hesitation and relished the thought that they could work together. If Yumeko is willing to put a past issue behind her and continue like nothing happened then people need to recognize that she is incredibly kind and caring under that kakeguri soul. Should we mention that even when she was losing in some of her games, she never once bad mouthed another person unlike her various opponents did towards her? That’s just incredible to say the least.

Final Thoughts

Jabami Yumeko is one of those girls you’d definitely want to bring on a trip to Las Vegas. Not only would being around her be fun and exciting but it would also probably be very lucrative for the both of you. This gambling soul is easily one of the best girls of Kakegurui and we know we’ve fallen for Jabami Yumeko’s charm and allure. Now then are you just like us here at Honey’s Anime? Have you let Yumeko trap you in a web of cuteness behind that sometimes scary demeanor? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you love about Yumeko and why she is easily one of the best waifus. Just maybe don’t challenger her in a game of Poker or Texas Hold ‘em…actually don’t challenge her in any game unless you want to lose your money.

Kakegurui-manga-353x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Jabami Yumeko Highlights - Kakegurui


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