6 Manga Like Kakegurui [Recommendations]


Gambling is usually a pretty risky venture. The idea of betting any figure with the change you’re going to lose it makes the game fun but filled with potential loss. Then we have manga like Kakegurui which takes gambling ten steps further by usually having more than just monetary values being a possible loss. However, that very risk makes Kakegurui so much fun to read and really captures the audience. Also it does help that there are some very attractive looking women even if they just so happen to be a bit…overzealous when it comes to gambling.

Now if you’re new to Honey’s Anime, you should know that when a great series like Kakegurui comes along we aim to find similar works that capture the same greatness found in a particular series. These lists help you avoid the gamble—see what we did there—that sometimes can happen when having to scour the internet or forums to find similar manga. That is why we did the research for you and made a 6 Manga Like Kakegurui list for your easy access. We know that if you love Kakegurui as much as we do at the moment, you’ll find these various manga like Kakegurui to really fit the bill. Now put down the dice and let’s begin our venture into other gambling related manga like Kakegurui, where sometimes the stakes can be worse than you can imagine for our characters.

Similar Manga to Kakegurui

1. Life Is Money

  • Mangaka: Asaniji, Teru- Yaguraba, Tekka
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published Date: Aug, 2011- Oct, 2012

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What would you be willing to do for a family member? For Fukurokouji Meguru, he’s about to be asked that very question when he needs to obtain money for his sister’s surgical bed. As he dives into an underground world filled with gambling and very illegal games, Meguru will find that the stakes will go beyond just his sister’s wellbeing. Enter Life Is Money and witness a gambling game that the stakes are even worse than you can imagine.

Beginning our 6 Manga Like Kakegurui we explore the dark underworld see in Life Is Money. Mangaka Asaniji Teru teamed up with illustrator Yaguraba Tekka to craft a dark story filled with twisted games and some great horror themes. If you love the dark themes found in Kakegurui, you’ll find Life Is Money a very gripping manga that will instantly hook you from the start. Witness what happens when failure results in many things that aren’t just losing out on a few dollars in your bank account. Life Is Money gets a solid recommendation from us here at Honey’s Anime and you’ll understand why if you dive into this short 3 volume work.

2. Ousama Game

  • Mangaka: Renda, Hitori- Kanazawa, Nobuaki
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama, Horror, School, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published Date: 2010-2012

It’s not uncommon to receive odd chain letters or text to our phones. That annoying issue seems to be befall Kanazawa Nobuaki and he thinks nothing of it. However, soon Nobuaki learns that all of his classmates also happened to receive the same creepy message and all of their messages say the same thing, that they are participants in the Ousama Game or King’s Game. The participants at first just have to perform simple pranks within 24 hours but soon the tasks become deadly and sick. Then when one of the students fails to accomplish a task, Nobuaki learns that failure to do a task leads to death.

When money is lost in gambling, usually there is a way to win it back. However, if you lose your life, then that’s it for the game. That’s what makes Ousama Game the ultimate gambling game. Maybe Nobuaki and his classmates don’t win a huge pay out of prizes or cash like in Kakegurui, but success means continued life. What will happen to Nobuaki and his friends? Well if you want to find out you’ll have to pick up Ousama Game and begin reading.

3. Gamble Fish

  • Mangaka: Yamane, Kazutoshi- Aoyama, Hiromi
  • Genre: Mystery, Ecchi, Game, School, Shounen, Harem, Psychological
  • Volumes: 19
  • Published Date: Feb, 2007- Jul, 2010

Shishidou academy is a prestigious school for those of elite and wealthy classes. However, this same school is about to get shaken to its core when a new transfer student arrives named Tom Shirasagi. On his first day, Tom makes a bold claim that he wants others in the school to challenge him in various gambling matches. Immediately students wish to take down the arrogant Tom at his various skills. Unfortunately, Tom is about to teach a lesson of his own to the students of Shishidou academy and maybe his previous claim isn’t as outlandish as the students thought.

Maybe from our list of manga like Kakegurui, you’re looking for a manga that mirrors Kakegurui in several beats. Well folks Gamble Fish is what you’re going to want to read then. Watch as our main gambler Tom challenges the elite students like Mika Shishidou to various games. What’s even cooler about Gamble Fish is that mangaka Aoyama Hiromi clearly tried to instill into Gamble Fish realistic gambling methods and strategies. Definitely check out Gamble Fish if you’re really into Kakegurui and need some more gambling manga at its finest.

Any Manga Like Kakegurui ?

4. Dead Tube

  • Mangaka: Kitakawa, Touta- Yamaguchi, Mikoto
  • Genre: Ecchi, Horror, School, Seinen
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published Date: Apr, 2014- Present

Online there exists a website called Dead Tube where instead of funny cat videos, people will see creepy and sometimes outlandish incidents that would be censored elsewhere. Tomohiro Machiya, an avid film fan, is met by a beautiful girl named Mai Mashiro to film her every action for two days nonstop. While at first Tomohiro just sees a normal girl living her life, the second day, Mai ends up killing someone on camera and in front of Tomohiro. Tomohiro is shocked to then discover that Mai isn’t blamed for the murder and instead is praised on Dead Tube having their film win first prize. Now Tomohiro must continue to film for Dead Tube otherwise he will be struck with a punishment that he can’t even imagine…

Fame and fortune are usually associated with a big gamble. It plays into the risk and reward idea where sometimes for the ultimate prize you’re going to have to pony up some serious collateral. However, Dead Tube makes this gambling idea more disturbing adding the idea of filming for a prize that is greater than even cash, life. If you love the dark themes seen in Kakegurui and wish they were more prominent, than you’ll find Dead Tube to be your recommendation here on our list. Like a good film sequel, we’re desperately waiting for this series to conclude to see how it all ends…but we’re also pretty nervous to see how the ending goes for some of our main characters.

5. Tomodachi Game

  • Mangaka: Yamaguchi, Mikoto- Satou, Yuuki
  • Genre: Game, Shounen, Psychological
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published Date: Dec, 2013- Present

Money isn’t everything in life. Sure it can buy you material things but as Katagiri Yuuichi believes money can’t buy friendship. However, Katagiri’s creed and beliefs will be tested when he and several others are kidnapped and thrown into an odd game. One of the five is apparently the reason that they are in this situation and now Katagiri will have to figure out who is the culprit here all while having to play mental games thrown at them. Will Katagiri be able to hold on to his belief that friendship triumphs over money or will this odd Tomodachi Game make his mind shift?

Manga like Kakegurui and Tomodachi Game love to challenge the meaning of friendship. How far are you willing to go to earn some extra cash or to remove a debt laid upon yourself? These are questions you’ll come to see in Tomodachi Game and it really makes this manga a strong read. While Tomodachi Game is still currently being released, so far we’re really enjoying this psychological manga and we wish more people were talking about it. Can you figure out who is behind this game is? We here at Honey’s Anime have our guesses but we can’t wait to see if their right once Tomodachi Game concludes.

6. Liar Game

  • Mangaka: Kaitani, Shinobu
  • Genre: Drama, Game, Psychological, Seinen
  • Volumes: 19
  • Published Date: Feb, 2005- Jan, 2015

Upstanding student Kanzaki Nao is someone who tries her best to keep living by the rules set before. Nao goes to her classes, does her best in her studies and is regarded as just a pleasant person filled with hope, something her father named her after. Though for poor Nao, she is about to be thrown into a world that will task her with throwing her ideals and ways of life out the window. When Nao receives a large sum of money, she learns she has been chosen to be part of the so called Liar Game. Nao’s task will to be manipulate others and hope to cause other players to go bankrupt and while her first attempt fails, Nao will soon meet an infamous swindler named Kanzaki who is willing to team up with Nao. Can Nao trust Kanzaki to help her win the game?

Let us end our list of manga like Kakegurui with Liar Game which reminds us of Kakegurui so very strongly. Mangaka Kaitani Shinobu really crafted a cool story that takes the idea of gambling and throws them into a more psychological and worldly setting. The idea of having to trick players to win is very clearly seen in Kakegurui and in Liar Game the stakes don’t just affect students but whole corporations. Strong art and a cool narrative really make Liar Game a must for those who love Kakegurui and want something on a similar level. Get ready to make bets on who is bad and good in Liar Game and you can make your own gambling game in the process while reading it. Trust us folks, you’re going to be very surprised at times.

Final Thoughts

There is an obvious appeal to gambling. Not only do you get to play games where luck takes precedent but you usually can have the chance at winning something good. Though as you can see in our works above as well as in Kakegurui, sometimes the obsession with gambling can lead to some horrible end results. Risk and reward don’t always weigh out to be the same after all, food for thought right? Now then, let us wrap up our 6 Manga Like Kakegurui list by asking for you to comment down below and let us know what you thought about our list and if you did indeed love it, keep coming back to Honey’s Anime where we have more articles and list soon to be thrown at you.

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