5 Magical Anime To Watch This Christmas

Christmas always seems to be the day when we can truly sense that magical feeling in the air. Maybe because it is the time when we can just be merry with our loved ones. Or perhaps it's because Mr. Claus happens to be sliding through the sky at the time.

Whatever the case maybe, you will need something to help you pass the time. Because you can't be talking with your friends and families from dusk till dawn, can you? So as avid anime lovers, what better way to enjoy the spirit of Christmas than by watching some magical anime?

Below are some of the best anime that feature the wonderful story of witches, wizards, and the vast magical world that they live in.

5. Majo no Tabitabi (Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Rather than crafting a new kind of spell or becoming the greatest sorcerer in the world, the only reason why Elaina decided to be a witch is to travel the world. She wants to visit different places, meet different people, and experience all kinds of new things.

Here, she stumbles upon a magical flower field that can lure passerby and suck out their life. She meets a boy who can put happiness into a bottle. And she also gets to know a queen who lives alone in a country without any of her subjects.

By traveling from one place to the next, Elaina The Ashen Witch shows us so many different faces of the magical world. Some are full of wonders and happiness, while others are grim and desolate. She tells us that magic, just like most things in life, is just a tool. It is up to us to decide whether or not that tool can bring about happiness or despair upon ourselves. A pretty good lesson for Christmas time, don't you agree?

4. Burn The Witch

  • Episodes: 3
  • Aired: Oct 2020

In the world of Burn the Witch, dragons are real. They have been terrorizing England for centuries. That is until humanity finally learns to subdue and make use of the dragons. But in order to protect the ordinary people who live in the "Front London", all matters related to dragons are handled in the "Reversed London" by the wizards and witches of an organization called the Wing Bind.

The story follows two junior witches of Wing Bind called Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole as they deal with dragons in all shape and form. From the tame deer-like dragon that has flowers blossoming on its horns to the mythical dragon who is clad in white fur with its crown-like horns, it is their mission to keep them all in check.

In a way, Burn The Witch is quite similar to J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beast series in its focus on the magical creatures. And since this is a new work by Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, you can also expect mind-blowing action sequences scattered throughout the series.

3. Little Witch Academia

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

As the name suggests, Little Witch Academia is an anime about daily life in Luna Nova Magical Academy, a school for budding witches. The main protagonist is Atsuko, a girl with little to no magical power and yet, she is one of the most passionate one when it comes to magic.

The world of Little Witch Academia is filled with mysterious places, magical creatures, and wonderful magic. A dark forest inhabited by man-eating plants and a giant cockatrice. A greedy dragon who's adept at modern technology. A magic that could temporarily raise the dead. Atsuko experienced so many interesting things in the Luna Nova Academy.

But at its core, Little Witch Academia is a coming of age story. It is about Atsuko and her desire to pursue her dream, her determination, and her love of magic despite coming from a non-magical bloodline. A truly fun and inspiring magical anime to watch.

2. Mary to Majo no Hana (Mary And The Witch's Flower)

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: Jul 2017

Mary Smith is just an ordinary girl who tries to fit in with the world. But a chance encounter with a mysterious blue flower grants her a tremendous magical power and introduces Mary to the wizarding world. One incident leads to another, and now Mary finds herself enrolled in the prestigious Endor College.

Endor college has every kind of magic that you can think of. From the basic broom riding course to the tricky invisibility class, and even the advanced transformation magic. All can be learned in Endor. And of course, there are also amazing facilities such as a floating swimming pool and cloud elevator.

But the power of the magic flower is only temporary. And the Endor college itself hides a nefarious secret that could shock the very foundation of the wizarding world. Thus begin the thrilling and magical adventure of Mary the Red Witch. Definitely a perfect movie to watch with your family.

1. Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 2017 - Mar 2018

Chise has so many painful memories due to her unusually high aptitude to magic. She is about to give up on life when a skull-face mage called Elias appears in front of her. Elias appointed Chise to be his apprentice and ask her to be his bride. With Elias, she finally get to learn to control her power and experience the extraordinary life of a mage's apprentice.

As for us the viewers, The Ancient Magus' Bride will bring us closer into life in the magic realm. Looking through the memories of a dying dragon, investigating the disturbance in the kingdom of cats, meeting the queen of faeries in the forbidden forest, there are so many magical things that we get to witness here.

It is clear that The Ancient Magus' Bride is one of the most elaborate magical anime ever produced. It encompasses every facet of magic as we know it and it also has a dense and complex story to move things forward. Sure, it has its dark moments, but at its core, it is a story about love, understanding, and hope. A truly apt topic to explore during Christmas, right?

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a special time and in a way, it is also rather magical. It is the time for us to share what we love to the people who are close to us. So if you love anime, why not spend Christmas by watching these magical anime with your loved ones? These series will warm your heart and lift your spirit at the same time. And as a bonus, there are also some highly valuable lessons that you can take from each of them.

But maybe you have other anime recommendations that you think may fit well with this article? If so, please don't hesitate to share it in the comment section below.

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