[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mélie Highlights - RADIANT

RADIANT-manga-330x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mélie Highlights - RADIANT

I’ll torment you all you want later.

  • Episodes: 9+
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
  • Airing Date: October 2018 – Ongoing
  • Studio: Lerche

RADIANT Preview (No Spoilers)

Seth is a sorcerer, a human that has been infected by the terrifying creatures called Nemesis and survived, and sorcerers are the only capable of fending off the Nemesis when they fall out of the sky and crash into towns. Despite their goodwill gestures of fending off Nemesis, sorcerers are detested by the rest of society because of their abnormalities. To put an end to the hatred sorcerers face in every town, Seth embarks on a quest to destroy the place where Nemesis are said to come from: Radiant.

Mélie Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. She has Split Personalities

When we first meet Mélie, she’s airheaded and somewhat clueless. We’re not even totally sure how much use she has as a sorcerer due to her focus on limited defensive-style magic. However, when Dragunov holds her hostage at the edge of a sword, she completely changes personality. Her cape is off her shoulders, revealing tattoos, and she visibly looks angry and a lot less modest. This personality emerges anytime Mélie feels stressed and she turns from a defensive sorcerer into an offensive sorcerer.

2. She’s a Sorcerer

As mentioned above, Mélie is a sorcerer. Her mutation as a result of her infection is that she now has split personalities. Although most sorcerers are alienated by the simple fact that they are sorcerers, it’s Mélie’s angry and fearsome alternative personality that makes other people, even sorcerers, afraid of her. Unfortunately for Mélie, her split personalities also split up her full capabilities as a sorcerer. There are basic techniques that Mélie isn’t aware of but her other personality is very knowledgeable of, this makes her effectiveness in battles somewhat inconsistent. It’s easy to imagine how strong she could truly be if she could harness the abilities of both her personalities at once.

3. Mr. Boobrie

Mr. Boobrie is Mélie’s closest friend. Although most see him as a pet, he would adamantly object to that title. Mr. Boobrie’s a fantastical creature with horns, bat wings, a beak, and fur covering his body. He seems to be the only who has stuck by Mélie throughout her life. He also seems to change personality along with Mélie. When Mélie is her usual self, he seems to match Mélie’s behavior and emotions; however, when Mélie is under her other personality, he’s a masochist obsessed with being tortured by Mélie.

4. She’s a Trapper

Although we haven’t seen Mélie fully showcase her skills as a sorcerer, we know that she’s a trapper. With the help of Doc, who can track Nemesis for her, Mélie specializes in magic traps to capture her opponents. We get a glimpse at her potential as a trapper when she teams up with Seth to capture the sewer creature that captured Doc. Unfortunately, all the ideas that Mélie and Seth come up with to trap the creature end up failing until they find a way to poison it.

5. She’s friendly but lonely

Mélie is easily the nicest character we’ve met in RADIANT. She’s openminded and immediately takes to Seth when they both end up caught on an inquisition ship. Furthermore, when they get to the Artemis Institute, she’s quite open to letting Seth move in with her and to assist him in his quest to find Radiant. Unfortunately, her second personality means that other than Doc, Mr. Boobrie, and Seth, she’s had a hard time making friends. This is best exemplified when we see her playing with dolls every morning. At least with Seth around, Mélie may finally have someone who stays by her side.

Final Thoughts

As far as main female characters go in shounen, Mélie may be the biggest deviation in RADIANT. Her two personalities make for an interesting dynamic, but we still need to see how much of an impact her fiery personality has on her everyday life. We have seen Mélie’s fiery side be destructive, but we haven’t felt significant consequences from it yet. Furthermore, it’ll be great to further explore her identity as a trapper and to learn more about the link between Mr. Boobrie and Mélie. Until we get bigger glimpses into Mélie’s life, what are your thoughts on RADIANT’s second protagonist?

RADIANT-manga-330x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mélie Highlights - RADIANT


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