5 Moments We Can't Wait to See Animated in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Anime

At the end of the special “Inherited Soul” event that aired on April 4th, it was revealed that Stone Ocean – the sixth part of the legendary JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series – would finally get its own anime adaptation! Fans had been waiting close to two years since the end of Golden Wind for such an announcement, and with that snazzy concept art and the news that up-and-coming voice actress/JoJo superfan Fairouz Ai would be voicing Jolyne, the hype train quickly reached terminal velocity. We’re not exactly sure when the anime will premiere (probably sometime in 2022), but until then, here are our top five moments that we can’t wait to see animated in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean!

Spoilers Ahead!

5. Pucci Uses a Corpse as a CD Player

Father Pucci may be a devout priest, but since he’s a JoJo villain, he’s legally required to be extra as all hell – especially when it comes time to gloat. He sees evidence that the Green Baby has emerged, making him one step closer to reviving his idol Dio, and decides that this is cause for celebration. He uses his Stand Whitesnake (which normally controls magical CDs that contain memories or Stands) to insert a regular CD into a dead henchman’s brain, reanimating the corpse and forcing it to belt out Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” at full blast. We just love how Pucci uses his Stand for something so asinine and ridiculous, particularly since he’s such a terrifying foe otherwise.

4. Bohemian Rhapsody Causes Cartoon Chaos

Speaking of terrifying foes with hilarious abilities, Ungalo is one of Dio’s bastard children who was saddled with an uncontrollably powerful Stand at birth and turned to drugs as a way to cope. Pucci recruits him to defeat Jolyne’s group and this gives him a new lease on life; he’s able to awaken his Stand, Bohemian Rhapsody, which allows him to make illustrations come to life and wreak havoc on society.

Anasui and Weather Report first notice that something is wrong when their guide to Disney World has no pictures of Mickey in it (giving us the legendary line, “Where the f*ck is Mickey?!”), and the situation only gets crazier from there. Storybook characters continue to hound our heroes, dragging them through nightmare versions of their classic storylines until Weather comes up with his own character named Put Back Man who returns everything to normal just in time. Seeing as David Productions made the four-panel torture dance from Golden Wind into a trippy minute-long music video, we’d love to see what they can do with this.

3. Jolyne Sets Herself on Fire to Defeat Rykiel

Another maladjusted son of Dio named Rykiel attacks next; he targets Jolyne, Hermes, and Emporio with his Stand Sky High, which controls cryptozoological creatures called Rods that steal body heat. He keeps them pinned down with a potpourri of gross body horror effects, like lung tissue destruction and finger necrosis, but then Jolyne gets the idea to borrow Emporio’s lighter and set herself on fire! Now impervious to the Rods, she’s free to pummel on Rykiel... until he immolates himself too, in a desperate bid to figure out her weaknesses. We’re then treated to a fight where the combatants are literally too angry to die from being on freaking fire... it’s pure JoJo madness and we love it!

2. The “Memento” Tribute, Jailhouse Lock

Our favorite Stand battle in Stone Ocean is Jailhouse Lock, which takes place when Jolyne attempts to escape from the prison. She’s thwarted at every turn by elite guard Miuccia Miuller, whose Stand Jailhouse Lock affects her short-term memory so that she can only learn three new things at a time before forgetting everything. It’s a tribute to the then-recent movie “Memento”, putting its own twist on the familiar plot – Jolyne covers her body in frantic pen scribbles to try to remember her opponent, but Miu Miu keeps distracting her with useless information that sends her right back to square one. We bet that the anime can make this even more disorienting with clever color shifts and camera angles, just like they did with King Crimson back in Golden Wind!

1. That Universe-Shattering Ending

Part 6’s ending is a true spectacle to behold, beginning with frogs raining down from the sky and ending with the destruction of the entire original Jojo timeline. We’re particularly excited to see the wacky snail hallucinations caused by Heavy Weather, the triumphant return of Jotaro, and Made in Heaven fast-forwarding through time so quickly that the universe gets reset over and over again. It may be a long shot, but we hope that the anime includes extra scenes of characters from past parts reacting to their imminent doom, since this is the last that we’ll see of this universe. But even if the writers stick straight to the manga’s script, we’re sure that it’ll go down in history as one of the craziest anime endings ever!

Final Thoughts

We’re also looking forward to witnessing the scenes where Foo Fighters incites a lunch line riot, Jotaro meets Jolyne again, Hermes avenges her sister, and Jolyne flips off Kenzo in four languages. But what moments are you dying to see David Productions bring to life in the Stone Ocean anime? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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