5 Things JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fans Want to See in a Stone Ocean Anime

Now that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind has finished its magnificent 39-episode run, JoJo fans are looking forward to an adaptation of the franchise’s sixth part, Stone Ocean. It follows Jolyne Kujo, the rebellious daughter of Jotaro who lands herself in jail after a misunderstanding. Jotaro comes to rescue her but is attacked by a mysterious force that steals his Stand and memories, leaving him comatose. With the help of her new friends and recently acquired Stand Stone Free, Jolyne must find a way to save her estranged father and escape Green Dolphin Street Prison!

The manga began publication in 2000, so the community has had plenty of time to speculate about what the anime will be like. But now that it’s next on the list of JoJo parts to be adapted, the discussion has begun anew. David Productions may not have announced it yet, but we’re certain it’ll happen in the next year or two. Until then, let’s see which things JoJo fans want to see in a Stone Ocean anime!

1. Keep Miyuki Sawashiro as Jolyne’s Voice Actress

Even though she hasn’t shown up in the anime yet, Jolyne and other manga-only characters have had a huge presence in video games like All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven. It’s rare for a game voice actor to follow their character into the anime, but it has happened for the likes of Daisuke Ono as Jotaro and Wataru Takagi as Okuyasu.

Miyuki Sawashiro’s dry wit and casual toughness as Jolyne have endeared her to the fans, and she plays well off of Jotaro in their cutscenes together. We’d love to see her reprise the role, although she may have to change her last name to Ono to keep up the pattern that the last three JoJo voice actors have laid down!

2. Give Dio’s Sons More Substance

Dio’s first son Giorno got a part all to himself, an amazing design, and a personality that wove together both Jonathan’s sense of justice and Dio’s ruthlessness. By comparison, his younger half-brothers in Stone Ocean definitely get the short end of the stick. Ungalo, Rikiel, and Donatello Versus are wayward souls who grew up unloved by their families and bewildered by their powerful Stands, without the positive influence of a mysterious Mafioso savior like Giorno had.

That’s an interesting concept, but unfortunately, it isn’t explored very deeply and the brothers only end up serving as minor villains on the way to main antagonist Pucci. If DavidPro expands these characters’ roles and backstories like they did with La Squadra in part 5, Dio’s sons may finally get their chance to shine.

3. Make Bohemian Rhapsody Even Crazier Than the Torture Dance

Ungalo’s Stand Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the strangest in the whole series—it brings drawings of fictional characters to life as sentient paper dolls. Anyone who sees a character that they like has their soul sucked into that character’s original story and is forced to live out the events of the narrative. The Stand has an infinite range, so it causes worldwide panic when Ungalo activates it.

We’ve seen that DavidPro can pull off surreal humor with part 5’s torture dance, so we can’t wait to find out how they portray Bohemian Rhapsody. Will they include more famous characters from fiction? Will the art style change out of nowhere? How will the paper dolls move and sound? We need to know!

4. Include Jotaro’s Theme Within Jolyne’s Theme

Main-protagonist musical themes like Joseph’s “Overdrive” and Giorno’s “Il Vento D’Oro” have become irreplaceable aspects of the JoJo mythos. And Jotaro’s theme, “Stardust Crusaders”, has cemented itself as the iconic soundtrack for villains getting a much-deserved beatdown via a flurry of punches. So we’d love to hear that funky bass riff and saxophone as part of Jolyne’s theme when she unleashes the pain on her own adversaries. It could just be a simple easter egg, like in Josuke’s theme or a full-blown remix, but this is just too perfect an opportunity to waste!

5. Bring Back the 3D Openings

The opening songs for parts 1-3 were animated in stunningly stylized 3D CGI by Kamikaze Douga, a studio known for their work on Fire Emblem: Awakening’s cutscenes and the glorious fever dream that is Pop Team Epic. Unlike most CG in anime, these openings were bursting with personality and played to the strengths of computerized effects to portray JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as the larger-than-life roller coaster that it truly is.

Part 6 is the end of the timeline that started with Jonathan Joestar, and so Jolyne is his last descendant. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Kamikaze Douga came back one last time? They could even start with a reverse version of Phantom Blood’s opening—instead of manga panels going backward through the lineage from Jolyne to Jonathan, it could go forward in time and end by introducing Jolyne!

Final Thoughts

We have no idea when the Stone Ocean anime will be announced, but we’re sure it’ll happen eventually. Until then, at least we can dream!

What did you think of our list? What do you want to see in an anime version of Stone Ocean? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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