5 Most Creative Fire Powers in Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) 1st Cours

Fire is, naturally, an essential element in the world of Fire Force. Spontaneous human combustion causes people to transform into flaming monsters out of nowhere, which can only be destroyed by the pyrotechnics of the Fire Force Brigade. They all use fire in one way or another, but their powers still feel vastly different because they explore the far reaches of what fire can do. Today, we’re taking a look at the 5 most creative fire powers in this series; from plasma to trajectory control to freezing and more, it’s amazing to see what Atsushi Okubo has come up with!

5. Arthur Boyle’s Plasma Sword

The delusional “knight” Arthur Boyle has the rare ability to heat his flames into a plasma state, which he uses to weld objects together, generate electricity, and wield what is essentially a lightsaber in battle. Something tells us that he could be even more creative with his plasma powers, but he’s far too invested in his knightly fantasy to explore further possibilities.

4. Lieutenant Hinawa’s Bullet Control

The stoic lieutenant of Company 8 doesn’t need a flashy ability to get the job done. He can manipulate the ignition element within his guns to control the speed and trajectory of the bullets they fire, allowing him to fire non-lethal shots and hit targets that would otherwise be at impossible angles. When fighting alongside his comrades with more visually stunning powers, Hinawa’s bullets fly under the enemy’s radar and easily take out unsuspecting opponents en masse.

3. Benimaru Shinmon’s Flaming Matoi and Hand Sword

The fiercely traditionalist captain of Company 7 is a hybrid second- and third-generation pyrotechnic, meaning that he can ignite his own flames like Arthur but also control external fire like Hinawa. He uses his company’s matoi poles (traditional Japanese flags used to signal the locations of fires) as spear-like weapons and flying broomsticks, and he’s even adapted a martial arts form called “iaido” to utilize the flaming blade that he produces from his hand. There’s a good reason he’s thought to be the strongest soldier in the entire Fire Force!

2. Princess Hibana’s Clematis Flowers and Heat Syncope

Hibana specializes in enveloping an opponent’s body in heat and overwhelming them with small injuries that ultimately bring them down. She uses her ability to create beautiful firey flowers called “Clematis” to cover her enemies in small burns, which has proven to be very effective at cutting down multiple Infernals at once. She can also induce heat syncope (fainting from severe heat) with just a harsh look in her opponent’s direction. Good thing she’s on Shinra’s side now!

1. Karim Flam’s Thermoacoustic Refrigeration

It seems impossible for someone to use fire powers to create ice, but Karim defies all expectations. He uses a tuba-like weapon to absorb flames, turn them into sound energy, and cycle them repeatedly until they come out the other end as solid ice. He describes his thermoacoustic refrigeration as being similar to how air conditioners and freezers cool down hot air from their surroundings, which leaves us in amazement at how creative Okubo must’ve been to turn such a mundane phenomenon into an exciting anime ability.

Final Thoughts

We also love Shinra’s flaming feet, Maki’s adorable “Sputter” creatures, and Tamaki’s “nekomata” ability. We can’t wait to see more creative fire powers in the coming episodes this season—we’re sure they’ll be even wilder than the ones we’ve seen so far!

What did you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite abilities? Are there any fire powers from the manga that you’re excited to see adapted? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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