The Burning Flames of Combat – The Best Fights in En En no Shouboutai (Fire Force) Season 2

Fire Force has had an intense and interesting second season following on the high-heat antics of the first season! Now with protagonist Kuasakabe Shinra coming into his own as a pyrokinetic who possesses a legendary Adolla Burst, as well as the story furthering the pre-existing lore, season 2 of Fire Force has been a great watch.

That being said, the series has had some short yet incredible battles that show off the series’ gorgeous art and animation, like the Shinra fight against Hoshimiya in the first season. Now in the second season, we are being treated to more intense fights as the world of Fire Force continues to reveal itself to us! Now for a recount of our favourite fights in Fire Force season 2 so far!

5. Shinra vs Charon

With the appearance of the members of the White-Clad known as Haumea and Charon, the city is again thrown into disarray. Their objective: to recover the most recent possessor of an Adolla Burst, a pink-haired daredevil named Inca. The 8th Company had also been tasked to rescue Inca before she and her abilities fall into the wrong hands. This fight was intense as Shinra struggled against Charon, who is larger and much more durable in combat; however, Shinra learned a lot in that fight about manipulating his pyrokinetic powers, a skill that will definitely come in handy later on.
In regular Fire Force fashion, the fight was filled with flashy moves and explosions – Charon even did a move clearly inspired by the Kamehameha! The fight is also important because the apparent hostage, Inca, opted to go with the so-called bad guys out of her own free will, which was surprising and confusing for Shinra. He did; however, inspire himself with an interesting soliloquy about how the imagery of the devil follows him around, so he shall become “an evil towards evil”.

4. Special Fire Force Company 8 vs Infernal Behemoth

We’re thrown right into the mix in the first episode of the second season of Fire Force when the members of Special Fire Force Company 8 are forced into battle against a large Infernal with multiple cores. The battle takes the efforts of the entire 8th Company and is a flashy affair – quick and beautiful cuts introducing each member as they enter the fray and cause their own brand of damage, explosions, intricate teamwork, and even a dramatic Shinra finish; all before you even hear the opening for the first time! The significance of the fight is twofold: firstly, we get to see the members of the 8th Company in all their glory and we are introduced to one of many unusual Infernals.

3. Adolla-Possessed Shinra vs Arthur, Ogun, Captain Hague, and Lieutenant Pan

Shinra is given information that the Captain of the 4th Company, Hague, has had an encounter with the hellish landscape known as Adolla, with his face forever marked with the evidence of this experience. Hague also bears an overwhelming interest in Adolla Bursts and so Shinra gains an audience with Captain Hague in order to learn more about Adolla; however, his mind is overtaken by the demonic wrath of the black flames in the form of Sister Iris – an Adolla Link with a malicious entity. In his possessed state, Shinra’s red eyes are more pronounced and angular with the sclera dyed black, giving him an even more demonic appearance than usual. His abilities are also greatly increased in this state, with his fighting style becoming evidently more lethal as bloodlust overtakes him. Arthur, Ogun, Hague, and Pan form a literal RPG party in order to bring Shinra back to reality. While the four worked together, Arthur did most of the damage, playing out his role as the Vegeta to Shinra’s Goku expertly.

2. Battle Against the Demon in White

Members of the 4th and 8th Companies band together on a mission on the Chinese peninsula, where they come into contact with strange things like talking animals, as well as an old but powerful perpetual energy generator that looks just like Amaterasu. The land is clearly charged and primed for encounters from the hellish Adolla landscape and throughout the trip, Shinra is plagued by visions caused by Adolla Links with the mysterious woman-in-black. In this fight, we have Tamaki, Ogun, Juggernaut, and Shinra working hard to fight off a squadron of demons to buy Licht enough time to investigate the strange structure that so clearly looks like Amaterasu. Each character plays an important part; however, Ogun’s interesting use of pyrokinetic abilities and devastating impact on the tides of the battle as a whole make him this fight’s MVP.

1. Adolla-Graced Shinra vs the Demon in White

The woman-in-black had been Adolla Linking with Shinra since his arrival on the Chinese peninsula; however, as they got closer and closer to the perpetual energy generator where she is actually housed, the link became stronger and we saw Shinra have visions of his conversations with her. The Adolla Link with her feels less hostile than with the entity that assumes the appearance of Sister Iris in Shinra’s visions. The woman bestows upon Shinra something she calls “Adolla Grace”, which imbues Shinra with an incredible power – he now moves at basically warp speed, taking down the demon in white easily, while also accessing his memories. In doing so, Shinra learns that the demon was once a human named Tempe who had been given an Evangelist’s insect, turning him into a demon. While seeing Tempe’s memories, Shinra also learns that the Evangelist is not a being from this world.

Final Thoughts

Fire Force season 2 has been incredibly exciting and wrought with intense battles that bear heavy significance on the series as a whole. Fire Force boasts beautiful animation and a great soundtrack which enhances the experience of each of the aforementioned fights in the series. What is your favourite fight of Fire Force season 2? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

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