5 Most Shocking Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) Scenes

The story of Emma and the Grace Field House’s children as they discover the sinister truth behind their happy life is a rollercoaster of emotions and filled with so many twists that every episode has a shocking moment. But among all those scenes that gripped our hearts as Emma tries to save all her siblings, which ones are the most shocking?

Obviously, we’ll discuss spoilers, so proceed with caution.


5. The Truth Behind Grace Field House

The Promised Neverland hits the ground running in the very first chapter. At first, we see that Grace Field House is almost a paradise for orphaned children. But when the young Connie got adopted and Emma and Norman tried to give her plush bunny back, they found that Connie wasn't adopted at all, but killed by demons to be sold as meat. To make matters worse, their beloved Mom was part of the deal and only raised them like cattle.

The scene, the music, and the way in which the demon’s eyes move around as they think they heard a noise made by the children make this scene an unforgettable one, and a perfect way to leave us all wanting for more.

4. Norman Says Goodbye

When Mom informs them that Norman's shipping date has been decided, we all assumed that it would mean a change of plans so that Norman would have to escape alone first. Even Emma and Ray seemed to think this was the best solution for the problem. So when Norman came back, we can't blame you for yelling at the screen. When he finally says goodbye and Emma still tries to make him run, it's a scene that kept us all at the edge of our seats, especially as Mom threatens Emma if she makes a bigger scene. But what makes the scene really memorable is how calm Norman is. We know he is afraid to die, we saw him have a breakdown before. But when the time came, he faced his destiny with a composed demeanor not many grown-ups would have. And he is only 11 years old.

3. Mom Breaks Emma’s Leg

This scene is a double kick to the heart. While we have known for a while that Mom sees Emma and the children as cattle and she has been ominously looking at them for a while, it's not until Emma and Norman are near the outer wall when she lets her mask go. "Let us talk honestly" she says, and introduces herself. The children aren't cowed at first since Isabella is trying to convince them to stay because, for her, fake smiles are good enough. So when she realizes that Emma and Norman are still planning to escape, she cleanly and without warning breaks Emma's leg to force them both to stay. The fact that she never stops smiling makes it all even more chilling.

2. Sister Krone’s Last Stand

Sister Krone was dealt a losing hand from the moment she was born. Despite all her attempts at becoming a Mother herself so that she could live longer than anyone, she was always second best and had only become an assistant. And then, when she thought she had all the cards needed to beat Isabella, she discovered that it was all for naught as their superiors knew that the children were planning to escape and left Isabella to deal with the problem. And yet, as she realized she was going to be killed, she didn’t go gently. She was ready to fight against the demons, and before she left the house, she left the kids two gifts: a mysterious pen and a way to get the trackers out. Sister Krone may have died, but she managed to get one last laugh at her masters.

1. Ray’s Decision to Burn Himself

Out of the main trio, Ray always seemed to be the calmest one. He knew the secret for the longest time and, thus, had been planning how to escape for at least five years before Norman and Emma got the idea to run away. Even knowing that, the moment when he pours gasoline on himself in order to distract Mother enough to make sure everyone escapes is chilling. We get to see him lose his cool and yell at Emma how he is going to show everyone that he is not cattle, that he will choose how and when he dies as his expression turns more manic… and then he lights the match. In a series full of shocking twists, it’s hard to get more shocking than this.

Final Thoughts

From the premise alone, we knew we were on a wild ride when we started watching The Promised Neverland. And of course, we’d love to know which scenes were the ones that shocked you the most. So please, let us know in the comments below.

Yakusoku-no-Neverland-manga 5 Most Shocking Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) Scenes


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