[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tohru Highlights - Kobayashi-san Chi no Paid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon)

Kobayashi-san-Chi-no-Maid-Dragon-wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tohru Highlights - Kobayashi-san Chi no Paid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon)

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  • Episodes: TBA
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Airing Date: Jan. 2017 - TBA
  • Producers: Kyoto Animation

Kobayashi-san Chi no Paid Dragon Preview (No Spoilers)

Kobayashi is your everyday office worker. She wakes up, goes to work, comes home, has a few drinks, and then passes out. Well… one weekend she decides to hit the sake really hard and ends up wandering into the nearby mountains. There, she meets Tohru, but considering she is three sheets to the wind, she keeps talking to Tohru who is in her dragon form. Then Kobayashi invites Tohru to her home. However, for whatever reason, Tohru declines. The next day, though, Kobayashi wakes up and there is Tohru on her doorstep. She has come to live with Kobayashi. Thinking it is a dream, she lets Tohru in, but it soon backfires and Kobayashi finds herself suddenly in the possession of a new dragon maid! Soon it is not just Tohru, as other dragons begin coming over from the other world too. It seems like Kobayashi’s days of bachelorhood and peace and quiet is over!

Tohru Bio

Seiyuu Name: (Yuuki Kuwahara)

Tohru is a dragon from another world where it seems as if humans and dragons do not get along. However, one day she meets Kobayashi in the mountains and becomes smitten with her. When she shows up at Kobayashi's front doorstep, there is a bit of pushback, but eventually, Kobayashi lets Tohru come live with her as a live-in maid. Tohru has horns that protrude from her head, a green, scaly tail reminiscent from her dragon-form, and she sports a cute maid outfit! When she goes out shopping, sometimes people think that she is just a cosplayer. However, Tohru has a heart of gold because she cares for her friends, while at the same time being very jealous of those who are close to or try to get close to Kobayashi. At the end, she is doing her best to be a successful maid!

Tohru Highlights

1. She Is a Freaking Dragon

It is not as if she spends all of her time in dragon form, but Tohru is a dragon and that is pretty cool. She can change forms as need be to look like a human, but she still has her horns, her tail, and her fiery eyes. Sometimes, we even get to see cute bat wings appear. If there was any way to make a maid more of a kickass character, them why not make her a shapeshifting dragon? Well, why not?

She also freely chooses to switch back and forth between human form and dragon form as it suits her. Sure, we do not see her dragon form that much, but she would not fit in the apartment if she stayed in that form full-time. Tohru also makes sure that she flies Kobayashi to work whenever she can. She also transforms when she is transporting anyone anywhere, and that includes when Tohru, Kobayashi, Kanna, and everyone else goes to the beach. Tohru does not think twice about it and even takes them far out into the sea to go fishing just for fun. She takes something that looks work and makes it fun. That’s pretty resourceful for a maid.

2. As a Maid Dragon, Tohru Has a Unique Skillset Which Allows Her to Do Anything!

We get our first glimpse of this right at episode one when Tohru reveals that she can clean things by firing a massive beam out of her mouth. This reverts everything to a clean state but also can have problems like when she erases Kobayashi’s bed in episode eight. Magic can revert the furniture back though thankfully. However her skillset does not stop there, as with laundry, Tohru reveals that if she chews on clothing, her saliva releases a powerful stain remover agent thus rendering all clothing good as new… if you can get past the gross factor.

Tohru is great at receiving guests as well as cooking. She is even her own source of food! She shows off throughout the series that she can cook, but her tail is a perfect source of nutrition. That is after she has removed the poison from it. Like a chameleon though, her tail sprouts right back a few seconds later. Oh! Even though she has not gone all out, she does have the ability to curse people to death. So that could be good if she needed to kill someone. Not to mention too that Tohru can rip open portals to other worlds in an instant if need be.

3. Tohru Is Dedicated

Tohru loves Kobayashi. She does not hold back and right when she meets Makoto, Kobayashi’s co-worker, she vows to protect Kobayashi no matter what. Oh, and we must not forget too that she offers her body up routinely to Kobayashi in hopes that Kobayashi will take her regardless of the fact that Kobayashi deflects by saying “I am a woman too though you know.”

Tohru rapidly adapts to life as a maid as she quickly learns how to go through the shopping arcade and purchase food to cook for Kobayashi. She even protects Kobayashi when she is being abused by her boss by humiliating him in front of everyone. Tohru begins to care for the other members as they begin to arrive too, and really does not have any issues until Elma appears. Even then, though, she is quick to defend Kobayashi as best as she can while tricking Elma by sending to another world to avoid fighting and issues.

4. Tohru Is Reliable & Resourceful

When she first arrives, Tohru knows next to nothing. However, through the help of Kobayashi, Tohru learns how to use a phone, protects Kobayashi from being robbed by thieves during the day, and quickly learns how to cook. She even keeps up with cleaning.

Kana is a dollop of whipped cream on top of the Tohru moe parfait. Tohru welcomes her in after it is discovered that she has been banned from the other world. Tohru teaches Kanna to the best of her ability while Kobayashi is at work. Crosswalks, parks, parfaits, and more are what she helps Kanna understand. When Fafnir comes to the human world, Tohru recalls her experiences with Kobayashi and even though he hates humans, Tohru helps Fafnir get a name, a bank account and even helps him search for an apartment. Though, when that turns out to be fruitless, she introduces him to Makoto and he lets Fafnir live with him. Together, Fafnir learns to hate the human world a little less. She even helps the members of the new apartment building that they move into getting along better and spend their time more efficiently.

Lucoa aka Quetzalcoatl also relies on Tohru at one point and yet again, Tohru, in her cute honesty, does her best to help Lucoa. Tohru even watches TV for recipes to improve her cooking skills and inadvertently ends up learning about Japanese society and “kabe-don” as well.

5. Tohru Deserves to Be a Maid Waifu

We still have more to gush about our favorite maid dragon Tohru. Tohru, even though her advances are turned down, she still does her best to dedicate herself to Kobayashi. When you think about it, Tohru is really getting the raw end of the deal, but even still Tohru wholly dedicates herself to Kobayashi. Remember that thing you see in every anime ever, a lap pillow? Tohru lets Kanna do it, and we are sure that we and Kobayashi would be allowed to do so if we asked to!

Tohru is able to not only be a good maid, but she also brings happiness to everyone including Kobayashi; even though Kobayashi will not admit it to Tohru. Tohru even goes as far as to ask Kobayashi to brand her as her own when Tohru mistakes a stamper for a branding iron. Hilariously adorable, her appeal stems from her wanting to do her best for Kobayashi. That sort of dedication is rare, and one of the best examples of it, like when we mentioned it above, she only wants to watch Kobayashi all day and see her more and more. If that is not the most pure form of love and dedication of a perfect maid waifu, then we do not know what is. That being said, we could love her and get used to her stalking us 24/7.

Final Thoughts

It is for those reasons and many more, because we have more of the series that has left to air, we absolutely love Tohru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and we want her to be our dragon. We tried to touch on as many aspects as possible for the series thus far, but what are your thoughts, are there even more good points to Tohru and her crew that we have missed? If there are, be sure to let us know below because we absolutely love Tohru and her unique family. Be sure to keep it here with us as we talk about the most popular moments from the current trends and anime!

Kobayashi-san-Chi-no-Maid-Dragon-wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tohru Highlights - Kobayashi-san Chi no Paid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon)


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