Top 10 Cute Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon) Characters

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While sexiness can be somewhat easily measured, and badass-ness can be very obvious, cuteness is more subjective. What is incredibly cute for some, may be terribly annoying to others. Cuteness is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

However, because of that, there are many things that can be considered cute, often in the strangest places. Who’d have thought, for example, that a huge dragon with horns and a scaly tail could be at any point in history called “cute”? Well, that’s what Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is here to show us.

But, who’s the cutest dragon (or human) of them all? Here we are to find that out, with the top 10 cutest characters in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

10. Kobayashi

The main character of the show, who doesn’t like to take care of her appearance and could easily pass for a boy. This last part is not something she particularly likes, as she feels very self-conscious about her flat chest. That alone would make some people think that she can’t be cute, especially when she seems to actively hide her female traits, but when we couple all that with her red hair, her glasses, and the fact that she can get really excited about the things she likes and cares about; it makes the package a whole lot cuter.

But what makes Kobayashi even cuter, and gives her the opening slot in our list is her attitude towards life, the world, and how she will sometimes be incredibly flustered around the dragons that have invaded her life. It is impossible not to see someone who will stand up to a million-year-old dragon as a cute little lion cub nipping at their parents. And that is Kobayashi at heart, a cute girl inside a very grumpy woman.

9. Fanfir

We agree that it’s a bit difficult to call a huge, purple, and very surly dragon “cute”; but hear us out. Fafnir is a perfect example of how cuteness can be deceiving, and how personality can be more important than looks. Because sure, he is a cursed dragon that will hoard everything he can as he is devoured by greed, and his very first words where “Kill them all”, but once we get past his gruff demeanor? Once he gets to see humanity and starts falling in love with the good parts of gamer culture and anime in general? It’s hard not to start liking the hikikomori dragon.

In Fafnir’s case, cuteness comes more from his circumstances (again, how can you not look in awe at a dragon who fails to sell a “how to curse “ doujinshi at Comiket?, or who modeled his human appearance after an anime character?) than from his looks or his attitude, even when his attitude can also help especially when he is protective of his new found friends. Because of this, he makes the list in place nine.

8. Sasakibe

One doesn’t need to have a big impact on the story to be able to get on our list. Sasakibe doesn’t do much. She is Kobayashi’s neighbor and thus a witness to a lot of the madness that goes on at Kobayashi’s house. We don’t know much about her, so yes, her cuteness is mostly superficial. But it is hard not to count her when she wears her hair in a low pony tail, and has big, kind, green eyes and is always smiling and being nice to Kobayashi and the dragons.

A good, kind neighbor, Sasakibe has the dubious advantage of being right next to the madness, but at the same time, she has managed to keep herself more or less safe and uninvolved. And perhaps that is why she can remain so nice and seem so cute, because we know so little about her. And that is why, despite her looking more adorable than some other girls in the show, she remains on the eighth place.

7. Bandit Girl

We don’t know a lot about Bandit Girl. Unlike with Sasakibe, we don’t even know her name. She was a girl who Tooru met in the past, and helped her see a different side of humanity. This made Tooru start changing her world view, and ultimately made possible the meeting between Tooru and Kobayashi. This makes her very important, despite her short time in the series.

And she is adorable. Despite having a very hard life, and having to steal to live; despite her unkempt clothes and her messy hair, she is still cute. In fact, those things may make her seem cuter, like her big blue eyes and the scar under her chin. Add to that that she’s so determined to have a better life for herself, that she wants to stop being a bandit and become a maid to have a nicer life, and her appeal just grows. The fact that she succeeds, is what lands her on the seventh spot.

6. Shouta Magatsuchi

Purple is a very curious color. It is supposed to symbolize royalty, and in its darker shades, it’s used to signify villains in many stories. However, in its softer versions, it’s automatically connected with everything cute. This is important for this entry because Shouta has light purple hair and that makes his cuteness factor grow exponentially. He is also shy, and quite innocent, despite accidentally having summoned the voluptuous Lucoa, and all that makes it even harder not to call him the cutest wizard boy in the whole series.

He is also quite smart for his age, choosing always to follow the harder path for his studies and his gifts, which only adds to his innocent image. His constant blushing and embarrassment around the older dragons also help. And all of it makes an adorable, purple-haired package that completely deserves the sixth place on our list.

5. Nae “Georgie” Saikawa

Everyone has their hobbies, and Nae’s, or Georgie as she prefers to be called, are maids. Not in the sense most people would think about it, collecting things about maids, or going to maid cafes to enjoy the ambience. No, Georgie wants to be a maid, so much that she plays the part of one for her family to a disturbing accurate degree –including her outfit, which is more of a traditional one rather than a French maid one as popularized by the anime. Georgie is hardcore and really wants to be authentic.

And this gives her a very cute look. With her short brown hair fixed up in two short pigtails, wearing a maid’s headdress, and her innocent green eyes that make her look always ready to do whatever task is required to keep the household going, it is impossible not to think she is at least the fifth cutest person in the room.

4. “Lucoa” Quetzalcoatl

In ancient times, Quetzalcoatl was loved and revered by the Aztecs. She was a powerful and loving goddess until there was a quite troublesome incident with her sister and a bottle of cursed wine that got her demoted to a simple dragon again. The thing is, she may not have the actual title, but she still has all the wisdom and power that comes with years of experience. She also is the one who has the biggest bust in the series and that makes her look sexier than cuter, we know that.

However, as we’ve been saying throughout this list, cute is not just looks. As for her attitude, this two-tone haired goddess has much to her in that apartment. She almost always has her eyes shut, so we rarely see that they have two different colors, but that makes her smile even more charming. Sure, she has horns, but since they seem to come attached to her trucker hat they’re not that monstrous. And as the oldest of the dragons, she also is the “sister” to all of them which makes her seem nicer due to her advice and attachment. All these things help her climb to the fourth place.

3. Elma

As we said before, there are few things cuter than a cub trying to act like a big predator and failing at it because of their size or, well, general lack of threatening qualities. Elma, despite being a huge sea serpent, is not that fearsome due to her child like innocence, her absolute love for sweets and the way she fails to look impressive to anyone. She is a Harmony dragon, who can break walls with her sheer strength, but because chocolate brings her to her knees, it’s impossible to take her seriously. Her actual success in becoming a code programmer only makes her look less monstrous, and thus, cuter.

She has black hair and blue eyes, and her hair s usually parted by a horn placed in the center of her forehead. She usually wears a purple open kimono over a black leotard, and despite this, and her long tail that can sometimes be invisible, it only makes her look like an angry child-dragon rather than a powerful entity on her own right. And this is why she lands on the third place on our list.

2. Tooru

The main dragon of the series, in her real form Tooru is an impressive Chaos dragon with green scales that can travel up to space without much effort. But as a human, she looks like a young blond girl with red eyes in a maid outfit. A very energetic and cute girl, who is ready to do anything she can to keep her friends safe and happy. Despite her original dislike of the human race, she has learned to love some humans, specifically, Kobayashi –even if at first, their relationship has more to do with Kobayashi saving her life than with a real desire to stay with her.

And while, on paper, Tooru sounds like a dream girl –because who wouldn’t want a woman completely devoted to keeping one happy- she has a couple of flaws that make her lose some points in the cute scale. She is insanely jealous, and at times irrational and possessive. This, unfortunately, makes her fall to the second place. If her personality was a bit sweeter, she would be a serious contestant for our first choice.

1. Kanna Kamui

Kanna should be the picture under the world “Cute” in the dictionary. It’s not just her light purple hair –which we have already established it’s very cute-, or her big, expressive blue eyes. It’s not just that she was sent to Earth because she was being a prankster, or that she has a very mischievous sense of humor; that’s is just part of the package. She also has four horns that look like a bow, and has a cute little tail that ends in a puffy ball, as if she was a draconic poodle. How can one not melt in her presence?

To add to the whole image, because she is a very young dragon –one that was originally sent to Earth as punishment for her juvenile behavior- she looks like an elementary school student. A cute little girl with a huge bow in her hair, that eats electricity and rarely shows emotion, but looks so adorable when she cries that she can make the world bend to her will. Because of this, she easily grabs the number one spot on the list, as she has surely grabbed the hearts of every Kobayashi-san chi no Maid dragon.

Final Thoughts

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is a very curious series. It has a lot of fan service, and it is very funny. But it also can have a cute overload, not only in the obvious places –like every single word out of Kanna’s mouth- but in some hidden nooks too.

If you have enjoyed Kobayashi’s misadventures with two dragonesses living with her, we’re sure that you have a lot of opinions about our list, and we’d love to hear you. Are the dragonesses cute? Are the humans cuter? Please, comment below and let your voice be heard.

Kobayashi-san-Chi-no-Maid-Dragon-2 Top 10 Cute Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon) Characters


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