5 Weakest Devil Fruits in One Piece

It’s surreal to even think about, but we’re getting to the endgame of One Piece. Luffy isn’t just squaring off against random pirates and corrupt marines anymore, but some of the biggest, most terrifying forces in the world. Big Mama, Kaidou, Akainu… these are all characters that actually feel within Luffy’s reach now, which shows just how far our favorite scrappy pirate has come. These characters boast some of the most ridiculously broken Devil Fruit powers to boot, with the power to turn into a dragon, erupt into a volcano, or even have control over souls.

So let’s take a look at what some of the weakest powers we’ve seen in One Piece. These are not only weak in battle but have very little practical use as well. These are so bad you even have to wonder if sacrificing the ability to swim was even worth it!

5. Doa Doa no Mi (Blueno)

The Doa Doa no Mi creates a door for the user to enter into a separate dimension. That’s it. Admittedly, it can be used for some stealthing around to get a sneak attack on an enemy, so it’s good if you specialize in assassinations. Blueno even gets a little creative with it by using it to turn Luffy’s head into a revolving door and spinning it around to make him dizzy but… c’mon. Bueno gets the most out of combat due to his mastery of Rokushiki. Making people dizzy is just a minor inconvenience at best.

4. Kuku Kuku no Mi (Steusen)

Maybe it’s not entirely fair to include the Kuku Kuku no Mi on here. After all, it’s not really meant to be a combat fruit. It suits a cook like Steusen perfectly! Dedicating your life to the culinary arts and having the advantage of creating food out of anything with just a snap of your fingers sounds great!

The problem is that the Kuku Kuku no Mi only makes food that tastes disgusting. The most use Steusen gets out of it is to cushion the fall of all the residents of Whole Cake Island, and then passes out afterward. He can’t even control food like Katakuri or Biscuit. It’s almost an insult for an experienced chef!

3. Fuku Fuku no Mi (Kin’emon)

It’s good that Kin’emon is as strong as he is because he sure isn’t getting help from his Devil Fruit! All the Fuku Fuku no Mi can do is create clothes with the use of leaves or stones. While it’s certainly a handy ability to have when you’re out in the cold and need some extra layers, on the field it doesn’t help Kin’emon all that much. He can make some disguises, as Kin’emon does to trick some of Doflamingo’s crew into thinking he’s their boss, but it’s not as if it creates a perfect illusion. He’s just lucky that Doflamingo’s crew only recognizes their captain due to his pink boa!

2. Jake Jake no Mi (Kelly Funk)

Another clothing-based power, but this time it turns the user into clothes rather than give them out! Once Kelly Funk turns into a jacket, he can control anyone who wears him. He actually gets a lot of mileage out of it to boot, as his kind-hearted giant of a brother won’t fight for himself and uses the merciless Kelly Funk to make use of his natural strength.

The Jake Jake no Mi sounds pretty good until you realize that it makes its user completely immobile once they activate the power. Someone else actually needs to go out of their way to put on the jacket before the Jake Jake no Mi user can actually take control of them. Sorry Kelly Funk, but while your above-average brother might be okay with wearing you, somehow we doubt that Kaido or Akainu are going to be that gullible.

1. Nagi Nagi no Mi (Donquixote Rosinante, a.k.a. Corazon)

Even Corazon admits his own power kind of sucks. The Nagi Nagi no Mi allows its user to suck the sound out of their surroundings or mute someone so they can’t be heard and… that’s it. Law’s pretty grateful for it because it’s exactly what kept him quiet while Doflamingo killed Corazon, but we have to imagine even Law realizes that its practical uses are slim to none. The most Corazon even gets out of it outside of saving Law’s life is using it to convince his brother that he’s a mute so he won’t talk to him.
Then again, maybe having a perfect excuse not to talk to Doflamingo is the best power of them all!

Final Thoughts

The most interesting part is that, even though Luffy was going up against far weaker opponents earlier in the story, most of these Devil Fruits actually come from the second half of the series! That’s part of what makes One Piece so interesting. Even though strong opponents come and go, author Eiichiro Oda is still coming up with reasons to include not-terribly-strong powers!

Disagree with this list? Think Chopper’s Hito-Hito no Mi is actually the worst? Please, let us know in the comments below!

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Author: Matt Knodle

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