Top 5 Unexpectedly Useful Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece

C’mon, admit it. If you’re a One Piece fan, you’ve thought about what Devil Fruit you’d eat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one that’s canon either; some of the fun of One Piece is that the sky’s the limit. There could literally be any bizarre fruit out there that houses an unheard of power. Some of the best that One Piece has to offer aren’t even what you’d considered to be traditionally strong.

So let’s take a look at some powers that frequently get overlooked by the fanbase. These are Devil Fruits that have no right to actually be as good as they are, yet so wonderfully are!

5. Bara Bara no Mi (Buggy the Clown)

Buggy's not exactly the strongest pirate out there, so you'd be forgiven for thinking the Bara Bara no Mi isn't the best. However, don't underestimate it. It allows its user to split their body into several different pieces and then control all of their different limbs separately. This is a power that works on a nearly subconscious level to boot, so when Buggy gets slashed, his body splits automatically. This makes him the only true counter to characters like Zoro and Mihawk: some of the strongest swordsmen in the series!

4. Hito Hito no Mi (Tony Tony Chopper)

If a human were to eat the Hito Hito no Mi, it wouldn't actually do anything for them. However, don't limit your mind to what it could do for you! This fruit can grant any sentient being (or even non-sentient thanks to the research of Dr. Vegapunk) the power of humanity, which includes the ability to speak in human tongue and shapeshift between halfway points of human and the user's native species. Think of what Chopper can do for human-animal relationships by acting as a liaison between lifeforms!

3. Mochi Mochi no Mi (Charlotte Katakuri)

When you think of powerful abilities, turning into a delightful Japanese desert may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, somehow, Katakuri is one of the strongest members of Big Mom’s crew. It's essentially a better version of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, as Katakuri's body is not limited to the constraints of a physical form like Luffy. Instead, by imbuing his mochi with pure Haki, he can grow his body to even greater sizes, or even manipulate it so his fists have spikes too.
Plus, if you're his friend, you should carry some matcha with you at all times. If he's feeling generous, he may treat you to a snack!

2. Ito Ito no Mi (Donquixote Doflamingo)

While strings are necessary in our everyday life for weaving cloth and tying our shoes, calling yourself a master of string would get you laughed out of any party. Yet Doflamingo gets a surprising amount of versatility from his Devil Fruit, ranging from turning anyone he wants into his own marionette, dangling from clouds to glide through the air, and even creating new fibers in his own body just to restore any damaged tissue. He's the ultimate example of someone pushing their Devil Fruit power to the absolute limit.

1. Ope Ope no Mi (Trafalgar D. Water Law)

Bare with us for a moment, as the Ope Ope no Mi can get a little complicated. Essentially, whoever eats it can create an area where the user can alter the position of anything within that space. It sounds simple enough, but please understand that when we say anything, we mean anything. Law can switch people's heads with bombs, remove their hearts while keeping them alive, and even swap people's souls! He can quite literally take someone and change them into an entirely different person!

Finally, there is one as of yet unconfirmed ability where, at the expense of the user's life, he can grant another person immortality. However, who knows how that would even work…

Final Thoughts

We could go on and on about the different functionalities of every Devil Fruit, but these are the best ones that are stronger than they have any right to be. That’s also why we love One Piece so much: it keeps coming up with new, ridiculous powers that surpass our imagination!

Of course, we certainly missed a few. Please, hash it out amongst yourselves with a spirited debate regarding what some of the other unexpectedly great Devil Fruits are!

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Author: Matt Knodle

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