RobiHachi Review - "How Big Is The Universe? Not Big Enough!"

How Big Is The Universe? Not Big Enough!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Sci-Fi, Adventure, Space, Comedy
  • Airing Date : April 2019 – June 2019
  • Producers : Studio Comet

Contains Spoilers

RobiHachi Introduction and Story

The year is Galaxy Century 0051, in Neo Tokyo. Its been more than fifty years since humans and Martians found out of about each others' existence, and with this meeting, humankind has advanced in technology and space-travel, allowing for more cooperation and commerce in neighboring galaxies.

We are introduced to the straight-shooter yet unsuccessful Robby Yarge, who has been unable to escape the string of bad luck trailing behind him: he sucks at his job, he dated a girl with a lot of scary guy friends, and a ton of debt collectors are always after him.

One day, some thief snatches his duffle bag and suddenly a young man named Hatchi Kita appears with the bag in his hands. Robby is super grateful, telling Hatchi that he owes him lunch. They eat, they drink, and they're merry! As fate would have it, Robby and Hatchi link up once more because Hatchi is employed by a loan shark who is looking for Robby. Although they desire to part ways, these fellas are somehow drawn together. A stowaway in Robby's ship, Hatchi goes along for the ride. The two venture in search of Isekandar, which legend says brings good fortune and happiness. When they embark on their fantastic voyage, the guys discover that they're complete opposites. Is it in the stars?

Why You Should Watch RobiHachi

1. It’s the Full Package

RobiHachi is such an exciting Spring 2019 anime because its story offers so much substance within the twelve episodes. From start to finish, RobiHachi gives us two good looking guys on a quest through the unexplored while being chased by a pack of bad dudes as Robby and Hatchi encounter all sorts of alien species and learn about their unique and hilarious customs. Who can agree that Pluto isn't a planet? Or that Martians have to keep up appearances because first contact gave humans the impression that the "little green men" actually look like octopuses? Are some of these references actually real science?

2. The Crowd Goes Wild!

Keeping up with all the humans and Martians is not that difficult at all. The characters all have different personalities, which contribute to an interesting plot. Robby and Hatchi, two vastly different men, oddly get along well, as their banter is one element of many that make RobiHachi great. With only a handful of characters, it's easy to keep track of everyone on this wild adventure.

3. It’s Hilarious

We don't believe that viewers can get through one episode of RobiHachi without laughing. Silly, light-hearted, and even clever humor come across through the dialogue. Although there is a lot going on with keeping up with the story and the eye-catching action sequences, its hard to miss the witty absurdity throughout RobiHachi. Do you know what kind of meat is stuffed in takoyaki? Martians…?

Why You Should Skip RobiHachi

1. Strictly Not for the Kids

While we watch Robby and Hatchi do what boys do best—make fun of each other—they do so with terms and expressions targeted for adults. Furthermore, there are several sequences of fan service that kind of take away from the adventure aspect of the story.

2. It’s Another Space Anime

There isn't too much coverage about RobiHachi, but the very few reviews and highlights available make similar comparisons to some other well-known space anime. RobiHachi has all the essentials, such as intriguing characters and story, but it needs to take it a step further in order to stand out in the sci-fi genre. With that said, the overall theme of another space chase across the galaxy points viewers away from giving this a try.

Final Thoughts

So friends, what do you guys think? Is RobiHachi a show you'd fly at warp speed to watch? Or a series that should remain in a black hole? We at Honey's highly recommend you watch this anime if you enjoy a sci-fi adventure with tons of laughs. Let us know what you all think by leaving your suggestions and comments! Thanks, and see ya!

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