6 Anime Like Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita (I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level) [Recommendations]

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level! Is a great anime for fans of moe and not working hard. The cute and powerful Azusa can’t help but attract people with her pretty face, kind heart, and powerful magic! Be they dragons, elves, or even slimes, they find themselves drawn under one roof. If you’re a fan of slice of life, fantastical creatures, and huge casts of interconnected characters, you’ll want to check out these 6 Anime Like I’ve Been Killing Slimes!

Similar Anime to Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita/ Similar Anime to I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

1. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 2017 - April 2017

After a fateful night of drinking in the woods, Kobayashi-san is surprised to meet the dragon she does not remember befriending in a maid outfit in her home! Having promised the dragon Tooru a place to stay, Kobayashi-san is reluctant yet impressed by Tooru’s mythical skills. But in allowing one obnoxious dragon to clean her house, Kobayshi-san has to make room for a whole host of dragons in her life!

Something like a reverse-isekai, Kobayashi-san wants to maintain her normal life but keeps getting side-swept by dragons! And unlike Azusa in I’ve Been Killing Slimes, Kobayashi-san can’t break free of her grueling job. No wonder she drinks so much! But there is the fanservice and comical one-sided sexual attraction between characters that makes I’ve Been Killing Slimes so entertaining! Tooru and Kobayashi are reluctant caretakers to some very needy yet cute magical beings that become more like family than nuisances. And if you loved Azusa’s little slime spirit children, you’ll love Kanna in Dragon Maid!

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Trailer

2. Hataage! Kemono Michi (Kemono Michi: Rise Up)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2019 - December 2019

Pro wrestler Genzou may have no mercy for his opponents but has the biggest soft spot for animals. Genzou’s career is cut short as he gets warped to another world in the middle of his big fight by a desperate princess. She pleads with him to fight the demon beasts threatening her land which he answers by suplexing her! Genzou decides instead to meet and befriend the beasts of the land and open up his own pet shop as a way to show this new world their true charm!

Much as Azusa is the bridge between different feared races and humans in her new world, Genzou challenges the prejudice that different tribes face and mediate relations between them and the humans. Lindabrea and Laika are very similar in both their upbringing (very well-respected dragons in their clan) and in their devotion to their new partners, believing fate led them there. The worlds in Kemono Michi and I’ve Been Killing Slimes may be different, but many of the characters in both anime decide to befriend the overpowered main character after they get hilariously beaten by them. 4th wall breaking

Hataage! Kemono Michi PV

3. Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko (By the Grace of the Gods)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2020 - December 2020

Ryouma has suffered much at his horrible job and death is truly a fresh start for him. He is reincarnated in a different world as an 8-year-old blessed by three gods who wish for him to have an easy second life. He tames slimes by himself for 3 years and raises new variants that can actually improve the lives of humans. Ryouma ends up meeting the duke and is adopted, becoming brother to the cute and capable Eliaria. Always concerned with making life better for the people around him, Ryouma ends his hermit life and finds meaningful work in his slime-raising.

Instead of 1 god that gives great powers and their favor to the main character for working so hard in their past life, By the Grace of the Gods has 3! And Azusa and Ryouma use their god-given powers to make life better for the people they meet. However, instead of killing slimes, it was by saving them that Ryouma earned his renown! And in both I’ve Been Killing Slimes and By the Grace of Gods, the gods continue to appear before their blessed chosen ones. Leaving their depressing, past lives as 30-something-year-old salary people to young and promising talent, Ryouma and Azusa have an amazing new start in a world that loves them

Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko PV

Any Anime Like I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level / Any Anime Like Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita ?

4. Majo no Tabitabi (Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2020 - December 2020

Fascinated as a young girl with the diary of the traveling witch Nike, Eleina set out to be the youngest witch to write her own diary of travels. With a mastery of magic and a love of adventure, she comes across many characters with their own unique stories. As much as she tries to remain a fleeting character in their narratives, Elaina is marked by each story, thus changing her own.

While the mood can be VERY different depending on the episode, Wandering Witch is oftentimes very light-hearted and cute. Saya’s admiration and devotion to Eleina are reminiscent of Laika’s feeling towards Azusa though sadly, Elaina is not as receptive to those feelings. Both Eleina and Azusa are initially self-focused and shirk away from responsibility to others but find themselves incapable of sitting idly by when someone much weaker can benefit from their tremendous power. So if you like the absolutely adorable witch aspect but want more drama and less cute girls, you might like Wandering Witch!

Majo no Tabitabi PV

5. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2020 - December 2020

Totally detached from the real world at only 15 years old, game-enthusiast Yuna would rather spend every waking moment on her favorite MMO World Fantasy Online. Recognizing her incredible time commitment, the game company takes it a step farther and grants her a powerful yet cute bear suit… and transports her directly into the game! With only her bear outfit/armor, she’s able to take on any powerful enemy in her path! But her crazy powers and looks attract both admirers and enemies!

Neither Azusa nor Yuna did much of anything to accumulate such impressive powers and they certainly both detest the infamy that comes with it! Despite being such powerful beings, they would rather just breeze through life than push their limits. However, they can’t ignore a cute girl in need! If you like seeing impressive cute girls that were formerly loners attract and nurture skills in other cute girls as well as a fair bit of comedy, give Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear a try!

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear PV

6. Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (The Slime Diaries)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2021 - ongoing

Overworked salaryman Satoru meets his end by being stabbed by a robber… but gets reincarnated as a slime in another world! With new powers like changing his form, magic Perception, and Sound Detection, the Satoru begins his life as Rimuru Tempest. Ever the workaholic, Rimuru works endlessly to make sure the people have what they need from crafting items to solving problems amongst the townspeople. But with new problems to tackle every day, Rimuru will need all his skills and new friends at his disposal!

Unlike Azusa, Rimuru did not take his lesson about working too hard to heart! He throws himself into his work but at least now, it’s fulfilling and manageable. Tensura Nikki also boasts a magical cast of helpers (as well as hinderers) to the main character. The scene where, surprisingly, Rimuru gets onto Geld for working too hard when he should be resting is very similar to Laika getting her talking to about working after sundown. Slow-paced but full of funny antics, you’ll appreciate the full cast of magical beings appearing from the start of the anime!

The Slime Diaries Trailer

Final Thoughts

Isekai has become very popular for a while now and people are getting more bold and creative with their spins on the genre. I’ve Been Killing Slimes is no exception with its departure from serious adventuring and its serious take on avoiding over-work. If you liked Sword Art Online, you may not like these anime. But if you loved the cute girls, young witches, and slice of life fantasy that you got from I’ve Been Killing Slimes, we’d love to know in the comments what you thought of these 6 anime!

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