Push Past Your Limits! - 6 Times Black Clover's Black Bulls Did Just That

Limits? I Think You Mean Stopping Points for Quitters.
After years of running, Black Clover has concluded its production. Happily, there is a movie on the horizon, but for now, fans are experiencing that small pause that occurs after finishing an excellent story. With that thought, we're here today to share some of our favorite Black Clover moments with you. In their order of appearance, here are six times when the Black Bulls pushed past their limits!

1. Asta Protects Yuno's Grimoire in Episode 1, "Asta and Yuno"

Asta has no magical power and has just been rejected from entry to the only thing that has been his life's goal. His friend, Yuno, has been greatly blessed with magic and a rare grimoire. Yuno is attacked shortly after leaving the awarding ceremony by someone looking to sell his grimoire. Asta jumps in and tries to save the day but has no magic power. In this moment of near-defeat, Asta almost slips but resolves to use his own ability to defeat this enemy. As if he passed a test, Asta receives a grimoire and a sword with anti-magic power.

2. Noelle Casts Her First Spell in Episode 9, "Beasts"

Noelle is a reject royal whose magic control was a mess. In her first assignment with the Black Bulls, her royal highness gets to help round up a bunch of boars after her squad captain lost a poker bet. Her annoying errand of a mission turns serious when terrorists attack the town.

When the enemy suggests that strong magical blood is worth more and that they should flee, Noelle tenses and considers the thought. At that moment, a small child tugs on her clothing to ask if she will save them. Overwhelmed by being needed by someone so small and innocent, Noelle summons all of her courage and concentration and manages to cast her first-ever spell! Though she is a powerhouse of a magic knight now, Noelle came from humble beginnings!

3. Noelle Casts Her First Offensive Spell in Episode 46, "Awakening"

When in the underwater kingdom, Noelle makes friends, but that joy is short-lived. After enemies invade, her friend about to be killed in front of her, and something wakes in Noelle. She finds a new resolve and casts a monster of a spell, Sea Dragon's Roar. Her enemy is stronger than anyone else she has faced, and people that she believes are stronger than she have been defeated. They will be tortured in front of her. Noelle combines her native strength and with a determination to defeat this enemy. Click below to watch her slay!

4. Asta, in the Battle with Vetto, Episode 49 "Beyond Limits"

Asta and the Black Bulls find themselves facing Vetto, a leader of a known terrorist organization. Vetto is the sort of villain who likes to play with his prey and is a fan of the emotion called despair. After many of his squadmates are defeated, and Asta practices exceptional determination and steels his resolve. Vetto specifically curses Asta's arms into not functioning, so what is a meathead that swings a sword to do? For Asta, that means keep going.

Asta can no longer hold a sword, but that means nothing to him. With his squad mates' support, Asta's arms have a sling made so that his sword does not leave his hand, and he launches into a new series of attacks. When asked to acknowledge despair, Asta says that he has no time for that emotion, as he has someone else to whom he cannot afford to lose. This clip has the moment when Vetto realizes that Asta may be the demon that consumes even despair.

5. Vanessa Battles the Witch Queen, Episode 64, "The Red Thread of Fate"

When a monster is defeated, Asta is saved by the Queen's blood magic, as agreed, but the Witch Queen had more in store. The witch queen decides that Asta will be her puppet from now on. The Black Bulls are strung up before the Queen. She controls Asta's action and slices through one of his squadmates… only, did she? After the attack, nobody is hurt. In this moment of looking death in the eye, Vanessa pulls enough strings with her magic that she now pulls the strings of fate itself. This spell takes the form of a red cat named Rouge, and from that moment on, the tables are turned!

6. Charmy's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Episode 114, "The Final Invaders"

The happy-go-lucky girl faces the elf with her food magic, but in the course of the battle, he ends up rejecting and wasting the food. Wrong move. Shortly thereafter, Charmy's cotton candy sheep become a Wolf in Sheep's clothing and wreaks havoc on the scene. The normally chibi-Charmy even gets an animation change as she shows the dwarven magic she didn't know she had. Message received. Do not waste food. Check the clip below to watch Charmy discover her new power!

Final Thoughts

After repeatedly happening for different individuals, the idea of constantly pushing and bettering yourself has become one of the central themes of Black Clover. Characters learn to support each other through the places where their specific abilities give them the edge, and they have learned to fight like a real team!

We hope you enjoyed today's moments when the Black Bulls pushed past those limits they used to have! What was your favorite moment? Should we have included another fight? Let us know in the comments! And push past your own limits!

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