A Jam-Packed Start: Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season First Impressions

At this point, Haruichi Furudate’s Haikyuu!! has already gained a cult following and for the right reasons. Haikyuu!! was first serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2012. A year after, it was announced that the adrenaline-pumping volleyball manga would be adapted into an anime. In April 2014, the anticipated pilot episode was aired. Both the first and second season had 25 episodes each, while the third season only had 10 episodes featuring Karasuno’s fight with the powerhouse Shiratorizawa. Finally, the fourth season is divided into two cours, Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season being the second cours. After being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the most awaited first episode of the second cours has finally aired!

This season, or the second part of this season, our thirst for some spiking action is immediately quenched. With the first cours of Haikyuu: To the Top focusing on Karasuno’s training, we only got to see Karasuno have an official match once. Worse, the first cours ended just after their match with Inarizaki high started. But just a few seconds into the first episode of the second cours, we are already greeted with Atsumu Miya’s heartstopping serve. That’s one way to open a season, and we absolutely love it! Let’s delve in more into the first episode of Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd season.

Thrilling Opening and Ending Theme Songs

For the second cours, we are treated with two upbeat songs perfectly fitting the competitive vibe the season promises. SUPER BEAVER’s "Breakthrough" will be serving as the opening theme song, while SPYAIR’s "One Day" will be the ending theme song. Even though SUPER BEAVER hasn’t worked with Haikyuu!! before, they have already worked with Bakemonogatari. You know what? they surely delivered well. Here’s the official teaser from SUPER BEAVER’s youtube channel.

Unlike SUPER BEAVER, SPYAIR has already worked with Haikyuu!! before. Sure enough, they did another splendid job with the second cours ending theme song. Here’s the full version of the song.

Series of Exciting Events

For this episode, we were surely given a feast of exciting events. As we've already mentioned earlier, Atsumu Miya’s killer serve immediately brought our hearts to a stop, but we kinda have to immediately perform self-resuscitation or we’ll miss the roller coaster of “Booyah!” moments. Atsumu’s killer serve wasn’t like Ushijima’s, which solely relies on power. Atsumu has mastered both the floater and the jump serve, which he both uses to his advantage. Then, we were shown just how much a team’s cheering squad affects the game: from booing to setting the beat. However, one of this episode’s heroes comes forward. Saeko Tanaka, along with her Taiko team, fights Inarizaki’s cheering beat-to-beat.

That’s not the end of it. Although others may have overlooked this, we did not. In this episode, Hinata was shown to have a sharper sense as to where the ball was going even before it’s been hit. But Hinata being Hinata, he completely missed it using his hands. That, for us, is some huge foreshadowing. Finally, the episode ends just like any exciting episode… with an annoying cliffhanger. Towards the end, we were shown that Kageyama and Hinata’s minus tempo was a technique not only they could use. The Miya twins had successfully replicated the attack. The question is, will they be able to use it as well as our freak duo? Guess we’ll see.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably one of the best sports anime of today, Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season’s first episode lives up to its name. We were treated to a hodgepodge of exciting events, which we happily devoured. Still, it did what a first episode ought to do -- excite the heck out of us. Now, we can’t wait to see how the season will unfold. How about you? Did you get as excited as us while watching the first episode? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Haikyu-to-the-top-Wallpaper-1-500x287 A Jam-Packed Start: Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season First Impressions


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