A Tale of the Secret Saint Volume 1 [Manga] Review - The Fun of a Secret Life

The Fun of a Secret Life
  • Mangaka : Touya, chibi, and Mahito Aobe
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Fantasy
  • Published : October 30, 2021

A manga’s protagonist can make or break a series. After all, they are the character readers will be interacting with the most. One way to have an interesting protagonist is to make them overpowered, but what if they were overpowered AND forced to hide it? That is exactly what A Tale of the Secret Saint is about, and here’s our review for it.

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Fia hails from a family of knights. At her coming of age ceremony, she meets and heals what looks like a black bird and regains her memories from her previous life. She recalls being a great saint, but it also triggers the fear she felt after being betrayed by her brothers. She’s been repeatedly tortured by a powerful demon, who also instilled in her the idea that being a saint is the root cause of her suffering. Even though she is perhaps the strongest saint in her current timeline, she cannot afford to reveal her abilities.

Why You Should Read A Tale of the Secret Saint Vol. 1

1. Light and Funny

Despite the seriousness of the premise, the manga is actually fun and lightheaded. A Tale of the Secret Saint – at least the first volume – banks on slapstick comedy at the expense of its main character, and it is interestingly effective. Seeing Fia face the consequences of her actions has a rather unique charm that makes us want to see her fail more. On that note, Fia’s shenanigans also make the manga easy to read. There are rarely any heavy bits, and there definitely aren’t any parts that require heavy thinking.

Why You Should Skip A Tale of the Secret Saint Vol. 1

1. Airhead Heroine

While Fia’s lack of common sense can be entertaining, it’s inarguable that it’s also a big downfall for the series. Fia doesn’t seem to have any ability to process her actions, and she only realizes her mistakes after already committing them. Her frequent tomfoolery also makes the manga a bit frustrating on the readers’ part. As an example, Fia repeatedly defeats her opponents in a flashy manner, despite needing to keep her abilities a secret. Worse is that she’s always doing it in front of a lot of people.

2. Great Idea, Poor Execution

A Tale of the Secret Saint has a rather cool premise. However, the manga’s execution leaves a lot to be desired. There are inconsistencies in the story, and Fia’s character isn’t exactly well-formed either. Even though it would be highly logical for her to suffer from extreme fear after what she went through in her previous life, she doesn’t seem to remember that fact on most occasions. This may be reasoned out as a strategy to keep the story light, but it only dulls the gravity of her resolve. It kind of makes her vow to keep her identity as a saint rather shallow. Unfortunately, this happens frequently.

Final Thoughts

A Tale of the Secret Saint is definitely not the best manga out there, but it’s not complete trash either. The manga is perfect for a light read, and it does contain really funny bits. However, do manage your expectations if you are planning to pick it up, since the series doesn’t really have the best plot or main character. But how about you? What do you think of A Tale of the Secret Saint? Let us know in the comments below.

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