The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made - My 2021 Isekai Gorilla Waifu Can't Be This Cute

It's hard to believe Isekai is still going strong this season with releases like Mushoku Tensei carrying a large majority of the load. However, supporting the lift comes Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made), an interesting take on an Isekai and one that seeks to explore that "never give up" attitude that those suffering from bullying need to remember at all costs! Let's take a look at The Fruit of Evolution and see if it will aid the Isekai resurgence of 2022!

Plot Recap

Our story begins in a typical high school. Seiichi Hiiragi is the school pariah, often being referred to as "gross, disgusting, smelly, and fat". Naturally, Seiichi is not one to take on his entire school in retaliation and so accepts that this is his lot in life. However, things take a turn when "God" transports the students to a new world in which each of them receives stats, abilities, and levels similar to a video game. Unfortunately, due to Seiichi being alone at the time of this transfer, he was sent to a completely different area all by himself. There, he eats what is known as the "Fruit of Evolution" and is transformed into a thinner, stronger, and thankfully cleaner (who knew BO could end a monkey's life) version of himself. So begins Seiichi's journey to explore this new world and, hopefully, rise to be one of the champions!

Evolution in Full Effect

Seiichi is scorned by his peers due to his appearance despite being fairly noble when push comes to shove (when taking down the high-level undead enemy after being saved by Saria). Similarly, Saria in her gorilla form is often met with fear and anger when she is relatively docile. Through their transformations, they can finally look on the outside how they feel on the inside. It is heartwarming to see Saria so infatuated with this once segregated loser. Truly, Seiichi is the only one who could have accepted Saria in her original gorilla form, as he knows all too well the pain of being bullied for appearance's sake. The pair make for a… unique couple and we look forward to seeing more of their antics as the season progresses.

Comedy and Heart

The Fruit of Evolution has a lot of funny moments. Watching Saria demolish Seiichi during their first encounter was hilarious and Seiichi being chased by Milk was another great gag. As you might expect from a harem-light series such as this, it is the supporting characters that really steal the show. Altria, Origa, Saria, and the others all mesh together due to their being outsiders but each retains their own unique personalities. This is truly where the heart of the show comes into view. Altria, for example, has been dubbed "Calamity" due to her bad luck. However, Seiichi accepts her for who she is and welcomes her into his heart. It is this combination of comedy and heart that keeps The Fruit of Evolution from drowning in such an overpopulated genre that Isekai is.

Final Thoughts

The Fruit of Evolution doesn't push the boundaries when it comes to Isekai anime but its heartwarming message comes out in full force with regards to its characters. There is a lot to love with this anime and the fantasy setting and mystery antagonist keep the rehashed theming from becoming too stale. The comedy is top-notch and none more so than Seiichi exemplifies this. What could we expect when expert voice actor Hiro Shimono (famous for characters such as Zenitsu from Demon Slayer) was given the chance to utilize his talents in a leading role? Hiro's expressive style makes every character he voices a joy to watch and it is no different with Shina no Mi! Plus, for the first anime to make a gorilla so cute, we have to give The Fruit of Evolution some well-deserved props! What do you think of The Fruit of Evolution so far? Will you be sticking with it until the end of the season? Be sure to let us know down below!

shinka-no-mi-Wallpaper The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made - My 2021 Isekai Gorilla Waifu Can't Be This Cute


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