All the Build-up in Selection Project Makes Us Wish for One Thing

Selection Project continues to get better after each episode. The first round of the program has just ended after a good chunk of the first half of the anime. During these episodes, we’re given a glimpse of each aspirant’s backstory and personality. The anime also does a good job establishing all three idol groups, while also progressing the participants’ relationship with each other. But after what seems like a very peaceful competition in the first round, Selection Project suddenly slaps everyone—us included—with a brutal second round. Only seven out of nine aspirants can proceed, and they are the ones voting on who will be left out. Now, we only have one wish.

Pull Through, Everybody

At this point, most of us certainly have our favorites. For us, those are Nodoka Yagi, our food queen, and Ao Yodogawa, the charming athlete. That doesn’t mean that we’d like to see the others fail, though. They’ve all proven themselves during the first round and even managed to solve some of their issues, resulting in a better version of themselves. With this sudden bomb being dropped, it feels like the anime betrayed us. It’s done a good job bringing the girls together and making us attached to them. Suddenly wanting to destroy those bonds feels… sadistic.

While we understand that Selection Project is a program that aims to debut the best of the best, the mood and atmosphere the anime has created give us the impression that everything will end with all of them forming an idol group. This isn’t just our sentiment, either. The girls clearly feel the same as they’ve shown and even explicitly said they want to debut together.

How Can That Happen?

The greatest obstacle that is obstructing this from happening is Rena relinquishing her right to the spotlight. She even goes as far as thanking her fans for supporting her up to the present, subtly implying she’ll be out of competition soon. If that’s not a farewell message, we don’t know what is. That being said, she’s definitely not going to collude with the others in order to game the system. However, we also can’t see her actually voting for anyone. This leaves with the only possibility that she’s voted for herself, especially since she’s planning to sacrifice herself as a scapegoat anyway.

In order to negate Rena voting for herself, the other aspirants must either collude to vote for each other in a way that everybody only gets one vote or everybody votes for themselves. This way, nobody will have a majority vote and they wouldn't, at the very least, be choosing who gets eliminated in this round.

It Can’t Be That Easy

Of course, such a strategy doesn’t have a guaranteed outcome. The management may find their antics unamusing and threaten them into doing another round of voting. However, what matters most is how the viewers will receive such an act. It’s important to note that Selection Project is a national program, whose crux is viewership. If the girls do pull such a trick and the fans support it, then the program will be forced to accept their decision. Though, even if that happens, it doesn’t mean the girls will have it easy from then on.

Since they’ve spoken, they will have to prove that they deserve their spot. They will have to continue garnering the fans’ affection, while also improving themselves. Only then will the fans continue to support them, give them cheers, and also force the management not to eliminate anybody.

Final Thoughts

We’re loving Selection Project, and this sudden elimination has caught us off-guard. It feels unfair and a bit sadistic. That being said, we greatly hope that the girls can come out of this without anybody getting eliminated. While what we presented has a chance of happening, it is important to note that this is nothing more than speculation. Don’t hold us responsible if what we stated in the article doesn't happen. Nonetheless, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Selection Project’s latest happenings.

Selection-Project-Wallpaper-3-700x394 All the Build-up in Selection Project Makes Us Wish for One Thing


Author: Christian Markle

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Selection-Project-Wallpaper-3-700x394 All the Build-up in Selection Project Makes Us Wish for One Thing

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