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Being an idol is more than just having a pretty face. After all, an idol’s job is to entertain their audience using dance and music. That being said, it is important to at least have a pretty face, sing well, and dance well. There may be a lot of people fitting that criteria, but not just anybody can become an idol, a successful one at least. The idol industry is already quite saturated and there is cutthroat competition. In order to even have a chance, one must have connections, wealth, peerless talent, or extreme luck. That last bit is important in order to grab opportunities like entering Selection Project, a reality program aiming to produce the next hit idol.

After being the top-voted participant in their respective regions, the participants of Selection Project finally come together to compete with each other. They have to accomplish multiple challenges and appeal to the viewers in order to remain in the competition. We've watched the first 3 eps of this anime and here are our impressions so far.

Music Fest

Since this is an idol anime, music is a given. The girls will be performing a lot, and it’s fortunate that it’s not just one song being rehashed to oblivion. This is evident in the first three episodes. In the first episode, the girls sing the piece that allowed them all to come on top in their respective regions. It’s nice, but our issue with this is that the anime cut it just as they are about to sing in unison. We only get to appreciate the full song when Suzune and Seira sing it together during their phone call, which is fine as that is the point of the build-up. We will, however, appreciate it better if they had not built up the scene only to cut it after the first note. It’s definitely better to skip the whole song, then let us listen to it during the phone call. Since this is still an isolated case as of writing, we hope the anime doesn’t pull such a trick again.

In the third episode, we see our first idol performance. Again, the music is nice and lively, but the CGI animation takes some time to get accustomed to. It’s a little off-putting at first, but it eventually gets better. It’s probably good to get accustomed to it now as we’ll definitely be seeing more of it in the episodes to come. Since we’re already talking about music, we can’t ignore the anime’s OP and ED. Both are pretty lit and upbeat, which perfectly matches the anime’s theme. With such a good lineup of songs, we’re definitely excited to hear what else Selection Project has to offer.

Interesting Set of Characters

In just three episodes, Selection Projects has already managed to introduce the characters we’ll be going gaga over for this season. It has done a good job introducing them as most, if not all, have already left an impression on us. In fact, we’ve already got our own favorites. No, it’s neither Suzune nor Rena. Seeing a glimpse of what the characters are like, we are excited to see what they have to offer. As of the moment, we’ve only seen their motivations. We are yet to see what their bottom lines are, and there may be a chance of not seeing that at all. If they do have hidden darkness, however, then that is also a welcomed surprise. After all, the Selection Project is a cutthroat competition aiming to produce only the best of the best.

Isn’t It a Bit Rushed?

The characters mentioned seem to have a story to share. Rena, for one, is doing her best to follow her sister’s footsteps. The thing is, her entire arc lasts only an episode. We’re not saying that her character has already been fully explored, but a huge chunk of her character has been laid out. While we get the gist of it, Selection Project fails to expound it further so far. This results in Rena feeling a bit hollow. Since the other characters don’t seem like they’re just there to fill in the lineup, it’s a bit worrying that the anime may continue such rushed storytelling. Hopefully, it doesn’t, but that may then mean that some of the girls will have to be sacrificed. Either way, the anime starts off great!

Final Thoughts

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing an idol anime, so the concept isn’t exactly entirely alien to us. In this kind of anime, music plays a very important role, and Selection Project has a very good playlist at present. While we’re looking forward to the next song, however, the other aspects of the anime are still a bit wonky. They aren’t exceptionally good, but they aren’t really bad either. It’s kind of treading the path in between, and we can only watch to see how things will unfold. Hopefully, Selection Project will only get better from this point onward.

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Selection-Project-Wallpaper-500x500 Selection Project First Impressions - All for the Dream!

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