Anime Treats for Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is finally approaching us yet again, folks! That being said you know what that means! Gifts and presents galore. Though if you’re an anime fan—or know an anime fan—then you can know the challenges of finding good gifts. Yet, maybe you have already gotten the gifts already and need some stocking stuffers to make your anime lover just a bit happier this Christmas season. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered here at Honey’s Anime with our article title Anime Treats for Stocking Stuffers.

Japanese Snacks

We all love snacks and delicious treats. One thing we especially love are Japanese snacks. Mochi, Pocky and various other snacks aren’t overly expensive and can be bought pretty inexpensively. What we also love is that you can get a multitude of flavors to really surprise any anime fan. Though we do recommend buying Japanese snacks earlier than later. Many of them have to be shipped and can take a few weeks to arrive.


Many of us don’t like clothing for Christmas, especially if we get socks or ugly sweaters. Getting an anime shirt or some form of apparel would be an amazing alternative. With the abundance of websites that sell anime shirts, hoodies and socks finding some anime apparel for your anime fan won’t be that hard of a thing to accomplish. You might have to roll up the shirt though if you plan on putting it in a stocking though.


Know your anime fan reads a lot of manga and is missing a specific volume? Why not surprise them by buying a manga volume or even getting them a new series to start off with? The latter option might be kind of tough if you don’t know their preferences in manga, but we suggest checking online for manga recommendations. Better yet, you can check out our site for manga recommendations to help your shopping experience.

Anime DVD or Blu Ray

Finally, one of our last ideas to help you find a great stocking stuffer is the most obvious—but most often forgotten—options in the form of a DVD or Blu Ray. We always love getting a new series in our stockings every year and we know many anime enthusiasts will love to get one as well. Just be sure your gift receiver doesn’t already own the series. Maybe you should keep a gift receipt just in case. Though we can recommend cheating and looking at his/her anime collection beforehand. Just don’t be too surprised if you find some anime that you didn’t expect them to watch…

Final Thoughts

We hope you guys liked our Anime Treats for Stocking Stuffers article. Our goal was to help you gift givers find that extra little perfect item to make your gift receiver just a bit happier this Christmas Day. If you have any recommendations that we failed to mention let us know in the comments below! We have plenty more Christmas themed articles coming at you here at Honey’s Anime so don’t leave for too long.

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