Top 10 Unique Gifts for Anime Lovers

‘Tis the season for gift-giving, so what better way to surprise your otaku loved one than with an anime-themed present? While the usual posters, t-shirts, figures, and plushies are always surefire hits, there are plenty of stranger options available if you want your gift to be one they’ll never forget. We’ve found a variety of odd anime items from across the web for your perusing pleasure, and while not all of them can get to you by Christmas, you should keep them in mind for the rest of the year as well. Here are the top 10 unique gifts for anime lovers!

10. Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Card Skin

Let’s take a look at this stylish stocking stuffer to start us off. There’s something decidedly extra about having a customized credit card, and Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most extra anime ever made (as evidenced by many of its characters sporting hairstyles with three or more colors and razor-sharp spikes). This precision-cut sticker will allow you to harness that charisma by turning your ordinary credit card into a Duel Monsters card! Now you can pay for life’s necessities in attack or defense position, and use the heart of the cards to convince your bank’s app to work properly for once.

9. My Hero Academia U.A. High Logo Slow Cooker

There’s nothing particularly unique about a slow cooker, but this one stuck out to us because it’s a licensed anime product that’s very un-Japanese. Slow cookers are almost exclusively used in Western countries, and since this is branded with the U.A. logo, it’s pretty funny to imagine class 1-A using it in their dorm to make sloppy joes. Still, if you know someone who adores the culinary arts and also shounen anime, this could be the perfect present!

8. Ahegao Magic Mug

Merchandise plastered with ahegao faces (orgasm faces, for the uninitiated) is the sort of delightfully tacky present you give to your buddies as a gag gift. Whether or not the recipient actually uses this mug in their daily life is sort of irrelevant—the best part is watching them fill the supposedly plain black mug with a warm drink and enjoying their reaction as they see the black fade away to reveal an ahegao face saying, “S-so h-hot, senpai...” Obviously, you have to know the person pretty well for this joke to have its intended effect, but it’s hilarious in front of the right audience.

7. Gundam Hello Kitty Model Kit

We had to include at least one model kit on this list since there are some truly strange ones out there. We’re big fans of this collaboration between Hello Kitty and Gundam—with the former celebrating its 45th anniversary and the latter celebrating its 40th, it only makes sense (sort of) to combine the two! The parts can be displayed as either two separate figures or as one kitbashed RX-78-HK Hello Kitty Gundam. Bandai has also released other kits of Hello Kitty mixed with different Gundams, so choose your loved one’s favorite and let them get down to building!

6. Cowboy Bebop Custom Pet Portrait

For the old-school otaku with pets, a customized pet portrait from renowned Etsy seller VanWoof makes for a thoughtful and classy gift. Our favorite of the three anime-themed styles is Spike Spiegel (we’d be tempted to ask the artist to print “See you, space catboy...” on the finished product), but you can also choose from a variety of other pop culture and classical variations to suit anyone’s taste. No matter what you pick, the portrait is bound to be a conversation piece.

5. Chainsaw Man Pochita Pet Costume

Speaking of pets, here’s a present for your friend who’s always on the cutting edge of the anime and manga scene. Pochita, from the Fall 2022 hit Chainsaw Man, is a demonic dog with a cartoon chainsaw for a nose—hard to find anything more adorably hardcore than that. This costume fits small to medium-sized dogs and most cats, instantly transforming them into the very incarnation of Pochita himself! Or perhaps just annoying them if they don’t like wearing costumes, but even that can be entertaining all on its own!

4. Keitai Musume Butt Phone Stand

Oh, Japan... where else could you find a phone/tablet stand made to look like a cute schoolgirl’s butt? This cheeky accessory comes in three different designs, each with its own 2D girl and attachable rear end. If you want your gift recipient to have choices, the skirts are all detachable and the designs can be mixed and matched to create the perfect cell phone girl for every occasion. Perhaps it can hold up a tablet with a crockpot recipe to go along with the U.A. slow cooker...?

3. Claude Fire Emblem Three Houses Bulge Mouse Pad

You’ve heard of boobie mousepads... you’ve heard of booty mousepads... but have you ever heard of a bulge mouse pad? That’s right—this delightful design from Etsy seller IdentityPollution features the squishy thighs and crotch of everyone’s favorite schemer, Claude von Riegan from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (which isn’t anime, but it’s anime-adjacent). Whoever receives this gift can rest their wrist comfortably while simping over their one true lordly love. Claude sure seems happy about his situation, so they should be, too!

2. 72 Rolls of One Piece Toilet Paper

If you know someone who tweeted up a storm about One Piece’s 1000th episode and shed nostalgic tears over its recreation of the first opening, then they’ll definitely enjoy this 72-pack of One Piece-themed toilet paper. The tissue itself is decorated with six colorful designs that showcase Luffy, Sabo, and Ace, and the packaging features the entire pirate ship crew! It’ll surely be useful if there’s another toilet paper shortage, in which case they’ll be sitting pretty and won’t have to give their neighbors even... one piece. We’ll see ourselves out.

1. Demon Slayer Pop-Up Game

The Pop-Up Pirate is a beloved children’s toy in Japan and around the world, and now the original manufacturer Tomy is back with a Demon Slayer version! Even though it’s a bit macabre to think of little Nezuko trying to dodge all of those swords from inside the barrel, she is a demon, so we’re sure she’ll be fine. And just look at her adorable face and outstretched arms! When she comes flying out, at least the loser will be able to cuddle her a bit to console themselves about their bad luck. Try gifting this and playing with friends at your next anime watch party for a dose of questionably wholesome fun.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of our list? Would you buy any of these gifts for your favorite otaku friend (or even just yourself)? Are there any other strange anime items that we missed? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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