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The beauty of Christmas is, for many, giving gifts to loved ones. Seeing their reaction when they unwrap a beautiful present puts a smile on most faces, especially us here at Honey’s Anime. Though we can’t deny there is a bit of mischief to be had when we give a gift to a friend/anime fan and know that underneath that painstakingly done wrapping, lies a gag gift that will make their faces do things we usually only see in the world of anime. That’s right, these gifts are considered joke anime gifts, and thanks to various vendors and sellers, giving joke anime gifts is easier than ever! If you want to prank a friend and want to give them a quite questionable anime gift, then continue reading our Top 10 Joke Anime Gifts list and see if maybe you can make someone laugh super hard this coming Christmas! Please be warned, some of these gifts are for older teens to adults but we will put warnings on those specific items just as a heads-up!

10. Light Up Anime Glasses

Anime fans know of the classic shining glasses scene that anime features. You can see what we mean in series like Log Horizon’s Shiro, and Evangelion’s Gendo. Whenever these characters have a “brilliant” idea or thought, their glasses seem to radiate light from the lens that looks like flashlights were turned on from within their glasses. Well, if you want to gift these very comically useless glasses—they are cool but literally can’t be used other than as a gag item/prop—you can buy them for around $20 on Amazon. Again, these glasses can’t be seen through and we’d advise being in a safe area when using them but if you want your gift receiver to chuckle, then this is the perfect gag stocking stuffer.

9. Cute Chainsaw Man House Slippers

When you’re watching the latest Chainsaw Man episode you want to be showing your love for the series, right? Well okay, maybe not to extreme levels but if you know someone who REALLY loves Chainsaw Man and wants to get them an absolutely silly anime gift this Christmas, head to Etsy for literal Chainsaw Man House Slippers. Styled after the mascot of Chainsaw Man, Pochita, these slippers seem very strange to be walking around with daily but they are cute and funny to see. Imagine having non-anime fans come over for a house visit and you’re wearing these slippers as normally as you can be…that should make for some odd impressions.

8. Goofy Anime Plushies

Anime plushies are gifts we usually say are perfect all year round. They come in all shapes in sizes, at various affordable prices, and can be used to adorn a male/female room perfectly. Still, there are some rather weird anime plushies people can buy and for those looking for a joke plush to get your loved one this year for Christmas…we can recommend a few. There are sushi rolls themed after anime, anime characters who usually look cool—like All Might—in small plush form, and the list goes on. So if you want to surprise someone with a joke anime gift this Christmas, why not buy them a strange anime plushie which is found almost everywhere online?

7. Anime Body Pillow

Before you otaku yell that anime body pillows are to be seen as serious, especially when you love a specific character, we want to put this into perspective. Those new to anime, still haven’t entered the full world of an otaku just quite yet. Anime might show some rather bizarre things but unless you’ve really been an anime fan for a long time, most won’t be ready to receive a body pillow that can have some obscene images on them. That’s why if you want a joke gift—that, yes, is cool to us otaku—we recommend buying someone a body pillow or body pillow cover. These things can be absurd with some extreme levels of ecchiness but imagine someone’s face opening this to see a Rem body pillow from Re: Zero or a Shion—from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime—pillowcase as their present. Just be ready to explain to those who still have no idea what anime is that these are perfectly normal and quite popular for anime fans.

6. Quote Gifts Taken Out of Context

Anime fans have no doubt seen their fair share of goofy internet memes from their favorite shows. To see quotes like “Griffith Did Nothing Wrong” or “Kawaii in the Streets, Senpai in the Sheets” pop up is quite normal nowadays. Did you ever want to get one of these quote items on a mug or a T-Shirt though? Well, lucky for you, places like Amazon, Etsy, and even eBay have tons of these quote items that will make for the most hilarious joke gifts this Christmas season. Just be warned some of these quotes can be a bit…mature, so do get an age-appropriate quote item for your loved one. Unless you really just want to scar them for life with some of the odd quotes we don’t even want to mention on this list. The internet can be a scary place…

5. Oppai Shaking Car Figures

It is not uncommon to see anime fans deck their cars out sporting their anime lifestyle even when not glued to a monitor watching a new episode. We have seen some wickedly cool car gear like car mats, car decals, and even window decals for series like Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and even Eromanga Sensei. Maybe you have someone in your life like this and want to get them a new car item with the theme of anime but equally want to get them something so dumb you’ll both laugh as they still use it anyways. We have for you the oppai shaking car girl figure that literally sticks to your car dashboard and jiggles. It’s a cheap-looking figure—she has a big one—but the way her oppai jiggle when the car is in motion is just ridiculous. So if you know someone who loves oppai—who doesn’t—and equally want a small joke gift for the holidays, look no further as this will do just fine.

4. Ahegao Hoodies

One of the strange hoodies we’ve seen appearing everywhere in the last few years is the ahegao hoodie. Now—warning, this is a mature word/piece of content—ahegao is a concept that has women characters—sometimes males—with strange facial expressions that adults will understand. These “anime” hoodies are very detailed making them extremely awkward to see sometimes but that’s why if you want one of the best joke gifts for Christmas…this would be it. Imagine for a moment someone opening up a present and an ahegao series of faces staring at them. Trust us, readers, this will be one of the best laughs you’ve had in some time.

3. Oppai and Butt Mousepads

Okay…okay, we won’t deny we’ve used oppai mousepads before. These things are extremely ecchi and just a bit over the top but they can be comfortable, especially, when you have long gaming sessions on your PC. Yet, most of these mousepads we ordered for ourselves and got in discreet boxes that didn’t scream out our otaku lifestyle. If you really want to make your friends/loved ones shocked when they unwrap their gift this year…get them either an oppai mousepad or a butt one. AGAIN, do not do this to a younger anime fan or one who has a strict family as it could cause a lot of issues but if you know someone who loves to really be surprised with their gifts, this gift will no doubt surprise them beyond words.

2. Anime Christmas Ornaments

Again, anime fans really love to show they are anime fans in every way possible. We can’t blame you, we do the same thing. On our Christmas trees, you’ll find one or two—or maybe fifty—anime ornaments, and most were given to us as gifts. However, when we got these gifts it was rarely on CHRISTMAS! If you want a goofy Christmas gift that is cool but also very ironic, get your anime fan a Christmas ornament on Christmas. Yeah, they can use it next year on the tree but there is something just off about receiving a Christmas decoration on Christmas.

1. Anime Shirts

Anime shirts can be some of the most stylish pieces of wardrobe you’ll ever own. Most of us here at Honey’s Anime have some truly cool ones, sporting our favorite anime shows and we presume we aren’t the only ones out there with cool anime shirts. However, for every good anime shirt, there are some…weird ones that will make you laugh but also possibly cringe a bit. WHICH IS PERFECT FOR OUR FINAL ENTRY!

Anime joke shirts are like the mugs/quotes out of context we mentioned earlier but they come in so many more variants that we’d be amiss telling you good luck not finding one of these by accident. Just a reminder though, anime joke shirts can be like some of these other items, a bit too mature so make sure to hit the right target for these Christmas gift pieces of apparel. Otherwise, you might end up on Santa’s naughty list…forever.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got some laughs—and will get some—before this coming Christmas. Equally, we also wonder if you got some ideas for a good gag gift for this Christmas. Comment below with some gag/joke gift ideas and/or if you had gotten any of these items yourself before! Be sure to keep stuck to our constantly pranking hive here at Honey’s Anime for more Christmas-themed articles and other anime-themed articles just waiting to be read!

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