5 Things to Do for the Winter Holidays Inspired by Anime [Best Recommendations]

There are tons of anime that feature scenes or special episodes involving the holiday or winter seasons. In fact, it's around this time of year that mangaka artists and anime producers create special scenes and episodes involving winter and the holiday seasons oftentimes using their own experiences and what they know. Whether it's watching your favorite characters snowboarding on a snowy mountain or having a Christmas party, there are always some memorable scenes/episodes involving the winter season.

Just because you see them in anime doesn't mean you can't do them too! So, we've come up with 5 things you see in anime that you can do this winter.

1. Ski, Skate, Snowboard, Or Just Have Fun In The Snow!

Winter is the time for some winter sports! Many scenes/episodes in anime often show some winter sport, with snowboarding being the most popular! You've seen them in comedy or slice-of-life anime, like Blend-S, where everyone in Cafe Stile went to a snowy mountain to snowboard to even in anime like RWBY: Ice Queendom where Ruby uses her weapon as a snowboard. If snowboarding isn't right up your alley, you can always try your hand at skiing. There is plenty of anime like Persona 4: Golden Animation, where the characters were snow skiing. Whether you’re new or a veteran, why not grab your friends or family for a snowboarding/ski trip?

If not snowboarding or skiing, why not go ice skating? It's another scene you would see in anime. You don't need to be an expert in ice skating. You can be an average person, like Tadano in Komi-san Can't Communicate, and grab your close friends or family, go out to your nearest ice skating rink and have fun! It also makes a great spot to take your special someone out on a date.

Or why not just play in the snow? You have seen them in anime like Komi-san Can't Communicate, where they build snowmen or have snowball fights. It's one of the more common scenes in an anime series, especially in comedy or slice-of-life ones. So, if you are in an area with plenty of snow and can't afford a ski trip, why not just play around in the snow?

2. Go Shopping At A Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a thing in Japan, with several popular ones within the Tokyo and Yokohama area. That's why, although rare, you get scenes of characters going Christmas shopping at a market. A perfect example of this is, Is The Order A Rabbit?, where the four girls go shopping at a Christmas market and experience the Christmas magic. Why not experience the same magic of Christmas as them at your local Christmas Market and get into the holiday spirit? You can also use that chance to start or finish that Christmas shopping list you have been meaning to do.

3. See Some Winter Illuminations

Winter Illumination is a big thing in Japan, with some areas having events. It is probably why there are a lot of scenes with some sort of illumination, whether it's just there as a background in a scene, a special episode, an area full of lights, or even just lights on a Christmas tree. You would especially see them in shoujo manga or romance anime like Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo or Ore no Love Story. It's a perfect scene to confess to their love interest or even go on a date with their significant other. Why not follow their example and take out your significant other on a romantic winter illuminations date in your area? No partner? No problem! Seeing winter illuminations isn't just for couples. You can also enjoy it with your friends and family!

4. Have A Christmas Party with KFC and Christmas Cake

Still, trying to figure out what to do for Christmas? Why not have a Christmas party with KFC chicken and Christmas cake? Yes, it's a thing in Japan. You could say that having KFC chicken and Christmas cake is a must-have for a Christmas party in Japan. Even though you won't see any KFC chicken in anime, there is no doubt that there is some chicken in any Christmas party scene. So, gather your close friends and have a small private party at home, reserve a pirate space like the girls in Is The Order A Rabbit, or celebrate with a massive group of friends (or classmates) like the heroes in My Hero Academia. No matter how you celebrate, this is one of the great ways to celebrate the holiday season!

5. Start The New Year By Visiting A Shrine/Temple

New Year's is a big thing in Japan and a much more important holiday than Christmas. It's probably why it's one of the most common scenes you see in anime, even going as far as having their own episodes for the series. You could see it in shoujo anime like Kimi ni Todoke to comedy like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid to even shounen like Bleach. Of course, the most familiar scene is our favorite characters having their first shrine visit for the new year. So, why not start New Year by visiting your local Shrine/Temple? If you have no shrine/temple, you can see your local church and still experience the same New Year's feelings as in anime.

Final Thoughts

Here are 5 things you can do this winter holiday season! All of them are inspired by your favorite anime. Winter can be a fun time with friends, family, and partners like any other season. So, if you have no idea what to do for this holiday season or are already planning your next holiday season, why not give these a try?

Are there any other ideas missing from this list? Any other scenes you saw in anime that you may want to try? Why not share it with us in the comments below?

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”