ANiUTa’s Artist of the Month, ARGONAVIS, has released their fourth interview!

banner-aniuta-artist-of-the-month-argonavis-week4-500x185 ANiUTa’s Artist of the Month, ARGONAVIS, has released their fourth interview!

What You Need to Know:

  • ARGONAVIS’ second single, STARTING OVER/Gift, includes an audio drama titled Aru Natsu no Hi. It is a refreshing story about the five members practicing for a concert at a traditional summer festival. How did Masahiro Ito and Daisuke Hyuga feel while recording this?
  • Masahiro: “Aru Natsu no Hi tells a story in which Ren dramatically changes as a vocalist. Feeling something in you change due to playing music is something I’ve personally experienced, so I drew upon that similarity between us in my performance.”

    Daisuke: “I also felt like I got even closer to Yuto during the audio drama. For one, the characters play a concert at a traditional summer festival, which is something I used to do in my hometown. Argonavis’ drummer, Banri Shiroishi, grew up on his parents’ farm, and the characters all practiced in their barn. There weren’t any practice studios in my hometown, so my old band would go up to the mountains and stuff to practice. [laughter]”

    Masahiro: “Everyone in Argonavis lives in Hakodate, but even though it’s in Hokkaido, I imagine the summers are hot. Despite that, they play in a barn with no AC, so they’re really going all out. I bet it's like a sauna in there. [laughter]”

    Daisuke: “It must be ridiculously hot. [laughter]”

  • ARGONAVIS have got a better idea of who their characters are through their animated music video and audio drama. Even in real life, they’re becoming more like their characters, which has their fans excited. Their second single, STARTING OVER/Gift, has a limited edition Blu-ray version, featuring concert footage of eight songs from their May 17th Maihama Amphitheater performance, BanG Dream! Argonavis 1st LIVE. Not only that, but there is also backstage footage of them.
  • Daisuke: “The Blu-ray version allows fans to experience the excitement of our very first concert all over again. Of course you get to see us play live, but the really interesting part is being able to see us backstage before the show. You can watch us chat together, eat together, and how each of us spends our alone time. [laughter]”

    Masahiro: “Fans that came to see the show in person can relive that day, and first-time viewers can get a feel for what an Argonavis show is like, so it’s an entertaining Blu-ray for everyone. Then, with the backstage footage, you can get your fill of our lighthearted everyday selves. [laughter]”

  • Check their live performance of their second single"STARTING OVER" below:
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