ANiUTa’s Artist of the Month, Minori Suzuki, has released her fourth interview!

banner-aniuta-artist-of-the-month-minori-suzuki-week-4-1-500x185 ANiUTa’s Artist of the Month, Minori Suzuki, has released her fourth interview!

What You Need to Know:

  • Minori Suzuki’s new single, “Dame wa Dame”, was released on August 8th. The title track was created to be the ending theme song for the TV anime Magical Sempai. It’s a fun, upbeat song with noticeable ties to Suzuki’s debut song, “Feeling Around”.
  • “Magical Sempai is a lively and kind of pervy comedy anime, so we wanted to give listeners a fun, sorta sexy feel from the song, too. acane_madder, who worked on the Walküre song “Dancing in the Moonlight”, wrote the lyrics for this song. I think she managed to capture the world of the anime while also sprinkling a bit of my style into the song.”

  • The song required her vocal style to change a lot, so she put all her effort into the recording.
  • “For anime collaboration songs, I often sing like I’m acting, but Dame wa Dame pushed that aspect so much more than usual, to the point where I was left physically exhausted. [laughter] For example, the part where I say, ‘Chira chira chira chira,’ I was told to sing the last one in a sexy way like, ‘Chiraaan.’ acane, Katsutoshi, and the director were all there during recording, and they were obsessive about getting every little detail right. acane is also a singer, so she’d actually sing a part for me and say, ‘If you sing like this, it’ll show off Minoringo’s cute appeal.’ The recording session was filled with non-stop laughter.”

  • As a solo artist, Minori Suzuki is moving full speed ahead in pursuing her passions. At the same time, her work as part of Walküre is far from over. In June, Walküre announced at Macross Crossover Live 2019 that Macross Delta would be getting a new film.
  • If you want to know more about this new movie, read her full interview on ANiUTa! And watch her latest single, “Dame wa Dame” short version video below:
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