BEASTARS 2nd Season Mid-Season Impressions - Into the Lion’s Den

This all-CGI anthropomorphic animal anime was a hard sell for many fans, but those who gave it a chance back in Fall 2019 (or 2020, when it aired on Netflix) discovered that both its animation and storytelling are surprisingly brilliant.

Season 1 set up a world where herbivores and carnivores live together in an outwardly peaceful relationship, but a devouring incident at Cherryton High School brings everyone’s attention to how shaky this arrangement’s foundation actually is. Three students from the school handle the fallout in their own ways: shy wolf Legosi questions his place in society as a carnivore, beleaguered rabbit Haru tries to leverage other animals’ lust for her to take control of her life, and serious deer Louis fashions himself into a hero to protect the weak. BEASTARS Second Season is well underway now, so let’s take a gander at how everyone is holding up after the chaos that was the first season’s ending!

Louis Has a Gun – Oh No

Louis spent his early childhood as a black-market slave to be eventually sold as meat, and much of the rest of his life in the iron grip of his adoptive father, who intended to have Louis take over his business one day. He tries to shoot for the role of Beastar (an ambassador of peace and unity to all animals) to make life better for herbivores, but when that proves to be fruitless, he changes course and turns to the underworld for his salvation.

Early in season 2, he abandons school completely and murders the boss of the Leo Group (a parallel to the yakuza) so he can strongarm his way into becoming their new leader. He figures that if he can’t change this rotten society with peace and heroism, he can do it by admitting the dark truth and fighting it tooth and nail. It’s shocking to see Louis this intense, but we love his rock-solid conviction and voice actor Yuuki Ono really sells Louis’ emotions with his performance. Compared to Legosi’s more restrained tactics, Louis has become fully convinced that the ends justify all manner of deplorable means.

Legosi’s Transformation

Legosi, disgusted by his own carnivorous instincts and inability to protect Haru, throws himself full force into solving the mystery of who devoured Tem the alpaca. He distances himself from everyone (including his not-girlfriend Haru and his best friend Jack), cuts his fur so short that he looks like a completely different person, and sneaks out at night to train for combat with his panda mentor from the black market. Throughout all of this, though, he’s determined not to compromise his principles by eating meat.

Unlike Louis, Legosi is an inherently kind soul who’s not used to fighting and won’t try dirty tactics unless they’re the only possible option. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see him covered in an increasing number of scars and breaking away from the very people he’s trying to protect in the first place. Even though he’s taking a morally higher road than Louis, the stress and danger are quickly tearing him up inside and out.

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to see more of the dichotomy between Legosi and Louis over the rest of this season, and we wonder if they’re going to clash again or if Haru will get involved somehow. But for now, we’re waiting on the edges of our seats to know what happens next!

What did you think of our overview? Have you been watching BEASTARS Second Season during Winter 2021? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

BEASTARS-manga-654x500 BEASTARS 2nd Season Mid-Season Impressions - Into the Lion’s Den


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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BEASTARS-manga-654x500 BEASTARS 2nd Season Mid-Season Impressions - Into the Lion’s Den

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