Beastars Season 2: Can Carnivores and Herbivores Really Live Together in Peace?

Tensions are at an all-time high in the world of Beastars, thanks to an incident in the drama club where Tao the panther accidentally rips off Kibi the anteater’s arm during practice. Since the still-unsolved devouring incident also happened in the drama club, this sends Cherryton School into high alert and it’s decided that carnivores and herbivores will be in different classes starting next year and all mixed clubs will be suspended indefinitely. This causes an uproar among the students, with many strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Let’s examine the reality of the situation and see which side has the stronger case – can carnivores and herbivores really live together in peace?

Anecdotal Evidence Shows That Unity is Possible

Tao feels horrible for ripping off Kibi’s arm and, after giving him space for a few days, goes to visit him in the infirmary. Luckily, Kibi’s arm was able to be reattached and he even asks Tao to hold his hand to prove that it still works and that there’s no ill will between them. Another drama club member, a cheetah named Sheila, gets annoyed when her sheep classmate Peach pretends to be friends with her just for social media likes – she asks Peach to go shopping with her to call her bluff, but to her surprise, Peach actually accepts! After a bit of awkwardness, the two girls find that they have a lot in common and Sheila even manages to pick out a scarf that works well with Peach’s wool. They overcame fear through honest communication and understanding, showing each other that they’re not so different after all!

Primal Urges Never Die

On the other hand, there are some divisions between carnivores and herbivores that can’t be ignored. Unlike the largely superficial differences between real-life humans, herbivores have a perfectly legitimate reason to fear carnivores’ predatorial instincts. Unless every single carnivore takes medication to atrophy their muscles and curb their hunger for flesh, devourings are bound to happen. And even then, traumatic accidents like ripping limbs off will remain unavoidable as long as carnivores and herbivores live in the same world.

As Louis and Legosi have found out, though, forcing carnivores to fall in line is a nigh-impossible task for even a crime lord or a Beastar. Tem’s killer is still too strong for Legosi to overpower and has such a perfectly maintained “harmless” façade that nobody would believe him even if he tried to get help. Louis tries to change the black market through force, but meat addicts will always find a way to get their fix and down-on-their-luck animals will continue to sell themselves for cash if they’re desperate enough. For every tiny moment of understanding between species, dozens more people are exploited and eaten behind the veil of polite society.

Final Thoughts

With everything that we know about this world, it seems like keeping carnivores and herbivores together is just a recipe for disaster. Still, separating them entirely would destroy any sense of unity that they’ve gained from cohabitation and wouldn’t put an end to the black market. Perhaps Legosi, Louis, and the other Cherryton students are embarking on an impossible mission, but it’s a valiant one and we hope that they succeed in some capacity. We’ll just have to watch the rest of the season to see how it all works out!

What did you think of our analysis? What do you think of the carnivores vs. herbivores battle in Beastars? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

BEASTARS-wallpaper-561x500 Beastars Season 2: Can Carnivores and Herbivores Really Live Together in Peace?


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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BEASTARS-wallpaper-561x500 Beastars Season 2: Can Carnivores and Herbivores Really Live Together in Peace?

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