BEATLESS Finale, BEATLESS Final Stage Airs September 27 & 28!

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Sci-fi, Action, Romance

Airing Date:
January 13 2018


Honey’s Highlights

bombon-happy1 BEATLESS Finale, BEATLESS Final Stage Airs September 27 & 28!
This just screams something like Ghost in the Shell lite for those who couldn't handle the main story elements and Plastic Memories. Let's just hope that it's not sad like Plastic Memories.
bombon-happy1 BEATLESS Finale, BEATLESS Final Stage Airs September 27 & 28!
Either way, it is the typical story of a normal main character getting some superhuman or supernatural item and their adventures. Sounds a lot like Clockwork Planet to me.
bombon-happy1 BEATLESS Finale, BEATLESS Final Stage Airs September 27 & 28!
True, I forgot about that anime. Does that mean that this one is the same?!
bombon-happy1 BEATLESS Finale, BEATLESS Final Stage Airs September 27 & 28!
This almost looks like it is going to go into a full-out war. It kinda feels a bit like Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan. I think it depends on whether or not the main character collects the girls or not! I hope he collects them and makes a harem!

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Beatless is set in a world where society has more or less left everything in the hands of hIE or Humanoid Robots. One day, 17-year-old Arato Endou encounters Lacia, an android, and an ownership contract is exchanged between the two of them.

At first glance, she looks just like a human being. One of five, the AI that she possesses is so incredibly high spec, that her abilities would shock the world. She is one of five androids that have evolved beyond humanity with the knowledge to surpass human knowledge itself.

These five machines have their own raison d'être and significance, and begin to fight each other hoping to take on another’s ability. Adults can merely watch on as the androids fight, however, youth are able to try and acquaint themselves with a new relationship with these androids.

They are searching for not only a choice for the future, but an answer to the relationship between human and machine.

What will connect the human world with machines that have evolved too much?

In an age where everything has become too convenient, now, what is necessary and what is important?

In his unique encounter with the android Lacia, who has evolved far beyond humans, he has to find a choice for the future and an answer to the relationship between human and machine.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Arato Endou

Voice Actor: Takuto Yoshinaga

Arato is the boy who met Lacia. Born in 2087, he is currently a second-year high school student. He lives in Shinkoiwa with his father and younger sister. At home, he is wrapped around his younger sister’s finger, and at school, he is a good-natured person who is accompanied everywhere by his best friend. He is charmed by the beautiful Lacia and is dragged into an incident because of her.


Voice Actor: Nao Touyama

Lacia is known as Type-005. She has pale purple hair and ice blue eyes. A transparent beauty, she is a tool that ‘has not yet been revealed to humanity.’ Lacia has a chance encounter with Arato and forms an owner contract with him. Thanks to Arato’s younger sister Yuka, Lacia registers at a modeling agency and becomes the top model in the industry. She is equipped with an extremely powerful variable quantum computer known as ‘Black Monolith’ which is her device.


Voice Actor: Misako Tomioka

Kouka is known as Type-001. With her red hair and eyes, she is a tool that was built ‘for victory in the conflict between humans and hIE.’ Her weapon or device is called ‘Blood Prayers’ and it is a giant laser oscillator that previously was the main armament of a tank.


Voice Actor: Hiromi Igarashi

Snowdrop is known as Type-002. Clad in a white, one-piece she appears as a little girl and is known as the tool that is ‘entrusted with evolution.’ Her device is called ‘Emerald Harmony’ and with it, she can scatter a white flower that she creates. Then, when its petals touch electrical devices, she can not only control them, but she can hijack them also.


Voice Actor: Shino Shimoji

Saturnus is known as Type-003. She has beige eyes and hair and is known as the tool ‘born to create the environment.’ Her device is a piece of equipment which looks like a hand-powered sewing machine that is more than a meter in length and is known as ‘Gold Weaver.’


Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya

Methode is known as Type-004. She has orange hair and she was given a form that is clearly that of a machine. She is a tool that was created to ‘expand humanity.’ She has been given the greatest amount of power as well as freedom.


Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Error by GARNiDELiA
    Truth. by Trysail
  • Ending Song: PRIMALove by ClariS
    Shapeless by Tokyo Performance Doll
Light Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Satoshi Hase
  • Director: Seiji Mizushima
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi, Gou Zappa
  • Character Design: Hiroko Yaguchi
  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
  • Original Illustrator: redjuice
  • Music: Narasaki, kz

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