Behold the Greatness of Anos Voldigoad! - The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anime fans and otaku in general aren’t unfamiliar with overpowered protagonists in the world of anime. However, in the recent anime series Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e—The Misfit of Demon King Academy—a new contender for the most powered MC has emerged.

Enter our reincarnated Demon King Anos Voldigoad! At only a month old—he quickly aged from infant to teenager—Anos has powers that seem to only increase with strength as he gets older. 2000 years prior, Anos was the true Demon King who ended up dying to save the world from further warfare between humans and demons. Now reborn in a new world with new concepts and new problems, Anos quickly shows why he isn’t a mere wannabe Demon King but the genuine article. Let’s look at some of Anos’ highlights and reasons why he has won our hearts here at Honey’s Anime!

Skills for Every Situation

From episode one to the current eleventh episode, Anos has shown that he has a true understanding of magic. Anos can not only use a wide variety of magic such as fire, water, and enhancing abilities—like he does to create shields for himself and allies—but he can even use healing magic like resurrection.
While time has marched on and new arts have been introduced into the world, Anos still understand the principles of magical glyphs and spells that allow him to alter spells to his will. Anos once even absorbed a powerful spell launched at him from an enemy thanks to the fact that he originally created the spell 2000 years ago! Let’s face it, any warrior capable of draining an entire lake with a large scale fireball should be feared without hesitation!

Capable of Wielding a Sword and Using His Fists

If you think Anos Voldigoad is just a typical mage you’d quickly learn the folly of your ways. Thanks to his lengthy term as the world’s most powerful threat, Anos has amassed tons of weapons and seems quite capable of using them. As evident from the vault we see in episode 3, Anos not only has magical tools—like rings and armor—but various swords and artifacts that he knows clearly a lot about. Using his assortment of talents has allowed Anos to fight toe to toe with different adversaries—who eventually would turn into allies—like Lay and Sasha. Anos can wield a sword or even a stick and still beat his opponent like they never fought before!

Always Ready for Any Situation

Anos isn’t a perfect being—despite being able to repair lost limbs and large wounds with no issue—so he clearly needs to be ready for any incident. Thanks to his cunning and smart tactics, Anos doesn’t always need to rely on brute force and can play back up if he needs to. During the tournament where Lay fought against him, Anos and Lay were eventually teleported to a strange otherworldly dimension where they were ambushed by a previous ally to Anos. Despite his strength, Anos was handicapped with a magical tool that caused his skills to be held back. Anos quickly used Lay’s skillful swordsmanship to fight against their opponent and allow Anos the opportunity for a surprise attack. Anos might be overpowered but he isn’t so foolish to realize that he needs allies when the going gets tough!

Sees the World Fully

Despite being a demon hybrid—a being that is born from mixed blood—Anos is also aware of his past as a pureblood demon and why humans were so fearful of his original race. Anos doesn’t see the world from one side like most beings—for example, Emilia Rudewell who was once his pureblood teacher turned Hybrid by his hands—but takes in the fact that there are different races and different thought processes for each. As we discover from the more recent episodes, hero-like humans have become very jaded and truly see themselves as superior beings above all others. Anos admires those who can fight well but despises anyone who sees the world with a stereotypical heart.

The Demon King Speaks with Actions and Words

Easily one of the most remarkable elements of Anos Voldigoad is that he isn’t someone who just speaks a big game but backs up his words with action! Time after time, Anos has been mistreated by the public for making a bold claim that he is the true Demon King but instead of just saying his title again and again Anos uses his powers to prove his skill.

Sasha Necron—the Witch of Destruction—originally didn’t believe in Anos and his claims of status but after facing him in battle twice and seeing him rewrite history to save her sister—Misha—from death, Sasha now supports her Demon King without hesitation. Anos still needs to constantly prove his title to others but we are sure that eventually, his skills will show the world the realm Demon King has arisen again!

Final Thoughts

Anos Voldigoad from the Misfit of Demon King Academy is a handsome teenager who looks cool, acts cool, and is truly a powerful being. We can’t stop praising his worth here at Honey’s Anime but we know you folks probably have some thoughts on Anos yourself! Let us know why you love Anos Voldigoad and what your thoughts are on this revived Demon King.

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