Bishounen Battle! Yuki Souma vs. Kyo Souma: Who's the Cutest?

Here we are with yet another challenge, intended to discover the cutest boy! Yuki Souma, and Kyo Souma are both two cutie pies from Fruits Basket, which is currently airing in its renewed version. While we all agree that both of them are cute, we need to dig deeper to decide the winner. Before starting, we need to say how their personalities differ a lot; in fact, while both handsome, their characters are on the polar opposites – they are almost like a Prince Charming and a Dark Knight. Then, without further ado, let's get to the heart of this challenge, and see who is the cutest!

Yuki Souma / What Makes Yuki a Cute Boy?

Yuki Souma is the rat of the Chinese Zodiac. He is very popular with his classmates, so much so that they use various nicknames to call him, like “Prince Yuki”, or “Prince Charming”. The reason lies with the way Yuki acts: he is quiet, reserved, plus, he has delicate features. But the flip side of his personality is that Yuki is very insecure. Although loved by everyone, he hates his girly looks, and doesn't know exactly how to interact with others; yet, he manages to maintain a collected attitude, staying very formal and kind whenever he speaks to them. As to why Yuki turned so insecure and unable to interact with people, the reason is a past of emotional abuse: when he was young the head of the family kept him isolated, trying to convince him that no one needed him.

Yuki's cuteness is in plain sight. Firstly, there's his appearance: he has purple eyes, and dark gray hair. Plus, he has androgynous features, and he likes wearing tight-fitting clothes, often in Chinese style. Aside from his looks, which are a feast for the eye, it's Yuki's character to catch the attention. Yuki seems to be very talented in whatever he tries to do, but even though he is very popular, he finds it very difficult to be friendly. However, throughout the show, we see Yuki grow up: he gradually opens up to people, and starts expressing his feelings more often. If there's a thing he envies/admires of Kyo, that's his ability to befriend people without efforts. What's more, Yuki's difficult past ignites the viewers' sympathy, making Yuki easy to love, and impossible to forget!

Kyo Souma / What Makes Kyo a Cute Boy?

Kyo Souma is cursed by the spirit of the cat of the Chinese Zodiac. Unlike Yuki, Kyo is short-tempered, competitive, and sometimes even rude. His classmates love teasing Kyo by calling him “Kyon-Kyon”, and he always becomes very angry about it. In spite of the way he acts, Kyo has a softer side to him, which he tends to hide. In fact, Kyo gets unexpectedly embarrassed in certain circumstances, all the more when Tohru Honda is involved. Exactly like Yuki, Kyo had a difficult childhood of emotional abuse, as his mother committed suicide and his father blamed him for it. Being the cat of the Chinese Zodiac, you can understand why he cannot stand Yuki, who is cursed by the rat.

Final Thoughts

Now we need to choose a winner! We highlighted all those things making both Yuki and Kyo two cute characters very easy to love, and how very different they are from each other. We actually realize how both of them are probably the cutest of the series, but the winner is only one, and that is... YUKI! His kindness and his bright personality stole our hearts, plus his cute features are eye-catching. It's true that his opponent was a tough one, but having to choose, we think Yuki deserves victory! Well then, what other bishounen battles would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you next time!

Fruits-Basket-333x500 Bishounen Battle! Yuki Souma vs. Kyo Souma: Who's the Cutest?


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