Black Clover: The Badass Witches of the Black Bulls!

The Black Bulls are Yami Sukihiro’s magic knight brigade full of high potential individuals with poor focus. The members of the Black Bulls are known for causing mayhem, being disorderly, and have a wide range of personalities. Though they are rough around the edges, this magic knight squad grows to be a team that comes through for one another when it counts. Here are the ladies who make that happen!

The Black Bull-ettes, ehrm… Cows? No… Heifers? Definitely Not...

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca begins the series as a boozy floozy who spends her days on the hideout couch with a bottle of wine, no glass. Using her string magic, she has a wide range of manipulation abilities that requires exceptional skill. She can fix things, move them, change the way they look, and more. Her capability is unusual and powerful, but we come to know her in the series as often lacking motivation.

At a point where Vanessa has no other option, she goes to her mother, the Queen of Witches, and is prepared to risk her freedom for a comrade who she cared for deeply. Through the fierce battle, Vanessa gains new magic that can change all but certain actions, known as “Roux,” which takes the form of a red cat.

Charmy Pappitson

This cotton magic-user spends her days being prepared food by her group of magic-made sheep chefs! (That is to say, chefs who take the form of sheep, not chefs who specialize in lamb dishes) Charmy Pappitson is an advanced veteran of the Black Bulls who can pack a punch, but usually has little motivation if there isn’t food in it for her.

This dwarven-descendant has another type of magic that appears when she gets serious. The cotton magic becomes food magic and takes the shape of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Charmy’s character is always drawn as chibi and cheerful until this spell and gets larger while she has food magic.

Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva, of the royal House of Silva, is the other new recruit with Asta into the Balck Bulls. She has all the strong magic power her lineage would suggest, but Noelle’s ability to manage her water magic is nonexistent, and she is deemed a failure both in royal circles and to her family. Noelle is a sweet girl who likes to put on airs of being proud of her royalty but is coming to understand that it is wrong to look down on others for their social class. As the series progresses, Noelle gains control of her magic and blossoms into one of the more powerful characters in Black Clover. Will she ever tell Asta she likes him? It’s so unrequited!


After spending several arcs transformed into a hefty unspeaking person with smoke always trailing out of their mouth, Grey runs out of magic. She changes into a cute, blue-haired girl, and everyone learns that Grey is female and that they have never met their super-shy comrade before. Now that her secret is out, Grey has been warming up to the rest of the Black Bulls. After being timid for so long, she now uses her magic in ways that are helpful and unusual to her missions. Always the shy, meek, sweetheart, it becomes clear that Grey identifies herself as one of the Black Bulls when she feels the need to protect her friends in the climax of the Reincarnation arc.

Secre Swallowtail, A.K.A. Nero

The most recent formal addition to the Black Bulls is Secre Swallowtail, who was only known as Nero until the height of the Reincarnation arc. Nero, the magic-stone gathering bird who follows Asta on his journey, it turns out has been around since the time of the Wizard King and was once his friend. Secre used forbidden magic and found herself in the form of Nero until she was able to break free. Nero has been accepted as a Balck Bull and now uses her sealing magic to assist with their missions. After looking for a place to fit in for hundreds of years, Secre Swallowtail has found a place to belong with the Black Bulls.

Final Thoughts

Whether they are a newbie or a veteran, the ladies of the Black Bulls are a group of people making personal gains to be able to support their team. In an environment where they can be themselves, their robust personalities make for a comedic atmosphere full of laughter and kindness. We hope you have enjoyed reading about the ladies who rep the Black Bulls! Who is your favorite? Please tell us in the comments!

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