The Women in Black Clover You Do Not Want to Cross

Black Clover is an anime with lots of vibrant characters with fierce fighting abilities. This shounen comedy has become a fan favorite, and the unusual characters of Black Clover are a big part of the reason. Today, we are going to look at the women who pack the biggest punch and have tempers that should not be tested. Here are the fiercest females from Black Clover!

Charmy Pappitson

This food-loving, cotton magic-user is the senior magic knight in the Black Bulls and she has a hidden darkness in her magic. Most of the time, Charmy's magic takes the form of a crew of sheep wearing chef's hats that continuously cook and feed anyone who happens to be hungry and nearby. Though this chibi cutie spends most of her time in the pursuit of food, she has a vicious next level to her magic that comes out when triggered by the wasting of food or the need of her friends.

When Charmy's giant sheep that comes out for battle is extra pumped-up, her cotton magic becomes the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and changes entirely. The cotton magic transforms into food magic, and a giant wolf with insatiable hunger devours everything in sight. Even more than her magic, Charmy is discovered to be of the dwarven race and has an inhuman magic power that dominates in battle. Though the candidates for this article were both numerous and powerful, Charmy Pappitson is one woman in Black Clover that had to make this list. For an episode where Charmy goes all out, look for episode 114, The Final Invaders.

The Witch Queen

From atop her throne in the Forest of Witches, the Witch Queen's magic protects her all-female realm from invaders. Though the Forest of Witches' inhabitants owe their safety to their queen, she is a power-hungry an experienced ruler. The Witch Queen appears young but has long lived past an expected human lifespan. This is likely due to her magic affinity: blood magic.

With her blood magic, the queen is able to heal the ancient curse on Asta's arms, but understanding him awakens the one thing about her that truly motivates her, and that is the desire to keep something for herself. After the fight is done, she moves in for the kill. Controlling Asta with the very blood that healed him previously, she causes him to attack his comrades that she has simultaneously restrained with her magic. This deeply invasive magic is the only like it seen in Black Clover, and for its visceral and overwhelming nature, the Witch Queen is one of the top 3 women in Black Clover not to make an enemy of. To watch the Witch Queen take control and take what she wants, check out episode 63, Not in the Slightest.

Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion, known as The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness, is the eldest child of the Royal Vermillion siblings and steps in to take charge of the Crimson Lion Kings while her brother has not yet woken up from injury. This untamed powerhouse radiates intensity from every part of her being, as she spends her free time exploring strong-magic regions without the assistance or want of anyone else. Mereoleona does not want to become a magic knight captain, but she cares for her siblings more than she wants to enjoy an adventure. As a magic knight captain, Mereoleona takes her squad and some other magic knights for training in a strong-magic region on their way to enjoy a surprise onsen.

With a resemblance to the firepower she puts out, Meroleona is brash and bossy with a pumped-up voice and emotions that run hot. Though we know Meroleona is powerful, we do not get to see how strong that is until the storming of the elves' base. In episode 91, Mereoleona vs. Raia the Disloyal, Mereoleona thrashes the copy magic-user with her trained reflexes and superhuman fire magic. More than anyone other than maybe the Wizard King himself, Mereoleona is a vicious and bitter enemy. If there is one woman who you don't want to cross in Black Clover, it is Mereoleona Vermillion, the Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings and the Royal Knights.

Final Thoughts

Black Clover is a unique anime for its number of formidable warriors and the large number of women who have exceptional abilities and strong personalities. The ladies mentioned here are individuals that were born to slay. We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the women in Black Clover who pack the biggest punch and lay-out those who they decide need it. Who here is your favorite? Is it the food-loving Charmy, the stoic and determined Witch Queen, or the indomitable Mereoleona? Cast your vote in the comments!

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