Black Clover: What Is the Last Elemental Spirit? You Heard It Here First. *Spoiler Alert*

First, There Were Three

Fans of Black Clover will remember Asta’s first dungeon, where Yuno winds up acquiring Slyph, the wind spirit. We also learned that there are four elemental spirits known to exist. Slowly, more of these mysterious creatures, which leaves only one unknown so far. What is it? You’re in the right spot to find out!

And Then There Were Four

A Sylph, a Salamander, and an Undine

Three elemental spirits are known in Black Clover. We know Sylph chose Yuno when she had the chance. Salamander, the fire spirit, has left Fana of the Diamond Kingdom and has decided to support Fuegoleon. The most recent addition to the group of discovered elemental spirits is the water element, Undine. Undine supports the ruler of the Heart Kingdom, Princess Lolopechka.

Historical Significance

While the term “sylph” is something that might be a little familiar, “salamander” and “undine” are particularly unusual names. Is there someplace where these mythical beasts were previously associated? As it turns out, there is one place in history where the characters first meet, and it is not recent.

The philosopher Paracelsus died in the 1500s, and a book was published after his death. In this, he made element and mythical creature associations. He paired wind with the mythical creature, the sylph. Fire, he matched with the salamander, and water was paired with the mythical creature, the undine. Since all of these unusual characters (called by these specific names) appear in Black Clover, we can draw some correlation with where the manga author got inspiration.

What this Means for Finding the Last Elemental

This history is fascinating to Black Clover fans because, in addition to these element representations discussed so far, the philosopher had one other element. Along with the sylph, the salamander, and the undine, Paracelsus also wrote about the element of the earth and paired with it the mythical creature, the golem.

After considering the golem as the next elemental spirit, the only question remaining would be to ask ourselves where to expect it. Sylph chose Yuno from the Clover Kingdom. Fana and Salamander were paired in the Diamond Kingdom, though when her “elf” self was gone, so too was the spirit. And lastly, Lolopechka and Undine are from the Heart Kingdom. As the story moves onward, both the fourth elemental and the Spade Kingdom remain out of sight. But for how long?

Final Thoughts

While a person can never know what goes on inside a manga artist’s head, we are as close to sure as can be. We do not yet know when this character will appear or how they will be represe1nted, but we can rest assured that if the author continues with the same source for influence, the last elemental spirit will be the golem. Let us note that they could also go by the name gnome or pygmy, as they were also used in historical context.

As far as when the earth spirit, Golem, will be found? We will leave that to the fanfic writers forum commenters. What do you think of this development? Do you think we already know the person who will be supported by the earth elemental, Golem? Let us know in the comments! And like if you want more content like this!

Black-Clover-Wallpaper-700x392 Black Clover: What Is the Last Elemental Spirit? You Heard It Here First. *Spoiler Alert*


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