Caligula Review - Psychology in an Era of Shattered Psyches

Psychology in an Era of Shattered Psyches

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Sci-fi, Psychological, Game
  • Airing Date : April 2018 - June 2018
  • Studios : Furyu

Contains Spoilers

Caligula Introduction

Ritsu is your everyday student in high school. He goes to a ceremony one day, and people start acting weird. Some dude with a gun shows up and some students transform into monsters and attack!? He escapes fine, but it seems the world has not reverted back to normal. So Ritsu seeks out the guy named Shougo and realizes that something to going on. He finds out that he is in a world called Mobius that it is run by a girl named μ. He then further learns that those around him might not be who he thinks they are. Can Ritsu get out of Mobius alive?

Why You Should Watch Caligula

1. You Played the Game or Want the Remake

Caligula is somewhat famous due to the game it had. Now we are not calling it some blockbuster in gaming, but the game did do well and received mixed reviews. Atlus fans will pounce on this anime immediately just like most Atlus fans do/did with Persona. The anime is kinda sorta like a game anime in that it can only adapt so much of the original game while moving the story along. While you may have 40-100 hours for a game, you only have about 3.5 solid hours for anime. While some things from the story are there, just know that it is moving along fast.

2. You Like a Story with Characters Fixated on Things.

If you enjoy getting heavily involved in your protagonists, then this is the show for you. Caligula goes into the deep end of protagonists with a main character, Ritsu, who is not only into psychology, he tries to apply it to things going on around him! The anime likes to play with the story and goes very deep to the point that one episode is just Ritsu investigating Mobius and what is going on around him. As long as you enjoy the series setting up on you in front of you, then you’ll enjoy Caligula.

Why You Should Skip Caligula

1. It’s Not the Game

A lot of the times, fans of adaptations whine about why their series was adapted in the way that it was regardless of the original medium. The anime for Caligula is the same, while it is the name and has the characters, it is not the same and can derail rather easily.

2. The Story is Infuriatingly Confusing and Lost at Points

There is a whole episode devoted to hot pot. Considering this specific episode aired in MAY, it makes no sense. No one wants hot pot in May! Sometimes, tangents appear out of nowhere and the story just… stalls. The whole locked-in-the-classroom thing failed to make sense for a while because it just was dropped on the user and wasn’t explained. Maybe if the game had been played beforehand, it would have made sense, but to people who have not yet played it, it is awkward and weird. Boss fights are also very left field, as the battle aspect has been cut out almost entirely.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this review of Caligula. While it’s no Persona 5 which is just a better anime this season on every front, it did make an interesting story that we enjoyed and watched for the most part. As with all games that are adapted into anime though, there was a lot that was cut out leaving the user confused. The good news is that we are now interested in what was cut out and are considering getting our hands on the remake of Caligula. What are your thoughts on this game anime? Good, bad or neutral, be sure to let us know down below! Till Next Time,

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