Chainsaw Man First Impression - Blood on Blood

One of the most anticipated anime of the Fall Season, Chainsaw Man has been on every action fan’s mind since it was announced that the manga would be adapted. And that’s not all, the studio bringing it to our screens was none other than animation powerhouse MAPPA. Cue squeal. Honestly, with all the hype flying around, we prepared ourselves to maybe not have our expectations met. And boy, were we wrong. The only word to appropriately describe the Chainsaw Man anime is epic— in the story, in design, in animation, and even in the score. We’re about five episodes in and we’re already ready to recommend it, but you guys should take a call for yourselves which is why we have our first impression right here for you!

We’re way too excited about this one, so without further ado, let’s dive into Chainsaw Man!

Runnin’ With the Devil(s)

Our story begins with our tragic hero, Denji. Poor Denji is constantly on the cusp of total ruin. Stuck with his late father’s debt, Denji can’t even make ends meet. No food, no shelter, no family, arguably no dignity, and most importantly (according to him) no girlfriend. But he does have a friend: his pet-devil-dog Pochita who happens to be a chainsaw devil. Pochita and Denji work on their insurmountable debt through devil-slaying, but when the yakuza (their employers and debtors) brutally screw them over, Denji and Pochita are literally dead in a dumpster. And the real tragedy is that Denji doesn’t even get to fulfil any of his dreams; no toast with jam, no warm daily shower, no comfortable bed, and worst of all, no girlfriend.

However, devil dogs are not to be underestimated. Especially not a chainsaw devil dog. Somehow Pochita bestows his chainsaw abilities on Denji, saving him and turning him into a human-chainsaw-devil hybrid (kind of). However, Denji’s newfound abilities are unprecedented, and so he’s taken in by the Public Safety Bureau under topnotch devil hunter Makima where he has to follow her command, or else (Jujutsu Kaisen vibes anyone?). Denji’s not too perturbed by this because, after his unfortunate, tragic and violent beginning, he’s now in a slightly better off place where he’s already met about 3/4 of his goals: eating jam on bread and other good food, having a decent bed to sleep in, and having the ability to bathe every day. But how long can this (relatively) peaceful existence last (we’re betting not long)? And what’s in store for him next?

Raining Blood

First, there was blood and guts. Then there were guts and blood. And then some more blood and guts. Chainsaw Man is definitely not for those of a more delicate disposition. Honestly, veteran action and horror fans like us have noted the sheer amount of gore in this one. Bloody, brutal, and at times, downright grotesque, this anime takes violence to a whole new level. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t relevant to the plot. When your MC is literally part-man part-chainsaw, it’s safe to assume that there will be plenty of gore to go around.

To the squeamish type, the story is so worth it, but no amount of preparation will help you keep your composure with this one. It makes Attack on Titan look almost peaceful.

Crazy Train

Okay, is it just us, or is every single character on this show unhinged? While some are more gently unhinged, like Hayakawa's threadbare patience and Makima’s manic chaotic energy, there are some who’ve clearly been aboard the crazy train for a while like Denji whose life’s ambition is to cop a feel and Power who just…. is.

Honestly, if the main cast of Jujutsu Kaisen lost their minds and every single one of their inhibitions, they’d pretty much be Denji, Hayakawa, and Power (the rest of Division 4 TBD). We at Honey’s Anime love an unhinged character, and this show has them in droves. It’s OTT in the best way and we do enjoy the overall craziness of these characters, that isn’t to say that they aren’t well-rounded too though. Everyone seems to have some sort of bleak backstory that contrasts so wonderfully with their larger-than-life personas, and while at times that can be quite tragic, more often than not it’s also downright hilarious simply because of the warped attitudes they’ve developed to cope (damn, that got dark).

On second thought, let’s call this a dark-supernatural-action-comedy.

Iron Man

How can we not discuss the devil in the room? Denji’s chainsaw form is nothing short of epic. There are simply no words for how badass his look is, and when he’s in action there’s no way you won’t feel your blood thumping and adrenaline pumping. Once that rock-metal score gets going and you hear that chainsaw whir, you’re in for the fight scene masterpiece. Beautifully choreographed, masterfully executed (of course, it’s MAPPA), and OTT in every way from our unhinged MC’s shrieking to his bold, blade-covered bod, there are no words. Bleeding aside, our Chainsaw Man is a vibe.

Just be prepared for the blood bath that will certainly follow.

Final Thoughts

What’s gonna happen to Denji next? Will we meet the rest of Division 4? What’s Power’s deal? And more importantly: Will Denji ever get to cop a feel with feels? Will Hayakawa’s toilet ever be unclogged? And will Power learn to eat a vegetable? Burning questions we hope to have answered over the rest of this season!

And so it’s no surprise we’re definitely following this one all the way through, and we think you should too! So are you gonna try Chainsaw Man? What do you think so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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