Chainsaw Man: The Upcoming Action Anime You Don’t Want to Miss

Chainsaw Man is a popular manga that was published in Shonen Jump and is now getting its own animated series! The story is an adventure like no other and follows a young man who lives a small difficult life and gets another chance, this time with more opportunity and more danger. The series is highly anticipated by fans, so we wanted to talk about what it is and why you might enjoy it.

A Rags to Raucous Main Character

Denji and his pet, Pochita, live a rough life together. Denji takes odd jobs killing devils from the yakuza and has sold his eye (and other body parts) to get enough to eat. Though he and Pochita keep to themselves, they are unlucky, killed, and tossed in a dumpster. When it looks like the series is over before it starts, Pochita gives Denji new life as a part-demon with a chainsaw mutation that begins when the ripcord on his chest is pulled.

When devil hunters from the Public Safety Bureau arrive, Denji is given work instead of killed for his part-demon status. Denji is a laid-back kind of guy who wants a peaceful existence, something to eat, and a girl he likes. Unfortunately, Denji does not get the usual high school experience.

Excellent Characters

Chainsaw Man features Denji and two other students who live together in a dorm-like situation. Similar to Jujutsu Kaisen, Denji and a roommate work for the Public Safety Bureau under the guise of being labeled too dangerous to live. Unsurprisingly, Denji and the other student, Power, find themselves cooperating! Though they are small pieces in a much larger operation, our heroes find themselves in dangerous situations and relying on each other to survive.

Full of Action and Violence Trigger Warnings

As the name suggests, CHAINSAW Man is a particularly violent hero. He rips his demon counterparts to pieces with the chainsaws that erupt from his body after transformation. In addition to Denji’s bloody way of kicking ass, the manga series features fights that go on for days without stop and dire situations that don’t have an easy way out. Unlike other titles like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead, this title does have a chainsaw as the main character’s weapon, but it is not a horror or suspense series.

MAPPA, Making Another Excellent Shounen Anime

Chainsaw Man is being produced by the studio MAPPA, which is also responsible for the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and the last season of Attack on Titan. Though this studio does a great job with shounen works, many details are still a mystery. Here is the promotional video. Please take note that it does not give away any of the voice actors! Additionally, though it is said to come out at the end of 2021, a date or streaming platform has not yet been released.

Final Thoughts

We know that Chainsaw Man is coming and that it will be bloody, action-packed, and irresistible. We recommend you check it out, even if those genres are not generally in your wheelhouse. You will find yourself interested in Denji’s perspective on what makes a good life and wondering what the mystery that lurks in the background has to do with our favorite devil.

We don’t know what’s coming, but we see the manga doesn’t disappoint, and the studio knows how to deliver. Though the release date is under wraps, we know that is it still supposed to come in 2021 and that the year is half over. If you’re a manga reader, it’s time to look at Chainsaw Man, and if you’re an anime watcher, don’t skip over this title when you see it in a few months! Are you familiar with this title yet? Let us know in the comments!

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