The Reason Chainsaw Man Is a Revolution for Anime!

Chainsaw-Man-Wallpaper-6-700x394 The Reason Chainsaw Man Is a Revolution for Anime!

Studio MAPPA has produced some stellar anime such as Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Terror in Resonance, Yuri on Ice, and now Chainsaw Man. If you went to Anime NYC 2022 as we did—which again was a phenomenal experience—you no doubt saw a billion cosplayers posing as Power, Denji, and Makima. We even saw people carrying around Pochita plushies in such high numbers we had to wonder if they all planned to carry this cute plush around the convention hall. This isn’t uncommon as whenever a series releases that is popular, otaku worldwide show their love by really SHOWING their love. Yet, with Chainsaw Man we think there is more to this love that shows it could be a true revolution for the anime scene. Don’t believe us? Well, folks, we here at Honey’s Anime always love to confirm our thoughts and that is what we will do today in our aptly titled article, The Reason Chainsaw Man Is a Revolution for Anime!

Making Ecchi Common

The ecchi genre is still a controversial one for those new to the world of anime. We still hear newcomers say it's absurd how oppai are bigger than reality and how guys just fall into them like magnets are attached to their hands and said oppai. Older fans of the genre are accustomed to this, we know it happens, and we see oppai and ecchi like it is a normal element of anime. Chainsaw Man did something we haven’t seen in anime before to those who are watching the series, and that’s making ecchi a big part of the show without being the focus.

If you go on Tik Tok or even Instagram, you’ll see videos of guys and girls watching Chainsaw Man joking that they don’t understand how people can love oppai so much then two seconds later are mirroring the famous scene of Denji grabbing a certain someone’s chest—we won’t spoil who—and people are just not shocked or appalled. Power even plays with her own oppai and seemingly it’s a joke to viewers! Chainsaw Man might have begun to pave the way for newcomers to anime to finally see the greatness in ecchi and not just deem it as extremely perverse or obscene…even though it can be at times. We’re looking at you, High School DxD.

A Real Main Character

Many see Denji as a true hero. The man who becomes Chainsaw Man himself has been spoken of in forums and Twitter posts as being a true saint of an anime protagonist. Is it because he really wishes to save the world and beat down evil devils? No. Denji is loved because he is probably one of the most honest and straightforward protagonists we’ve seen in a long time. Denji starts off trying to scrape a few Yen together to buy bread and live in a shack. The minute he was given a chance to be somewhat taken care of—like a dog mind you, he jumped for it and all so he could touch oppai and do perverse things as a secondary form of payment.

Denji does begin to grow further as a protagonist—as many of us do in real life—which makes him a truly relatable hero despite his special ability. Could it be possible that we’ll see more anime take Denji’s archetype and infuse them into the MCs because they know people will relate to and understand their struggles—as many experience the same situations in the real world?

Tough Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Off What They Got!

Remember the 90s or even the early 2000s? Anime was really apprehensive about showing too much oppai touching or ecchi that went too far, especially in series that were mainstream. Yes, we saw fondling and panty/bra scenes but we didn’t see women in anime—especially if they were tough—flaunting themselves excessively. Yoruichi from Bleach was a strong woman who didn’t mind showing off her naked body but a lot of that was censored and was meant to be playful since it is a shounen series.

Chainsaw Man has both Power and Makima who are strong, tough, and aren’t afraid to do some rather raunchy things! Power gropes herself to tantalize Denji and Makima even flaunts her looks to convince Denji he’s getting something, good fighting devils and evil people. Yet none of these girls are damsels in distress. They can hold their own in combat and aren’t afraid to jump into combat if they need to! Chainsaw Man made sexualized females who are not mere sex dolls, girls who can kick butt and won’t stand by idly while being ogled at! We absolutely love strong women and that’s why we aren’t complaining at all about the sexy Power/Makima cosplay out there.

Hulu Promotes This Series

Hulu, like many other non-anime-focused subscription services—is more recently promoting its anime library which grows by the day. Hulu subscribers have no doubt noticed that the promotions of Chainsaw Man on their front pages and even adverts, is something revolutionary in its own right. Hulu sees the love people are having for this series and aren’t afraid to shower others with ads to make them want to watch it.

We mentioned a moment ago that many are watching Chainsaw Man because they saw it randomly on their homepage. This is for people who aren’t even watching anime on Hulu! Chainsaw Man is being advertised heavily and that could possibly be showing a wider acceptance of trying to get non-anime fans into the world of Japanese animation!

Final Thoughts

Have we convinced you readers that Chainsaw Man might be the beginning of a revolution for the anime medium? It might seem shocking but this isn’t the first series to try similar notes and tones… Think about it. Have they had the same level of popularity seen by Chainsaw Man? We go to work—outside of our jobs here at Honey’s Anime—and hear non-anime fans talking about Chainsaw Man because they saw it on Hulu and decided to give it a watch. Some were shocked but a lot of people really fell in love with this series wondering what other anime was similar to it! All in all, folks, believe it or not, if we have more anime becoming mainstream like Chainsaw Man, anime could truly become something that no matter the genre, will be accepted by a wider range of viewers! Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true!?

What are your thoughts on our article? Do you agree or even disagree with us? Comment below to let us know as we value your opinions! Be sure to keep stuck to our oppai-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for more articles just like this one!

Chainsaw-Man-Wallpaper-6-700x394 The Reason Chainsaw Man Is a Revolution for Anime!


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