Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger) Review – So Cute You Can’t Help But Want To Squeeze Her!

Choukadou-Girl-1-6-Wallpaper Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger) Review – So Cute You Can’t Help But Want To Squeeze Her!

So Cute You Can’t Help But Want To Squeeze Her!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance, Seinen
  • Airing Date : April 2019 – June 2019
  • Producers : Studio A-CAT

Contains Spoilers

Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger) – Introduction and Story

Introducing Bouida Haruto, hardcore otaku and not afraid to show it. Bouida is dedicated to playing his games, pouring his devotion into the one thing that makes him happy. However, Bouida needs something else, another activity to enjoy while taking a break from gaming. As we all have our favored pastime, Bouida has admired figurine collecting, but he fears that he will not stop at just a few.

One day, Bouida discovers that his favorite character from the anime Girls→Planetary Investigation released a figurine and he knew he had to get it. Bouida finally has his hands on Nona and couldn’t be more ecstatic. That very night, Nona magically comes to life! Bouida can’t believe his eyes! From that moment forth, this peculiar union of man and toy grows into more than just a hobby.

Why You Should Watch Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger)

1. LOL = Lots of Laughs

Choukadou Girl (Amazing Stranger) presents to viewers a very interesting plot that is hard to ignore and turn away from. It’s funny and entertaining with a ton of comedic moments. We may have seen people bringing toys into their baths, but never the toys assisting their human with bathing! Nona doesn’t quite grasp the concept of being a figurine until later, but the idea that she leads her life like the average human is pretty amusing. Also, Bouida treats her very delicately, as if telling her the truth of what she is will be devastating. Essentially, Choukadou Girl is built on comedy.

2. Fan Service

Okay people, at one point in our lives, we’ve all wondered how our Barbie and Ken dolls look “under there.” In one instance, Bouida attempts to take a peek at Nona’s goodies but, surprisingly, she goes in “defense mode,” busting out all the secret artillery. There is no shortage of fan service in Choukadou Girl, occurring pretty often throughout each 12-minute episode. So if you love fanservice, you’ll probably find Choukadou Girl to your liking.

3. Kawaii!!!

Nona and the rest of the girls are super adorable because of their distinct personalities and the colors and animation graphics used in Choukadou Girl 16 are attractive and stand out. The art and characters truly bring this adventure to life. The girls are fun, vibrant, and full of spirit, qualities that are essential in making Bouida’s figurine pastime full-blown.

Why You Should Skip Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger)

1. Slow-as-a-Snail Pacing

Cluttered underneath all the fan service and fillers, Choukadou Girl kind of drags its storyline out. The anime takes a while to jump to the next exciting venture and the build-up proceeds with a lackluster outcome. Viewers may expect something great to happen such as an intense fight scene, but then the opponents somehow squash their beef, becoming besties.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Choukadou Girl (Amazing Stranger) is an anime we believe is worth looking into if you want something silly and lighthearted. Furthermore, this Toy Story-esque storyline is something that hasn’t turned up this season. Choukadou Girl has a little something that we can relate to, a hardcore otaku buying figurines as soon as they come out. *Ahem* Sound familiar? Don’t deny it! So, do you agree or disagree with our review? Let us know by commenting!

Choukadou-Girl-1-6-Wallpaper Choukadou Girl 16 (Amazing Stranger) Review – So Cute You Can’t Help But Want To Squeeze Her!


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