Chrome Nye The Science Guy Takes the Stage!

Dr. Stone is probably one of the strangest shounen series out there in the anime world. Unlike most shounen filled with muscular warriors vying for power or a young kid going off to explore the world and save the day, Dr. Stone beats to its own drum. The entire story of Dr. Stone lies in the concept of what if the world was reset back to the days of old where technology was non-existent and we relied on stone/wood for our means of survival. The beauty of this series is its attempt at bringing science knowledge to us otaku in a way we here at Honey’s Anime have only seen done once before…and that was a TV show called Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Chrome and Senku are the Modern Bill Nye Science Guys

In case many of you otaku are only aware of anime and nothing more—which is understandable seeing how amazing anime is—then you may have missed out on an older show called Bill Nye the Science Guy. Released in 1993, Bill Nye the Science Guy had a scientist—called Bill Nye—attempt to explain how science works to millions of intuitive and curious kids/teens. In many ways Chrome and Senku are just like Billy Nye, they explain science and do it in rather peculiar ways.

Many episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy weren’t just textbook explanations of science-related ideas and themes but rather strange ways how science could be molded from almost anything. Bill Nye would take balloons and rubber bands and somehow make electricity like he was a literal magician. Due to the world Senku and Chrome exist in, these two scientists must follow in the steps of Bill Nye and use materials not often thought of in modern electrical gizmos and gadgets—we really do take tech for granted—to solve various problems/situations. Just like Bill Nye did decades ago, us otaku are learning about science in a very unconventional but intriguing way!

Exaggerated Lessons

Bill Nye the Science Guy was a creation of Disney and that should already make you realize nothing in this show would be overly realistic. As we noted above, Bill Nye was less inclined to using batteries to power a toy car and would wonder how you could use a potato, copper, and wiring to act as electricity. Does this sound familiar? It should, especially if you’re watching Dr. Stone: Stone Wars.

In episode 4 of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, we see Senku use beeswax to act as a form of mold for parts for a car. The entire episode isn’t just about building a car but the insane idea of using honey and making it into a cast for car parts is something short of incredible! Like Billy Nye, Senku and his science team aren’t looking for the traditional means to the end but for ways to make do with what little they have in this stone world.

Senku is Bill Nye and Chrome is the Viewers

As smart as Chrome has been in Dr. Stone season 2 let’s not forget this man wasn’t always this intelligent. When Senku first met Chrome, he quickly realized the bandana-wearing villager was smarter than most—like him—but lacked any true knowledge of science and how it worked. Like the audience who went to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy weekly, we are all like Chrome. We learn from Senku and his outlandish science know-how and somehow become smarter in the world of science just like Chrome!

Science Otaku

Shounen has always given us here at Honey’s Anime a boost to our daily lives. We think of Goku or Gon and remember that training will help us stay healthy and equally make us stronger. We also learn from Luffy from One Piece to keep a healthy dream of wanting to explore the world in search of different treasures and new lessons to be learned. From Dr. Stone though we learn that science is incredible and maybe we can be like Senku, great scientists who can change the world through ways not often explored.

Dr. Stone is in many ways making us into science otaku. Each episode teaches us a new lesson about technology and science that many of us probably never knew prior. Sure, we know how phones work—press the numbers or touch the screen—but do you actually know how they work from within? We bet you until Dr. Stone many of you wouldn’t have known what even goes into a cellphone and that is why shows like Dr. Stone need to keep coming out. We can all be meatheads like Goku but why can’t we be intellects like Senku or Chrome?

Final Thoughts

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars has reminded us of the beauty of series like Bill Nye the Science Guy. As exaggerated, silly and comical that show was it contained lessons to make us more inquisitive and push our brains just a bit further. We miss those days of Bill Nye the Science Guy—if you can find re-runs on TV you should check it out—but are thankful Dr. Stone has given us a new way to learn even if it is within the shell of a shounen series.

Are you guys and girls loving Dr. Stone: Stone Wars as much as we are? Comment below with some of your favorite lessons learned from the season! For even more coverage of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars be sure to keep stuck to our inquisitive hive here at Honey’s Anime! Seriously though folks, go check out Bill Nye the Science Guy…that show was incredible even today.

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