The Stone War Begins!!! First Impressions for Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

The sci-fi fantasy known as Dr. Stone blew us away here at Honey’s Anime. Not only did Dr. Stone keep us constantly immersed in the strange dystopian future where time has reverted back to the days before technology but we loved learning about science through main man Senku’s various tutorials.

Dr. Stone was a hit anime and we eagerly waited for season 2 to finally bless our monitors/TVs! Thankfully, the wait has finally ended as we enter the second season named Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! After three episodes, we won’t lie, this series seems to be trying to outdo the last even with a possible smaller episode count—this season only has 11 episodes—than the first. Here are our thoughts on Dr. Stone: Stone Wars so far!

Returning to the Stone World

We have to give studio TMS Entertainment a lot of credit. Not only did Dr. Stone: Stone Wars return in perfect form but it equally didn’t waste time with a ton of recap or unneeded filer. From the first episode, this new season of Dr. Stone jumped right back into Senku and his science-centered village current dilemma—which involves a big man named Tsukasa—without missing a beat.

Episode 1 and 2 flew back into the beginning of this Stone Wars having Senku, Chrome, Gen and the rest of the science village figure out a means of bringing communication to Senku’s allies—Taiju and Yuzuriha—who are waiting in the enemy’s village. In many ways, this quick pacing allows Dr. Stone: Stone Wars to feel as if we weren’t forced to wait nearly a year for this new season and that is a rare feeling in the anime world. We can’t wait to see the rest of this series unfold in this similar manner as it's following the manga pacing quite well.

New Enemies, Old Friends

Speaking about Taiju and his love interest Yuzuriha, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars reintroduces these fan favorites by episode 2 and we almost cried ourselves when they reappeared. However, while our two nearly forgotten heroes reappear so too does a few new enemies. One of which—Ukyo—apparently has godly hearing that almost gets one of Senku’s infiltration teams taken down before their mission even began! This season will certainly lead to even more new faces and we are excited to see them!

Death versus Life

One of the most intriguing elements of this new season of Dr. Stone is the way both Senku and Tsukasa are going to approach conflict. Senku believes in saving every single person he can without taking lives—an element of his character revealed in season 1—while Tsukasa is aimed at only reviving stone people of his age or younger. Tsukasa has already proven he will kill anyone that he deems a threat to this new stone world and we have to wonder if both sides will adhere to their morals or change as the season progresses.

New Lessons

Alright, we’re going to be honest, even if it makes us seem a bit silly here at Honey’s Anime. We love learning and one concept Dr. Stone has done incredibly well in is teaching us otaku a bit more about the gadgets we take for granted in our technologically advanced era. Learning from Mecha Senku—a running gag teacher in Dr. Stone—we have learned numerous lessons such as how cell phones actually work and even how to make lightbulbs! It may seem silly but Dr. Stone: Stone Wars has us intrigued on what else we will learn from Senku and his science gang!

Final Thoughts

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars has thrown us into the war ourselves and we haven’t stopped smiling. While this season might be less than half of the first, we are excited to see how Senku’s biggest battle unfolds! Are you loving Dr. Stone: Stone Wars as much as we are? Comment below to discuss with us your thoughts on this season so far! Be sure to keep stuck to our technology-driven hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more coverage of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars as well as other great anime airing this 2021 season!

Dr.-Stone-Stone-Wars-Wallpaper-500x281 The Stone War Begins!!! First Impressions for Dr. Stone: Stone Wars


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Dr.-Stone-Stone-Wars-Wallpaper-500x281 The Stone War Begins!!! First Impressions for Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

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