[Comedy Spring 2016] Like Gintama? Watch This!

The spring anime season is over for 2016 and many viewers are just tuning in now, but why would you want to devote your time to something if you don’t know if you’ll like it? Well, that’s why we’re here to help! Honey’s Anime presents to you two anime that are like your favorites! In this article, we are taking a look at the comedy anime this spring 2016, but which ones? Well, we are looking at anime that are like Gintama! Stay tuned for hilarity to ensue!

About Gintama

  • Episodes: 201
  • Aired: April 2006 - March 2010

Aliens called the Amantu have taken over Edo Japan and banned the use of katana. Unfortunately, this means that the way of the samurai is out. What will all the retired samurai do? Well, there is one, Gintoki, who still holds fast to the spirit of the samurai no matter what task he takes on. The spirit of the samurai burns true in this one! Gintama is one of those anime that you truly can’t stop laughing when you watch it. There’s no end to the ridiculousness of Gintama, but that’s what makes Gintama one of the funniest anime comedies.

Liked Gintama? Watch Sakamoto Desu Ga?(Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2016 - July 2016

He’s graceful. He’s skilled. He is the student that no one else can compare to. His name is Sakamoto and he is a first year student. The girls swoon over Sakamoto. The boys hate his guts, but want to be him. Sakamoto is the epitome of perfection, and he will always be around to help his friends when they are in a jam. He is Sakamoto. Haven’t you heard of him?

3 Major similarities

1. Ridiculousness

If there’s any word anyone would use to describe Gintama, it’s that the anime is freaking ridiculous! Nothing makes sense but it is all awesome all the same. The same thing can be said of Sakamoto Desu Ga? where everything goes so smoothly for the main character, but it is insanely ridiculous! Sakamoto attracts stalker married women, acts like a spirit possessed fox, and outshines children in childish games without even trying! What is going on? Yeah, no one can deny that Sakamoto is truly freaking ridiculous which is why it reminds us of Gintama.

2. Nonsensical Enemies

We cannot forget the crazy enemies that you come across in Gintama and Sakamoto Desu Ga? Gintama has enemies that make no sense whatsoever and are always causing some sort of mess whether they mean to or not. Can some of these trouble makers even be called enemies? Well, the same can be said of Sakamoto’s enemies who attempt to cause him trouble, but truly, just look up to him. What?! Yes, Sakamoto’s enemies are secretly admire with him and they are so ridiculous sometimes. They act like little high school girls from Japan. Yes, there’s a distinction! Anyway, we just can’t forget the loveable enemies in Sakamoto that make the anime so great and similar to Gintama.

3. One Cool Dude

Of course, this goes without saying that both Sakamoto Desu Ga? and Gintama just have that one cool dude: the protagonist! Gintoki may act like an idiot from time to time, but when it counts, Gintoki is as slick as they come (but only when it counts!). He outshines all of the rest. Likewise, Sakamoto is the coolest student in the school with fans and enemies alike, all in awe of his amazingness. Sakamoto doesn’t even care what people think of him. He just shines brightly as he is. Perhaps Sakamoto has the spirit of a samurai burning within him like Gintoki?

Liked Gintama? Watch Space Patrol Luluco!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2016 - June 2016

Ogikubo is where aliens and humans collide, or rather, live together in harmony on Earth. Luluco is just a normal middle school girl without a care in the world until her father consumes a sleep capsule, is frozen, and then broken at the hands of Luluco. In an attempt to save her father, Luluco visits the Space Patrol where the chief, Over Justice, makes Luluco a temp worker in place of her father. Luluco is going to have a hard time living a normal life when she transforms into a gun every time there’s injustice!

3 Major similarities

1. Stupidity Everywhere!

Like Sakamoto Desu Ga?, Space Patrol Luluco shares the same antics as Gintama. Despite being such a short anime series, a lot seems to happen and the stupidest stuff happens to poor Luluco whether she pursues it or not. Does that sound like a mister Gintoki? Gintoki could be out getting his Jump and still somehow find himself in the company of Katsura plotting a terrorist act much like how Luluco always finds herself in the company of some naughty aliens who just want to cause trouble. What happens here? Stupid stuff just keeps happening but it makes it so awesome that it can only be an anime like Gintama.

2. Stupid Love?!

Ah, one of our favorite parts of Gintama have to be the funny and stupid relationships between characters like Tae and Kondou, which is so many shades of ridiculous that we can’t help but laugh thinking about it. Don’t worry because Space Patrol Luluco is sure to replicate that same sort of stupid love for you! Yes, Luluco is a middle school girl and like other middle school girls, she dreams of love. If only it wasn’t so hard! Luluco is going to pursue on just like poor Kondou but to what avail? Watch and find out!

3. Those Endings Though...

Mind you, spoiler alert! Don’t read on if you’re going to be crabby about this one. Seriously, though, there is no end to the stupidity and the same goes for the endings. Gintama is always having rather put together endings that seem to somehow fall flat. By that we mean, the characters fall flat on their faces because nothing really “worked out”. The same can be said of Space Patrol Luluco where you think the last episode is the turning point, the part where things end happily, but no, Trigger didn’t want to give you that satisfaction. Instead, you have to laugh at yourself when you thought love triumphed over all because sometimes, it only does half the job.


The comedy anime from spring 2016 is ridiculous, stupid, and amazing, but we love it. We found a few anime that really seemed great for fans of the stupid humor that is Gintama. It wasn’t an easy job but we did it. So if you were hesitating about picking up a new anime from the spring anime season, we have handpicked two that may suit your taste for comedy. Enjoy!
gintama-dvd-300x424 [Comedy Spring 2016] Like Gintama? Watch This!


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